If you are wondering to find and choose the dish gifts for parents Which is suitable for important occasions, please refer to this article below. More than 25 unique and meaningful gift ideas for parents.

Meaningful parental gifts
Meaningful parental gifts

1. On what occasions should I buy gifts for my parents?

1.1. What birthday gifts should I give to my parents?

1.1.1. Celestial horse dish set – Gift for high-class parents

Heavenly Horses traditional dinnerware set. The design is inspired by the sky and the horses. Heaven is heaven, ma is horse. All ingredients are carefully selected to be safe for the health of users. Giving gifts to parents with a set of dishes on their birthday as a wish for parents to be healthy, live forever with their children and grandchildren, reunite and reunite.

Set of dishes and dishes with a meaningful gift for parents
Set of dishes and dishes with a meaningful gift for parents

1.1.2. Leather wallet - Gift for parents

Leather wallet can be said to be a very special gift for parents. Leather handbags and wallets are inseparable objects for both men and women. Because of that practical meaning, choosing a leather wallet as a gift is definitely a gift that every parent loves.

Ví da là món quà tặng bố mẹ thời thượng
Leather wallet is a frequently used gift

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1.1.3. Massage chair – Health gift for parents

Years of worry, the surface has made the bones and joints of the parents gradually weaken. Symptoms of insomnia, joint pain, back pain are common conditions. So choosing to buy a massage chair for grandparents in the family is a meaningful gift of health, the most practical to show care and filial piety to your loved ones.

Ghế massage là món quà tặng bố mẹ  thiết thực
Massage chair is a health gift for parents

1.1.4. Nutritional supplements – Health gifts for parents

The older the parents, the more often they experience symptoms of health deterioration such as memory loss, poor eyesight, blood pressure, blood... Therefore, please pay more attention to your parents by giving them food sets. Nutritional supplements, memory enhancement.

thực phẩm bổ sung chức năng là món quà tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa
Functional food or tonic as a health gift for parents

1.1.5. Porcelain tableware set - Meaningful gifts for parents

Parents are the ones who always take care of every bit of the house. In particular, the dining table is the place where the whole family gathers to have a cozy meal. So give it to your parents porcelain dinnerware set help to make the dining table space more complete, creating cohesion among family members.

Porcelain tableware set is a meaningful gift for parents

1.2. Gifts for parents on the occasion of returning from far away

1.2.1. Premium porcelain seasoning set – Household gifts for parents

In the house, parents are always the ones who take care of each meal, that's why they buy one for their parents porcelain seasoning set High-end to add beauty to the kitchen. In addition, high-quality porcelain with shiny enamel helps preserve the full flavor of spices. No need for luxurious gifts, just small actions to make parents feel secure.

Bộ gia vị sứ là món quà tặng bố mẹ  thiết thực
Premium porcelain seasoning set

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1.2.2. Wine - Premium gifts for parents

Wine always has a special taste that everyone loves. On the occasion of returning from a long business trip, I gave my father a bottle of wine to enjoy during the first meal after returning from a long trip.

Wine is a unique gift to parents
Wine is a unique gift to parents

1.2.3. Specialty gifts – Gifts for parents on the occasion of returning home

On long-term, short-term business trips or travel occasions. Each place always has its own special gifts of each region. So choose a typical gift of that region as a gift for your parents.

Bánh cốm Đặc sản Bắc Ninh - Quà tặng bố mẹ
Bac Ninh specialty rice cake – Gift for parents

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1.3. Gifts for parents on the occasion of filial piety

1.3.1. Landscape teapot set – Gift for parents

Enjoying tea has become one of the cultural and spiritual beauties full of humanity of Vietnamese people from the past to the present. Especially the elderly have a hobby of enjoying tea. Regarding feng shui, Landscape teapot set designed as a tea pot with 6 small cups, implying a cozy, happy family.

