Referring to ceramics, we no longer feel too unfamiliar with Chinese ceramics because the textures, patterns, and designs of their ceramics are extremely unique and highly artistic. Typical Ming Dynasty ceramics, ceramic period China flourished, exported to all over the world and to this day some ancient products are considered Chinese treasures.

Set of round ceramic dishes in the Ming Dynasty
Set of round ceramic dishes in the Ming Dynasty

1. History of Ming Dynasty Ceramics Development

In 1368, after Zhou Yuanzhang ascended the throne, he set up the capital in Nanjing, the Ngu kiln was built in Canh Duc town. Compared with the Song - Yuan dynasties, the Ming Dynasty's pottery is much richer and more diverse in terms of types and types of enamel.

This is the period pottery The brilliant development of Chinese Tsinghua ceramics supplied domestically and exported, is favored by many countries around the world.

Under the Ming Dynasty, potters also made multi-colored enamels (three thai, five thai) with techniques and art of painting and painting richly and creatively. The Ceramic products Not only usable, but also living works of art.

Bình hoa gốm sứ thời minh màu sắc độc đáo
Unique color ceramic vase

2. Diverse and rich types of Ming Dynasty ceramics

  • Europe: with lid and divided into 2 types: wide mouth slightly cupped and vertical mouth style, curved wall
  • Bowl: there are 5 styles. 1- The bowl has a flared mouth, curved wall, and deep heart; 2- The bowl has a wide flared mouth and beveled sides; 3- The mouth is flared, the wall is curved; 4- The mouth is flared, the wall is curved, the heart is shallow; 5- Mouth standing, wall curved, heart deep.
Ming Dynasty ceramic rice bowl
Ming Dynasty ceramic rice bowl
  • Jar: divided into 3 types. 1- The mouth is small and standing; 2- The mouth is small and flared; 3- Mouth standing, high cylindrical neck.
  • Pot: slanted mouth, curved wall, deep heart, slightly convex middle, concave base without legs.
  • Chum: has a wide and upright mouth, short neck, bulging shoulders, large upper body, shrinking base, concave base.
  • Whoa: has a wide and upright mouth, short neck, bulging shoulders, tapered body, flat base, with flap.
Bình, chum gốm sứ thời minh
Ceramic vases and jars
  • Bowl (there are 3 types): 1- flare mouth, curved wall; 2- Mouth standing, side slightly curved; 3- Mouth flared, citadel standing.
Chén gốm sứ thời minh họa tiết rồng xanh
Ceramic cup with blue dragon motif
  • Plate: variety of designs will often create a different highlight in the mouth of the plate.
Đĩa gốm sứ thời minh hoa văn vô cùng độc đáo
Very unique patterned ceramic plate
  • Jar: there are 2 types. 1- Wide mouth, rounded edges; 2- Small mouth, rounded edges
  • Noodles: There are 2 different designs. 1- The blue flower has a flared mouth and a high neck; 2- The color has the shape of a garlic bulb, standing mouth, high neck.
  • Kendy (wine bottle with oval spout): Stand mouth, cylindrical high neck, evenly round belly, breast-shaped spout.
Wine bottle made from Ming Dynasty ceramics
Wine bottle made from Ming Dynasty ceramics
  • Tượng: The group of statues has many types, of which the most prominent is the many enameled ceramic statues.
Ming Dynasty ceramic figurines
Ming Dynasty ceramic figurines

3. Unique patterns of Ming ceramics

3.1. Character pattern

The figures are drawn in living postures with everyday clothes such as a person in a standing position, wearing a long robe, an archer and a girl, a lute player and a fan holding a fan standing in front of the incense burner. is emitting smoke.

Đĩa gốm sứ thời minh hoa văn nhân vật
Character pattern ceramic plate

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3.2. Animal pattern

  • Animal group: Dragon is the most drawn summoned beast. A five-clawed dragon is drawn in a circle on the outer wall of a white glazed porcelain jar with multicolored drawings along with water waves
  • Feather group: Including phoenix, crane, stork, duck, peacock, parrot, chicken...
  • Insect group: the outer wall of a white porcelain vase with chrysanthemum flowers in the theme of chrysanthemum - scallop, dragonflies are drawn on the outer wall of the blue flower plate.
  • Aquatic and amphibian group: The fish is also embossed on the lid of the black-brown enamel box with water waves, the brown enamel box lid is embossed with turtles, snakes, shrimps, crabs...
Ming Dynasty ceramic bowls and cups
Ming Dynasty ceramic bowls and cups

Unique look in each embossed textures on ceramics

3.3. Fringe pattern

Usually divide the band, divide the box around the mouth, shoulder or foot part of pottery. The lotus petal ribbon is one of the most used frills patterns.

Đĩa gốm sứ thời minh hoa văn đường diềm
Fringe pattern ceramic plate

3.4. Patterns of plants, flowers and leaves

Decorative projects taken from nature such as fruits and plants. Especially the lotus flower is the most used pattern.

Bình hoa gốm sứ thời minh hoa văn thực vật
Plant pattern ceramic vase

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4. Main glazes of Ming Dynasty ceramics

  • Blue enamel: blue glaze painted under white glaze in the first firing combined with multi-color painting through the second firing in multi-colored enamel.
  • Multi-colored enamel: In addition to the heavy blue glaze in the first cork, including the Ming dynasty, multi-colored enamel was used in the second firing, including blue-gray, red, and yellow, often painted on the sides and sides.
  • Yellow enamel: used with bold color in the base of jars, plates, jars. With a lighter shade in the lid, the statue…
  • Red glaze: dark brown red glaze is applied on a plate, lighter colors are painted on multicolored vases. The use of red glaze is a testament to the culmination of porcelain glaze techniques in the history of Chinese ceramics
  • Green glaze: The green glaze is painted on the jar or on the outside of a jar or box. Green enamel is also painted on the bowls and bowls.
  • Enamel: usually covers both the inner and outer walls of the plate.
  • White enamel: coating on cups, jars, jars, bowls, plates and pots.
  • Gray enamel: covered on the plate with many colors
  • Brown enamel: covered with a lid…
Màu men và hoa văn độc đáo gốm sứ thời minh
Enamel color and patterns on ceramic are extremely sophisticated and unique

Distinguish drawing gold, gilding, gilding

5. Video instructions on how to identify real and fake Ming Dynasty ceramics

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