Pho is a traditional dish in Vietnam, anywhere can do business with this "national" dish. So there are many pho shops or restaurants, so how to choose a model? Pho Bowl There are so many products on the market that vary in design and price. Long Phuong Porcelain to have the experience of choosing to buy durable, cheap pho bowls for restaurants and eateries.

Experiences in choosing to buy durable bowls of pho
Experiences in choosing to buy durable bowls of pho

1. How to choose pho bowls for restaurants and bars

1.1 Choose a bowl of noodle soup with high durability

Pho shops or restaurants both need to serve and accommodate high frequency customers. During usage, accidents such as being dropped or slipped cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to choose pho bowls with thick porcelain layers to keep the temperature well, yet still lightweight and durable to hold

Choosing pho bowls from reputable and well-established sources will ensure this factor. As in the process of firing porcelain, a minimum temperature of 1200 degrees is required for quality assurance. High-quality products help minimize the risk of cracking and chipping from impacts during customer service or cleaning. Durable bowls and dishes also help save the cost of replacement for restaurants.

Choose a bowl of noodle bowls with high durability
Choose a bowl of noodle bowls with high durability

1.2 The bowl of pho has a color and style suitable for the shop

Bowls and dishes are not just utensils for containing food. They also contribute to the process of customers enjoying their meals. A restaurant or eatery that can select the right type of bowls and dishes bowls In line with the overall decoration, the general spirit of the restaurant will impress customers, thereby creating trust that makes customers want to return to your shop.

Therefore, during the process of opening a restaurant, it is essential to determine the overall spirit that the establishment wishes to convey. From there, select the utensils that ensure color, patterns, or designs are harmonious and coherent with the space. For small eateries, it is usually best to choose pho bowls with elegant, harmonious yet sophisticated colors

The bowl of pho has a color and style suitable for the shop

1.3 Choose a bowl of pho with a budget-friendly price

Budget is always a crucial factor that needs to be prioritized. Therefore, when selecting pho bowls, besides focusing on quality, you should choose workshops or suppliers at the source to enjoy the best price and discounts. Depending on the material, design, or style, the price may vary. However, the current market offers a wide range of pho bowl models, from affordable to medium-range and high-end. It is recommended to choose Vietnamese enterprises to receive the best advice. From there, based on the available budget, you can make a reasonable choice

1.4 Print logo on bowls

For restaurants, whether they are a large brand or a small street-side pho shop, if they care about brand awareness, printing their logo on bowls and dishes is crucial. The shape, color, and size of the logo will affect the image and message the shop wants to convey to customers. Therefore, choosing a supplier who provides both high-quality bowls and dishes as well as effective logo printing is essential.

Print logo to achieve high communication effect
Print logo to achieve high communication effect

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2. Advice on choosing a porcelain bowl for a pho restaurant

Depending on the size of the shop or restaurant, you should choose the appropriate pho bowl models.
Therefore, it is necessary to choose a bowl of pho that is suitable for the customer and the style of the restaurant.

2.1 For a small, popular pho shop

For small and budget pho restaurants, the target customers are usually people with low to middle incomes, including workers. They often come to the restaurant to eat, not paying much attention to style or presentation, and usually do not have much time to enjoy and savor the taste of the pho bowl.

The bowls with plain white glaze, simple without motifs are suitable for noodle shops
The bowls with plain white glaze, simple without motifs are suitable for noodle shops

Therefore, simple white glazed ceramic bowls and plates without patterns or designs would be suitable for these small and affordable pho shops. These bowls and plates are simple yet meet all the criteria and are functional enough. Not only that, they are cost-effective, bright, and beautiful.

2.2 For the old-fashioned noodle shop

Phở restaurants with a vintage style will cater to customers who want a more experiential dining experience, where they can enjoy their phở while immersing themselves in a nostalgic and traditional atmosphere. To fit with these old-fashioned spaces, phở bowls and dishes can be selected with classic designs and traditional blue colors. These patterns evoke a sense of antiquity, nostalgia, and are perfectly suited for restaurants with a design style like this.

Pho bowls can choose from porcelain bowls with classic motifs and traditional blue color
Pho bowls can choose from porcelain bowls with classic motifs and traditional blue color

2.3 For restaurants and pho shops with big brands

For large pho restaurants or high-end establishments with modern and luxurious design, the target customers are more upscale and willing to pay higher prices to enjoy a high-quality bowl of pho in a sophisticated and modern setting.

Enjoy a bowl of pho at the right quality, in a luxurious, modern space.
Enjoy a bowl of pho at the right quality, in a luxurious, modern space.

Therefore, you should choose the models of bowls and plates for serving pho that feature your restaurant's logo to create brand recognition, which helps customers remember your restaurant during their future visits.

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3. The most popular Long Phuong porcelain noodle bowls and bowls

3.1 White enamel noodle bowls

3.1.1 White porcelain bowl for pho

Soup Bowl – Long Phuong's premium white porcelain bowls, also known as "tô tống," feature a modern design that has captured the hearts of many customers with its minimalist style, pure white color, and elegant, unadorned appearance, combined with high-quality enamel material. This product has gradually won the hearts of customers and has become one of the best-selling sets of dishes in recent times.

