Dong Nai Pottery with a history of more than 300 years, has created famous products in the world village in the late 19th century, early 20th century. And so far, Dong Nai decorations such as: Bien Hoa, decorative Tan Van ... is still maintained and developed as preserving the traditional beauty of his father. In particular, Dong Nai ceramics samples have always been considered as strange things for those who play ancient pottery.

Discover the unique features of Dong Nai ceramics
Discover the unique features of Dong Nai ceramics

1. Something about Dong Nai ceramics

The traditional Dong Nai pottery craft village is located in the land of Bien Hoa – Dong Nai. Therefore, it is often affectionately called Bien Hoa Dong Nai pottery. Born around the late 19th - early 20th century. This place is the origin of famous Southern pottery villages such as Binh Duong pottery, Thu Duc pottery… With more than 100 large and small production facilities.

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In the past, Bien Hoa pottery was so famous that a pottery vocational school in Indochina was opened in 1903. It can be said that this period was the most terrifying and flourishing period of this pottery village with great resonance. All over the international markets at that time such as Japanese and French markets...

Gốm Đồng Nai Biên hòa
Bien Hoa Pottery, Dong Nai

The dish pattern at Dong Nai ceramic factory

2. Dong Nai ceramic production process

2.1. The main raw material of Dong Nai ceramics

The main raw materials for the production of Dong Nai pottery are kaolin and clay. White clay is made paste or liquefied, and then printed onto a mold. The mold must be made of plaster because it has good water absorption

When removing the mold, there will be semi-finished products. This semi-finished product is continued to be dried in the sun until it is dry, then it is convenient to remove all the excess, then refinish it to be smooth.

Finally, the artists will paint, carve patterns and images on the semi-finished products and then put them in enamel before firing.

Dong Nai Pottery
Dong Nai Pottery

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2.2. Glaze dots - A characteristic of Dong Nai ceramics

Enamel dotting is always considered the most important step, requiring the worker to be a person with many years of experience. Yeast preparation is also an equally important factor. If you do not understand, do not grasp the yeast preparation technique, it will greatly affect the aesthetics of the product.

Chất men đặc trưng của gốm Đồng Nai
The characteristic enamel creates a unique pattern

That's why every ceramic kiln all of them keep their own secret about the technique of making ceramic glaze. Therefore, the products here not only have high use value but also have great artistic value. 

Unique motifs in Dong Nai ceramics
Unique motifs in Dong Nai ceramics

This line of ceramics has the common characteristic of using white glaze, decorated with brilliant textures, there are some ceramic designs using blue glaze as a background, often used for perforated ceramic products such as pedestals, pedestals, porcelain elephants...

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2.3. The firing method of Dong Nai ceramics

The firing stage is an important step because it determines the success or failure of the product. Currently, the ceramic production facilities in Dong Nai all burn pottery in the form of crafts, the main raw material used for firing is firewood. The kilns must be experienced people, although they can only determine the temperature by eye, they are very accurate and know how to regulate the temperature appropriately. 

Some outstanding floral motifs
Some outstanding floral motifs

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Some outstanding floral motifs
Some outstanding floral motifs

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Long Phuong Porcelain Company
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