Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a time for family reunion, but also an opportunity for us to give each other meaningful gifts, express our affection and respect for our loved ones. If you are looking for items mid-Autumn gift especially to give to relatives and friends, please immediately read the great suggestions below.

gợi ý quà trung thu
Suggestions for unique and meaningful middle gifts

1. What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important occasion for families to gather, exchange blessings and small gifts such as lanterns, moon cakes and toys for children. It is an occasion to honor family love and preserve the traditional values ​​of the national culture.

quà trung thu độc đáo, ý nghĩa
Mid-Autumn Festival is a long-standing traditional holiday of Vietnam

2. What to give on Mid-Autumn Festival? Suggestions for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for employees for businesses

2.1. Donate a set of Doan Vien dishes

Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Doan Vien Tet. Donate Doan Vien dish set from the brand Long Phuong Porcelain such as encapsulating and fully conveying all valuable messages about family: "Wishing you a very warm holiday, reunion and gathering with your loved ones." this is a Mid-Autumn Festival gifts Very practical business for employees.

Bộ bát đĩa đoàn viên món quà trung thu ý nghĩa
Union Worship dish set

“Trung Thu Xanh – Sống An Lành” – Combo quà tặng Trung Thu bằng sứ cao cấp

2.2. Gift basket or mooncake box

Create a special mid-autumn gift basket with products as diverse as tea, jam, nuts and other mid-autumn specialties. Or a box of quality mooncakes that come in a variety of flavors and beautiful designs is a great way for employees to enjoy and share with family. Perhaps, this is an indispensable mid-autumn gift when giving employees who have been attached to the company.

quà trung thu ý nghĩa tặng nhân viên
Gift basket or mooncake box

2.3. Sports accessory gift

Employee gifts sports products such as thermos flasks, sneakers or small exercise equipment to promote health and balance in everyday life.

quà trung thu độc đáo tặng nhân viên
Sports accessory gift]

2.4. Shopping or dining voucher

Give employees shopping or dining vouchers from popular shops, restaurants, cafes or supermarkets. This allows employees to choose Mid-Autumn Festival gift tailored to personal preferences.

gợi ý mua quà trung thu tặng nhân viên công ty
Shopping or dining voucher

2.5.  Mid-autumn gifts for functional foods

Donate functional food products such as royal jelly, honey, ginseng, or herbs with health benefits. This is a way to take care of employees' health and personal care.

quà trung thu tặng nhân viên
Mid-autumn gifts for functional foods

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2.6.  Tặng cốc sứ in logo

Giving ceramic mugs with logo printed to employees on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival can show solidarity and cohesion between businesses and employees. Receiving a gift shows interest and respect from the company, helping to build a positive and friendly working environment.

mua cốc sứ làm quà trung thu cho nhân viên
Give away porcelain cups with logo printed

3. Mid-Autumn Festival gift suggestions dành cho ông bà, bố mẹ

3.1. The teapot

Teaset It is not only a useful item but also a symbol of family cohesion and love. Gifts for parents A set of teapots is a way to express gratitude and wish parents have more time to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful space in a busy life.

quà trung thu tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa
Mid-Autumn Festival gift suggestions for parents

3.2. Combo mid-autumn gifts about health care

Give parents health care products such as cosmetics, shampoos, lotions or premium hair care products. This shows concern and care for the health and beauty of parents. This is Mid-Autumn Festival gift both meaningful and safe.

quà trung thu tặng bố mẹ bổ dưỡng
Set of health care products

3.3. Fresh flowers and fruits

A fresh and beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a basket of fresh fruit is a great way to express gratitude and love to your parents. They can enjoy sweet and fresh fruits during the mid-autumn gift season.

mua hoa làm quà trung thu cho bố mẹ
Fresh flowers and fruits

3.4. Traditional jam gift set

Give your parents a traditional food set including moon cakes, chestnuts, sweets and delicious jams. This is a Mid-Autumn Festival gift with traditional meaning and creates a feeling of warmth and family.

gợi ý mua quà trung thu tặng bố mẹ
Traditional jam gift set

3.5.  Reunion meal

Give your parents a dinner or culinary experience at their favorite restaurant. This helps parents enjoy a great evening and create memorable memories.

quà trung thu tặng bố mẹ
Reunion meal

3.6.  Tặng ca sứ có nắp

Giving ceramic cups with lids to parents during the Mid-Autumn Festival shows their care and gratitude for their parents. This is a way for you to show your gratitude to those who have raised and cared for you throughout your life.

