Mid-Autumn Festival is back, it seems that in the gentle breeze of August weather, it is bringing the taste of childhood with sweet memories: the happy sound of reunion, the pure laughter of children. Outside the alley, the delicious aroma spreads in each house and kitchen corner. Have you ever thought that instead of giving a cake every year, a set? porcelain mid-autumn gifts How will it bring different feelings and meanings?

quà tặng trung thu bằng sứ
quà tặng trung thu bằng sứ

Long Phuong Porcelain presents a trio of porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gifts 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Long Phuong Porcelain Launched 3 Gift Combos with the desire to not only bring Unique gift solution, safe for the health of users but also hope that they will bring thousands of families joy and peace on this special reunion day.

Because Long Phuong Porcelain believes that the core of An Lanh comes from the unwavering soul. A green lifestyle – a healthy life is the most durable way to bring happiness and well-being.

gợi ý quà tặng trung thu ý nghĩa
Unique Mid-Autumn Festival gifts - meaning from Long Phuong Porcelain

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gifts Premium quality lead-free, cadmium-free, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for grandparents, parents, relatives and friends… “It's the gift that sets the season Green Mid-Autumn Festival”.

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gifts health safety. If you have good health, you will have peace of mind. "It's a gift from a wish Live Well”.

Combo gift for Mid-Autumn Festival No. 1

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gift set"Tam Giao" includes: a pair of Sum Vai porcelain cups, 2 childhood lanterns and a handwritten card.

Mid-Autumn Festival gift set "The Heart"

Ly Su Sum Vai vividly sketches a picture of her family: the figure of a loving mother returning from the market, a group of children laughing and gathering around a tray of rice cooked by their mother, the shadow of white clouds and a golden field in the distance. The whole scene contains memories of a happy childhood like a cool stream soothing the soul.

Combo of Heart and Soul It is a meaningful gift suitable for friends to give love on this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Họa tiết ý nghĩa trên dáng ly sứ Sum Vầy

Mid-Autumn Festival gift combo No 2

bộ quà tặng trung thu Nguyệt Nhi

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gift set"Nguyệt Nhi includes: a pair of Thanh Y porcelain cups, 2 childhood lanterns and a handwritten card.

Each line on Ly Su Thanh Y is like a sketch of the brilliant space of the full moon night: Under the bright yellow moon is the sound of cheering and singing mixed with crispy laughter and lion dances of the children around the village.

mua quà tặng trung thu cao cấp
Mid-Autumn Festival gift set "Moon Nhi"

The moon shimmers forever in the soul as a symbol of eternal childhood, where the dream of the full moon always lights up promises and expectations.

Combo Nguyet Nhi - Mid-Autumn Festival gift instead of good wishes:

“May the moon seasons always be sweet and clear!”

mua quà tặng trung thu bằng sứ
Họa tiết tuổi thơ múa lân, rước đèn trông trăng

Mid-Autumn Festival gift combo No 3

bộ quà tặng trung thu Lạc Nguyệt

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gift set"Lac Nguyet include: a set of Kim Lai porcelain teapot, A fresh lotus tea bud and a gift card are included so that the giver can handwrite meaningful and heartfelt wishes to the recipient.

bộ ấm trà quà tặng trung thu sang trọng
Bộ quà Trung Thu “Lạc Nguyệt”

The round cylindrical shape, the lid and the handle are stylized in a sophisticated modern way, helping users to fully enjoy the taste and elegant poetry in every tea moment.

In the peaceful space of the full moon night of August, with loved ones, make a pot of tea, feel the sweet fragrance of lotus, peacefully enjoy the moon, share stories and experience moments of abundance. love.

quà tặng trung thu sang trọng
Bộ ấm trà được mạ vàng tinh tế, sang trọng

Join Long Phuong Porcelain to welcome the season of "Green Mid-Autumn - Living in Peace"

Long Phuong Porcelain understand that the beauty of the gift needs to be associated with a green lifestyle - healthy living. High-quality porcelain, lead-free, cadmium-free, and non-toxic to give users absolute peace of mind.

What is more wonderful when you can both take care of the health of your loved ones and contribute to building a healthy, green living community. Each dish porcelain mid-autumn gifts by Long Phuong instead of a wish for health and well-being.  

When each flower blooms, when each gift touches the recipient's hand, we feel like we're sending our hearts and minds. "Wish you good health, enjoy the full Mid-Autumn Festival, live a happy and green life"

Bộ quà tặng Trung Thu Xanh - Sống An Lành
Green Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Set - Live Well

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