Open a European restaurant is one of the culinary business trends in many countries, including Vietnam. If you are still wondering about this restaurant model, please read the experience of opening a European restaurant Long Phuong Porcelain Shop Summarize and summarize in the following article. 

nhà hàng âu sang trọng
What should you keep in mind to open a successful European restaurant?

1. How much capital is needed to open a European restaurant?

Open a European restaurant In Vietnam, a large amount of investment capital will be needed. To determine the amount of capital needed, you need to establish restaurant business plan detail. At the same time, you can consult experts in the F&B industry. 

The Expenses to open a European restaurant including: premises costs, design costs, raw material costs, personnel costs, marketing costs, business registration fees, risk reserve fees... The capital can be up to billions of dong. 

In short, before opening a European restaurant, you need to research and research thoroughly before making a decision. 

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2. Experience in opening European restaurants when doing business in restaurants and eateries

2.1 Choose the right time to open a European restaurant

The most appropriate time to open a restaurant is when you are thoroughly prepared in all aspects from experience to capital. And the ideal time to open that restaurant is during festival season or peak tourist season

thời điểm mở nhà hàng
during festival season or peak tourist season

2.2 Choose a suitable location to open a European restaurant

To Open a European restaurant, choosing a location is extremely important, requiring business people to choose carefully. 

The business target of European restaurants is often foreign tourists or high-class office guests. Therefore, ideal business locations are central city areas, with prominent locations, easy to find, convenient transportation, etc. 

These areas often have high rents. But in return, restaurants can more easily reach potential customers. 

địa điểm mở nhà hàng
Central location makes it easy to reach customers.

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2.3 Prepare complete business documents

To ensure the legality of your restaurant's business operations, you need to prepare the following documents: 

  • Food service business license
  • Food hygiene and safety certificate 
  • Liquor retail business license
  • Tobacco retail business license
  • Certificate of eligibility for fire prevention and fighting. 
giấy tờ kinh doanh
Ensure complete paperwork when opening a restaurant.

2.4 Choose an interior design style when opening a European restaurant

Neoclassical style

This is a highly artistic style, chosen by most European restaurants for decoration. The design space in restaurants pursuing this style is very luxurious, splendid and noble. 

phong cách tân cổ điển
Warm neoclassical style attracts high-end customers.

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Dusty Bohemian style 

If you want to give diners a liberal and free experience, while also expressing the restaurant's bold personality, Bohemian style is a great choice to aim for. 

phong cách bohemian
Bohemian style attracts customers who like to experience freedom.

Renaissance style 

If targeting high-end customers, the Renaissance style will be very suitable. The Renaissance-style European restaurant space gives customers a luxurious, aristocratic and European experience.

phong cách phục hưng
Renaissance style attracts customers who love elegance.

Romantic French style

The French restaurant style exudes sophistication and charm. The romantic space, imbued with a French breath from the smallest details, will bring the most perfect experience for diners' dates. 

phong cách pháp
French style is suitable for romantic dates.

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2.5 Choose to buy furniture that matches your style

Furniture needs to be in harmony with the design style that the restaurant has chosen. 

  • Tables and chairs should choose designs with soft curves. 
  • Choose a modern chandelier system to create a luxurious space, adding an attractive sparkle to the restaurant. 
  • Eating utensils, dishes should choose high-quality white porcelain, both creating an overall harmony with the space and respecting the aesthetics of the dish. Contact Long Phuong Porcelain to receive detailed advice High-quality household porcelain for restaurants and hotels
chọn mua nội thất mở nhà hàng âu
Choose Long Phuong white porcelain dishes when opening a European restaurant.

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2.6 Build an attractive menu 

To build an attractive menu when Open a European restaurant, don't miss these tips: 

  • The menu must be in sync with the restaurant's style as well as the target customers the restaurant is targeting. 
  • Build a menu with different dishes. A unique menu with the restaurant's own identity will be the highlight that helps the restaurant compete with competitors in the market. 
  • Focus on building quality menus. Limiting diners' choices, in order to lead diners to use typical dishes that bring profit to the restaurant. 
  • Create dishes with the same main ingredients. This helps take advantage of food sources as well as ensure the freshest quality for guests to enjoy. 
  • Change some dishes periodically. This not only brings a new experience to guests but also helps attract new customers.
  • There should be separate menus for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, March 8...
thực đơn hấp dẫn
Menu – the soul of every restaurant.

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2.7  Build a team of professional staff

Khi Open a European restaurant, the staff from chefs to servers all play an important role in the restaurant's operations. 

The chef is the soul position for the restaurant. Therefore, you should hire foreign chefs, especially those with many years of experience. 

Service staff need to know basic foreign language communication. In particular, they must be trained in the skills of setting up banquet tables and serving professionally. 

nhân viên chuyên nghiệp
Professional staff help diners have more impressive experiences at the restaurant.

2.8 Promote marketing 

In order for the restaurant to operate better and earn significant profits, when opening a European restaurant, you definitely need to outline a plan. marketing strategy methodical from the beginning. 

Some marketing campaigns that you can refer to are: 

  • Build social media channels to enhance brand recognition in the eyes of customers. 
  • Connect restaurants to more customers through websites and table booking applications such as Go - Food, Grab Food,...
  • Cooperate with KOLs to expand brand recognition network. 
  • Regularly launch promotions to attract customers. 
đẩy mạnh marketing
Create a marketing plan to promote the restaurant's image to more customers.

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2.9 Kinh nghiệm setup bàn ăn khi mở nhà hàng Âu 

Khi mở nhà hàng Âu, đội ngũ nhân viên phục vụ bàn của nhà hàng cần được training thật chu đáo về quy trình setup bàn ăn chuẩn Âu. Điều này giúp thực khách có những trải nghiệm ấn tượng về mức độ chuyên nghiệp của nhà hàng. 

Khi setup bàn ăn Âu, cần lưu ý: 

  • Mỗi một vị trí ngồi cần có đủ đồ dùng, dụng cụ ăn. Tuyệt đối không được để trống. 
  • Đĩa định vị đặt chính giữa chỗ ngồi, bên trên để đĩa salad, trên cùng là khăn ăn. Đĩa bánh mì đặt bên trái đĩa chính, trên có dao bơ. 
  • Dao ăn chính đặt bên phải đĩa định vị, nĩa đặt bên trái. Dao nĩa phụ sẽ được đặt bên ngoài dao nĩa chính. 
  • Ly rượu đặt trên dao ăn với khoảng cách 1.5cm.  Ly nước trắng được đặt bên phải ly rượu. Ly nào sử dụng trước đặt bên phải, ly nào sử dụng sau đặt bên trái. 
  • Hũ gia vị muối tiêu được đặt vị trí trung tâm bằn ăn nếu là bàn tròn, hoặc đặt ở đầu bàn nếu là bàn vuông. 
  • Use a specialized knife suitable for the dish. And avoid placing more than 3 tools of the same material side by side. 
kinh nghiệm setup bàn ăn
Setup bàn Âu chuyên nghiệp.

3. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just shared with readers my experiences Open a European restaurant. Hopefully, the article helps you collect useful information. Wishing you a successful business!

Long Phuong Porcelain - proud to be a manufacturing factory High quality household porcelain Leading in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of production experience and cooperation with hotels and restaurants nationwide, we are confident in bringing the best household porcelain products to customers. 

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