mua cốc sứ làm quà trung thu tặng bố mẹ
Give away porcelain mug with lid

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4. What gifts to give your crush, lover

4.1. Premium mooncake box

Gift your lover a special, quality mooncake box with traditional cakes and diverse flavors. This is an interesting and sweet gift to enjoy together in the mid-autumn atmosphere. Surely, this is a gift that should be given to crush, both male and female lovers should have.

quà trung thu tặng người yêu ngọt ngào
Premium mooncake box

4.2.  Stroll the streets and enjoy the food

Give your lover a special experience such as walking on the moon, participating in traditional mid-autumn activities or holding a mini-moon party at home. This creates memorable moments and strengthens the bond between the two.

quà trung thu ý nghĩa tặng người yêu
Stroll the streets and enjoy the food

4.3.  Sports gifts or personal hobbies

Give your lover a gift related to their personal hobby or favorite sport. This shows care and respect for the lover's own preferences and creates a special feeling.

quà trung thu độc đáo tặng người yêu
Sports gifts or personal hobbies

4.4.  Special date

Create a special date in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Be it a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, a movie session or even a short trip together. This is a gift that brings back fond memories and precious time together.

quà trung thu tặng người yêu
Special date

4.5.  Donate cosmetics

Receiving a cosmetic gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival makes your girlfriend feel special and loved. It is a way to create joy and anticipation in her heart and contribute to a memorable memory.

mua mĩ phẩm làm quà trung thu tặng người yêu
Give cosmetics to your girlfriend

4.6.  Tặng cặp cốc sứ tình yêu

Giving a pair of love porcelain mugs to your lover during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a great way to show your affection and love. The gift shows that you care and take the time to choose a meaningful and special gift for the person you love.

mua cốc sứ làm quà trung thu tặng người yêu
Give a pair of love ceramic mugs

5. Suggestions for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for relatives and friends

5.1.  Happiness dinnerware set

Dinnerware set is a symbol of gathering family and friends around a meal. Donate happy dish set to friends on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, expressing the desire for everyone to gather, connect and share the joy in life.

mua bát đĩa làm quà trung thu tặng người thân
Happiness dinnerware set

5.2.  White porcelain tea set

Donate white porcelain tea set to your friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival to show your care and affection. It creates a space to share, meet and bond with loved ones.

gợi ý mua quà trung thu tặng bạn bè
White porcelain tea set

Enjoying tea together in a beautiful and delicate tea set, you can create memorable memories and strengthen the bonds between members of your group of friends. Perhaps, this is Mid-Autumn Festival gift đầy ý nghĩa.

5.3.  Various mooncake boxes

Give them a premium mooncake box with traditional cakes and various flavors. This is a traditional and sweet gift to enjoy together in the mid-autumn atmosphere.

gợi ý mua quà trung thu tặng người thân
Various mooncake boxes

5.4.  Health and relaxation gifts

Gift your friends and family with health and relaxation products such as rose water bottles, natural skin care products, aromatherapy lamps, yoga bags, or relaxation spa tickets. This gives them time to relax and take care of themselves during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

quà trung thu tặng người thân
Health and relaxation gifts

5.5.  Wine

Giving wine during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a great way to show luxury and honor your brothers and sisters. However, before choosing a wine, check with your loved one to ensure that you choose a wine that suits their tastes and preferences.

quà trung thu tặng bạn bè

5.6.  Tặng cốc sứ có họa tiết truyền thống

Giving a traditional porcelain cup on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival to friends also shows your care and affection. Not only that, the gift also conveys cultural values, shares the joy and meaning of this holiday with friends.

mua cốc sứ làm quà trung thu tặng bạn bè
Give away ceramic mugs with traditional motifs

6. What kind of gifts should the Mid-Autumn Festival give to children, meaningful children

6.1.  Decorative lantern box

A pretty and brightly colored lantern will bring a joyful and colorful atmosphere during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Children can decorate their bedroom or living room with these lanterns. This is an indispensable mid-autumn gift in every Mid-Autumn Festival for babies and children, big or small.

gợi ý mua quà trung thu tặng con
Decorative lantern box

6.2.  Moon cake box

Mooncakes are a traditional gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Give your child a diverse collection of mooncakes in different flavors, so they can enjoy and share with family and friends.