Landscape porcelain tea set as a gift for parents
Landscape porcelain tea set as a gift for parents

1.3.2. Premium bird's nest - Health gift for parents

Bird's nest helps to nourish the body of the parents, help the mother beautify the skin, help the father restore physical strength to bring abundant health and well-being to the whole family. Therefore, bird's nest is chosen by many people as a gift for their family members.

Premium bird's nest is a meaningful health gift for parents
Premium bird's nest is a meaningful health gift for parents

1.3.3. Gold-plated calligraphy paintings – Gifts for parents

You can choose to buy gilded calligraphy paintings as gifts for Vu Lan holiday. With the sophistication and meticulousness in each line, this will be a meaningful and luxurious gift for parents on a special day.

Tranh chữ thư pháp mạ vàng là món quà tặng bố mẹ cao cấp
Gold plated calligraphy

1.3.4. Agarwood smoke waterfall – Gift for the family

In addition to the spiritual and feng shui meanings, frankincense is also used in oriental medicine as a medicine with temperate properties, helping to calm and cure headaches, good for the heart. Therefore, many doctors advise their patients to burn incense to support the treatment of diseases. A waterfall of feng shui agarwood smoke will help you eliminate stress and fatigue, help your mind relax, and fall asleep easier.

Thác khói trầm hương là món quà tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa
Agarwood smoke waterfall – Gift for the family

1.3.5. High-class porcelain cup set – Gift for parents

The concept of Vietnam in particular and Eastern countries in general is that water is a symbol of full abundance. Giving this gift on this occasion is greatly appreciated. Dish porcelain mug gifts will instead wish your parents good luck and good health.

Bộ cốc sứ cao cấp là món quà tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa
High-class porcelain cup set is a gift for frequent use

1.4. What should be given to parents on the wedding anniversary?

1.4.1. Heavenly Horses tea set – Meaningful gifts for parents

If your parents are tea drinkers Porcelain tea set would be a gift idea that is both simple and practical. The high-class tea set is both used regularly by parents and a luxurious decoration for your home.

Bộ ấm trà sứ Thiên Mã là món quà tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa
Heavenly Horses porcelain tea set

1.4.2. Twin swan statue – Decorative gifts for parents

The pair of swans is a symbol of love, because this bird often goes in pairs, follows each other and rarely separates. This bird is a symbol of loyalty. Give your parents a double swan statue as a wish to your parents for a happy and fulfilling married life.  

Tượng đôi thiên nga là món quà tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa
Twin swan statue

1.4.3. Fruit basket – Nutritional gifts for parents

Fruits contain many nutritious vitamins, on this occasion, give parents a beautiful fruit basket, arranged into symbols symbolizing love and wishing parents a hundred years of meaning, fullness and good health. with children and grandchildren.

mua Giỏ trái cây món quà tặng bố mẹ
Fruit basket

1.4.4. Scarves – Unique gifts for parents

Giving a scarf has many meanings to send love, express the desire to always be cared for and care about the health of parents like a scarf on the side to keep warm, next to parents.

Khăn choàng cổ là món quà tặng bố mẹ ý nghĩa

1.4.5. High-class scalloped porcelain plate set – Gift for parents

Seashells are known to symbolize love luck. Give oyster dish set Made from high-grade white porcelain with the desire to wish parents a hundred years of meaning, lifelong happiness and fulfillment.

mua Bộ đĩa sứ dáng sò cao cấp làm quà tặng bố mẹ
High quality oyster porcelain plate set

1.5. Birthday gifts for parents

1.5.1. Tableware 8 items with flower A01 – Gift for parents

Parents are getting older and older, so they can't take care of the family at every meal. Therefore, as children of the younger generation, we should take care of our parents instead. Choosing a beautiful, high-class set of dishes will make the family meal more complete, cozy and crowded. Dinnerware set This is sure to be a gift your parents will love.

mua bộ bát đĩa cửu long làm  quà tặng bố mẹ
What gifts should be given to parents on the occasion of celebrating life

