Considered as one of the effective and economical marketing strategies to help promote the image and brand of the business closer to consumers and potential customers, the teapot with logo printed Companies and organizations as gifts have been popularly used for many years and the demand is increasing day by day.

1. Why should you choose a teapot with logo printed on it as a gift?

Each gift always carries a special meaning that is conveyed from the giver to the receiver. However, when receiving a suitable gift, the recipient will know how to appreciate and love that gift. Without pompous excitement, bringing a set of teapots printed with your logo as a gift is sometimes warm and meaningful enough to promote your business brand.

1.1. Meaningful and unique gift

The gift kettle has many good meanings, the first is to show interest in the recipient's spiritual life as well as the health of the recipient. Next to a cup of fragrant tea, every story is more juicy, or a cup of tea helps to make the mood more refreshing and relaxing.

An ordinary set of teapots is designed with a pot of tea and 6 small tea cups, symbolizing a small happy family. The flowing water symbolizes fortune, pouring from the teapot into a small cup symbolizes the fortune that grandparents pass on to their descendants.

1.2. Practical use for life

The teapot set has long been a necessary item in the family, workplace or even the hotel restaurant... It is a particularly important and necessary item in the daily life of each person. So choosing to buy or give a set of teapots is really realistic for the gift recipient.

The kettle is not only used in daily family activities, used to invite guests, but also can be used as a decoration in the office, living room ... and many other useful uses that the teapots can bring to people. use. 

1.3. Reasonable price

Compared to the formal gift sets to spend gift for partnerfor customers on special occasions, the logo printed teapot will be the most affordable option. 

Therefore, when choosing Porcelain tea set As a gift, customers should provide an appropriate budget and rely on the budget of the business or organization to find a model of a kettle with a price corresponding to the budget to own a perfect gift. the best

1.4. Promote your business brand

The printing your company's brand logo on each cup of tea, the kettle in the tea set will help you promote the brand image, the name of the business closer to consumers and the community, leaving a deep impression in the minds of customers later. Every time you see the company name or organization on the product, the teapot is printed with the logo. 

Because it is a daily use item, in addition to the usual use of enjoying tea and decoration, the logo printed teapot also helps you to convey meaningful messages, mark important events in a simple but subtle way. Economical, beautiful, and timeless.

2. Top models of teapots with logo printed as beautiful gifts for businesses to choose

2.1. White porcelain tea set with luxury logo printed – From 500,000VND/set

Among the many types of teapots made of various materials, white cup warmer chosen to print logo as the most gift. This product has many outstanding features, businesses can easily choose and print outstanding business logos.

Long Phuong Phinh Thon teapot set
Long Phuong Phinh Thon teapot set

The white porcelain teapot is compatible with all different brand colors. Except for some very light color tones, printing logos and colors on white cups is very easy to do.

Long Phuong gourd teapot set
White oval pot type set Long Phuong

The white porcelain teapot helps the company's logo stand out on the product. Customers or business gift recipients can easily identify the brand compared to other teapots printed with the logo.

Long Phuong white porcelain teapot set
Long Phuong white porcelain teapot set

Not only that, the price of white porcelain teapot is quite stable. At Long Phuong porcelain, from only 500,000 VND/set, businesses can own teapots with logo printed, sturdy packaging boxes and complete take-out bags.

Long Phuong porcelain teapot
Long Phuong White Porcelain Tea Set

Because of the low price, businesses are not afraid to order this product as a gift in large quantities. Even the units, administrative agencies also use this product as gifts in congresses and conferences... Not only that, with the white tea set, the production time will be faster than other products. other products. Therefore, when choosing a set of teapots with logo printed, businesses can choose a suitable white porcelain tea set.

2.2. Set of white porcelain teapots with needle border – From 650,000 VND/set

The teapot set is painted with gold borders on a white porcelain background, making the teapots stand out and luxurious when used and given as gifts. Luxury gold-edged teapot set meticulously crafted with teapot and 6 cups. With logo lines printed sharp, solid and durable according to the approved design. With the silk box containing the teapot printed on the box lid and the package bag, the white porcelain tea set with needle border is definitely a choice that businesses cannot ignore.

Bộ ấm chén in logo sứ viền vàng Long Phương
Luxury gold-edged teapot set
Bộ ấm in logo
Long Phuong gold-edged teapot set

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2.3. Set of teapots with sophisticated motifs – From 750,000 VND/set

Patterned teapots is one of the collection of beautiful and distinctive Long Phuong teapots created by skillful hands of skilled artisans. The elaborate, sophisticated beauty and luxurious drawing style combined with beautiful and elegant colors have created an extremely luxurious and meaningful gift. 

teapot with logo printed
Long Phuong porcelain Quan Ho teapot set

Long Phuong patterned teapot is very diverse in design, bringing many choices for businesses. Depending on their preferences and branding, businesses can choose teapots with colors and patterns similar to their brand identity to highlight their gift products compared to other businesses.

Landscaped PT tea set
Landscaped PT tea set

Different from the white glazed porcelain teapot, the textured teapot is available with elaborate shapes on the product that are created meticulously, beautifully and luxuriously.

Thien Ma Long Phuong teapot set
Heavenly Horses tea set

Not only with available motifs, businesses can also order cups with decorative motifs on request at Long Phuong Porcelain to own logo-printed teapots with the most suitable and satisfactory motifs.

Tea Set with flower 014
Tea Set with flower 014

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2.4. High-end teapot set – From 1,000,000 VND – 3,000,000 VND

Besides the usual lines of porcelain teapots commonly used to print logos as gifts, Long Phuong Porcelain also offers High-class tea set for businesses and organizations to give their partners, VIP customers or delegates gifts in important congress and conference programs...

The price of high-end teapots with logo printed at Long Phuong Porcelain ranges from 1,000,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND.

Ấm chén in logo
Landscaped PT tea set
Ấm chén in logo
Landscaped PT tea pot
Ấm chén in logo
Landscaped PT tea pot

2.5. How much is the logo printed teapot set?

Depending on the model, each set of teapots printed with the logo has different prices ranging from 400,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND, depending on the needs of customers. With Long Phuong Porcelain you will have the best price, without intermediaries, the original price at the factory!

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3. The process of producing teapots with logo printed at Long Phuong Porcelain

When working with any business, big or small, we apply processes to create the best product for the business. With 20 years of experience in producing teapots with logo printed as gifts, Long Phuong Porcelain understands the desires and needs of businesses when they come to us.

8 The usual ordering process is as follows:

  • Advise
  • Design
  • Demo sample delivery
  • Contract
  • Manufacturing
  • Pack
  • Payment
  • Delivery

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4. Long Phuong Porcelain – A supplier of high quality logo printed teapots

Sets of teapots Long Phuongporcelain High-class logo printed will be a luxury gift that creates professionalism and class for your business, making you win absolute satisfaction from the gift recipient.

Using Long Phuong porcelain teapot is to show the class of enterprises and units. Every year, Long Phuong porcelain receives tens of thousands of orders with the quantity up to tens of millions of products.

Long Phuong porcelain products manufactured in strict compliance with product manufacturing processes, from the selection of input materials, to the double firing process at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, the specifications are specified. in advance so that the product when it comes out of the oven will achieve the most perfect.

On Long Phuong porcelain products when ordered in large quantities, most of the drawings and textures are identical to the design. Products printed with decals rarely have errors, bringing the finished product to the expectations of all customers.

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