quà trung thu tặng con hấp dẫn
Moon cake box

6.3.  Traditional toys

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, traditional toys such as marshmallows, chess, Ao Dai dolls... are always popular choices to give to children. This toy not only helps children have fun time but also preserves traditional cultural values.

quà trung thu tặng con độc đáo
Traditional toys

6.4.  Mid-Autumn Festival book series

Give your child books about the Mid-Autumn Festival, folk stories or meaningful stories about family love. This not only encourages children to read, but also communicates important values ​​of family affection and traditions.

quà trung thu tặng con ý nghĩa
Mid-Autumn Festival book series

6.5.  A fun day out

A fun outing is an opportunity for families to bond. Giving your child an interesting play session is a way to show parents' care and love for their children. I feel unconditional love and special care on this special occasion.

quà trung thu tặng con
A fun day out

6.6.  Quần áo trung thu truyền thống

A special mid-autumn costume will help children clearly feel the festive atmosphere and fully participate in mid-autumn activities. This gift is sure to make your child feel happy and excited.

Mua quần áo làm quà trung thu cho con
Traditional mid-autumn clothes

7, Bộ quà tặng Trung Thu Xanh – Sống An Lành

7.1 Bộ quà tặng Trung Thu “Tâm Giao”

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gift set"Tam Giao" bao gồm: bộ đôi ly sứ Sum Vầy, 2 chiếc đèn lồng tuổi thơ và tặng kèm một tấm thiệp viết tay.

Đây chính là món quà ý nghĩa thích hợp để bạn bè trao gửi yêu thương trong dịp Trung Thu này.

bộ quà trung thu Tâm Giao
Mid-Autumn Festival gift set "The Heart"

7.2 Bộ quà tặng Trung Thu “Nguyệt Nhi”

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gift set"Nguyệt Nhi bao gồm: bộ đôi ly sứ Thành Ý, 2 chiếc đèn lồng tuổi thơ và tặng kèm một tấm thiệp viết tay.

The moon shimmers forever in the soul as a symbol of eternal childhood, where the dream of the full moon always lights up promises and expectations.

Món quà Trung Thu này như thay cho lời chúc an lành: “May the moon seasons always be sweet and clear!”

bộ quà trung thu Nguyệt Nhi
Mid-Autumn Festival gift set "Moon Nhi"

7.3 Bộ quà tặng Trung Thu “Lạc Nguyệt”

Porcelain Mid-Autumn Festival gift set"Lac Nguyet include: a set of Kim Lai porcelain teapot, A fresh lotus tea bud and a gift card are included so that the giver can handwrite meaningful and heartfelt wishes to the recipient.

The round cylindrical shape, the lid and the handle are stylized in a sophisticated modern way, helping users to fully enjoy the taste and elegant poetry in every tea moment.

bộ quà trung thu Lạc Nguyệt
Mid-Autumn Festival gift set “Lac Nguyet”

8.  Một số câu hỏi liên quan đến ngày Tết Trung Thu

8.1.  Tết Trung Thu có nguồn gốc từ đâu

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Vietnamese people and countries in East Asia such as China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

có nên tặng quà trung thu
Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional holiday in East Asia

There are many views that the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival originated in China. However, the legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam and China has many differences. In Chinese legends, people believe in the story of Hang Nga and Hau Nghe, while in Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival is related to the legend of Cuoi - Hang's sister.

8.2.  Tết Trung Thu có những tên gọi nào?

In Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival has many different names: Tet looking at the moon, Tet Doan Vien, Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Full Moon in August.

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the reunion festival

8.3.  Tết Trung Thu rơi vào ngày tháng nào?

The Mid-Autumn Festival usually takes place on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, that is, around September in the solar calendar.

trung thu nhằm ngày nào
Mid-Autumn Festival is on August 15 of the lunar calendar (ie, September 29 of the solar calendar).

8.4.  Tại sao nên tặng quà cho trẻ em vào dịp trung thu?

Gifts It is a way of showing love and concern for children. Receiving gifts on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival brings joy, happiness and excitement to children.

tại sao nên tặng quà trung thu cho con trẻ
Give gifts to children on the Mid-Autumn Festival to show love

This is a way to build affection and a good relationship with your child. It creates a special bond between the giver and the receiver, creating a connection and gratitude among family members, friends and the community.

9.  Lời kết

The donation mid-Autumn gift brings many important meanings, from creating joy and cohesion between relationships to preserving the beauty of traditional folk culture.

Địa chỉ mua quà trung thu
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