White porcelain bowl for pho
White porcelain bowl for pho

3.1.2 Long Phuong high-class white porcelain cup bowl

High quality white porcelain cup5cm Long Phuong is designed with a popular and simple round shape. The product has no patterns but still brings a luxurious and delicate touch to your meal. With such a simple design, Khum bowl is very suitable for serving pho in restaurants and eateries.

Porcelain bowl for pho
Porcelain bowl for pho

3.1.3 Noodle bowl

To Pho Ngan Made of high-quality white porcelain, the unique shape of Long Phuong bowl is one of its highlights. The bowl has a tall shape with a slight bulge at the back, giving it the name "ngan" or "tong ngan" bowl. It comes in various sizes, suitable for different families' needs. The smaller sizes can be used for individual servings of soup, while the larger sizes can be used as a family-sized soup bowl.

High quality white porcelain bowl of Pho Ngan
High quality white porcelain bowl of Pho Ngan

3.2 Textured porcelain noodle bowls

3.2.1 To Tong Hoa Cuu Long

With its intricate green floral pattern, blending vintage and modern styles with elegance, the Cửu Long Flower Engraved Bowl is a perfect fit for traditional phở restaurants with an old-fashioned ambiance.

Kowloon flower bowl
Kowloon flower bowl

3.2.2 Bowl of Melaleuca flowers

Inspired by the color of "tràm" flowers, the Tràm floral bowl is also suitable for nostalgic and old-fashioned restaurants. The Tràm dining set includes bowls, plates, and other accessories to allow customers to fully integrate it into the restaurant's overall style.

Bowl of Melaleuca flowers
Bowl of Melaleuca flowers

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3.2.3 To Tong Cam Vi

With prominent silver trim on a white porcelain background, combined with modern and youthful floral patterns, the Cẩm Vi tống bowl is very suitable for casual dining establishments, especially those with a focus on modern and youthful styles.

To Tong Cam Vi
To Tong Cam Vi

3.2.4 Gold rim bowl

The gold rimmed bowl is definitely a favored item among high-end restaurants. With the striking 24K gold trim on the pristine white porcelain, the gold rimmed pho bowl is highly sought after by customers.

Gold rim bowl
Gold rim bowl

3.2.5 Soup bowl Thien Ma

Inspired by European style, the sky and horses, the Thien Ma bowl is highly favored by customers. This is also one of the best-selling patterned bowls at Long Phương Porcelain.

Soup bowl Thien Ma
Soup bowl Thien Ma

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Refer to the pho bowl samples at LPG:

4. Outstanding features of Long Phuong porcelain noodle bowls

4.1 Superior quality, durable

Long Phuong selects premium raw materials such as clay and high-quality kaolin, and uses a double firing process at a temperature of 1380°C - the highest temperature in the current market of ceramics industry. This ensures that Long Phuong products are made with durable, strong, and long-lasting ceramics that are resistant to breakage and have extremely high durability.

4.2 Thick porcelain layer retains heat well, easy to clean

With dedication in every step of the process by skilled craftsmen, Long Phuong's porcelain bowls and cups all have a glossy and smooth white enamel layer, making them very easy to clean. With a thick layer of porcelain, Long Phuong's Pho bowls help to retain heat well, but are still lightweight and convenient for users to hold.

Outstanding features of Long Phuong porcelain noodle bowls
Outstanding features of Long Phuong porcelain noodle bowls

4.3 No lead, cadmium – safe for consumers' health

With 20 years of continuous development, the Long Phuong Porcelain brand has remained in the hearts of consumers as a household ceramics brand. Therefore, safety, assurance, and user-friendliness are what Long Phuong cares about. They strictly adhere to the process from selecting raw materials to controlling the production process. All Long Phuong Porcelain products do not contain lead or cadmium, ensuring absolute safety for consumers' health.

4.4 Reasonable price

Long Phuong has the advantage of a closed production factory and workshop, allowing the company to offer products at a cost that is suitable for customers in the domestic market. With more than 20 years of experience in business and production, Long Phuong offers competitive pricing and good discounts that are suitable for each type of customer.

Long Phuong can provide products with reasonable prices to domestic customers.

4.5 Print logo on request

Long Phuong has cooperated with big partners such as Samsung, BIDV, Vietcombank, etc. to meet strict standards for image and logo requirements. Therefore, Long Phuong understands the importance and meets the perfect printing of customers' brand and logos on their products.

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5. The place to provide large quantity of pho bowls, factory prices.

With 22 years of experience in the porcelain industry, Joint Stock Company of Long Phuong Porcelain Group proud to be the national brand in 2022. Putting quality criteria first, Long Phuong porcelain is always trusted by customers when looking to buy products. household porcelain manufacturer.

Long Phuong Porcelain proud to be the national brand in 2022

Long Phuong Porcelain has served thousands of long-time customers, hundreds of small and medium enterprises. As a close partner of Samsung, Neptune, BIDV, Vietcombank… We are confident to bring you high quality products with the best prices in the market.
As one of the leading brands in the field of household porcelain. Long Phuong is not only favored by the quality but also the product design is extremely diverse and rich with hundreds of different models.

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