1.5.2. Tung Hac statue - Gift for parents

The statue has the image of a pine tree and a crane bird, two Sino-Vietnamese characters "Dien Nien" meaning long-term also have the meaning of longevity and peace. In addition, the appearance of bright sunlight full of life in some paintings is also a good symbol, bringing good luck and prosperity.

mua Tượng Tùng Hạc diên niên làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Statue of Tung Hac

1.5.3. Wooden paintings to celebrate life – Gifts for parents

Wooden paintings to celebrate longevity are decorative paintings and feng shui paintings that mean bringing luck, peace, blessings, banishing bad things, bringing prosperity... and are the best and most beautiful wishes to the recipient. gift.

mua Tranh gỗ mừng thọ làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Wooden painting of happy life

1.5.4. Tam Da feng shui statue set - Gifts for the birthday celebration

Phuc Loc Tho statue (or Tam Da statue) is one of the most common feng shui objects in every Vietnamese family. These are also the greatest wishes of families for a happy, long and healthy life.

mua Bộ tượng Tam Đa rát vàng làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Set of gold-plated Tam Da statues

1.6. What Christmas gifts should I buy for my parents?

1.6.1. Doan Vien porcelain dish set - A meaningful gift for parents

Tet or Christmas is an important and special occasion of the year, an opportunity for family members to gather and reunite. Doan Vien porcelain dish set represents the reunion and reunion after a year of hard work and challenges.

mua bộ bát đĩa sứ trắng làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Doan Vien porcelain dish set

1.6.2. Happy porcelain dish set – Gift for parents

Not only money, luck, but happiness are also important and indispensable in every spring day wishes. Happy porcelain dish set is a harmonious combination of products to create a lovely tableware, helping your dining space become luxurious, beautiful and full of spring colors.

mua Bộ bát đĩa sứ Hạnh Phúc làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Happy porcelain dish set

1.6.3. Tet gift basket, Christmas gift – Special gift suggestions for parents

After a year of hard work, surely the first place we think of is family. A basket of Tet or Christmas gifts in a family reunion is to bring people closer together and at the same time show the concern of children and grandchildren to grandparents and parents who have had the merit of nurturing and teaching. A basket of Tet and Christmas gifts for parents must not be complete without tea, jam, confectionery...

mua giỏ quà tặng bố mẹ
What gift should you give your parents for Tet?

1.6.4. Kumquat pot – New Year's gift

Since ancient times, ornamental kumquat trees have become a unique cultural feature of Vietnamese people during the Lunar New Year. According to the ancient concept of Vietnamese people, the kumquat tree (or tangerine) symbolizes a "bounty" harvest and also a good start to the new year.

mua Chậu cây quất làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Potted kumquat tree

1.6.5. New clothes – Indispensable gifts for the end of the year

Clothes or costumes are very necessary gifts for parents for the last days of the year, especially holidays and Christmas. Long Phuong Store can tell you about the outfits for dad (three), namely short-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved shirt, vest or turtleneck t-shirt, etc. On the contrary, for mom, you can choose ao dai. Traditional or innovative, evening dress or dress.

Gifting clothes for parents on holidays and Christmas
Gifting clothes for parents on holidays and Christmas

1.6.5. Quan Ho teapot set - A unique gift for parents

Tet is an occasion when the whole family buys new furniture in the hope that everything in the new year will be good and smooth. Giving parents a set of teapots will make the living room more lively and new. Especially Quan Ho tea set With unique and classic motifs, it will definitely be a meaningful gift that your parents will surely like.

mua Bộ ấm chén Quan Họ làm quà tặng bố mẹ
Quan Ho teapot set

2. Suggest good and meaningful wishes to parents

  • At the beginning of the new year, I wish my parents to be healthy and happy with us.
  • Wishing parents a new year more successful in work, abundant health and always happy with us.
  • Stay healthy, happy and live a long life with us.
  • On the occasion of today's birthday, I would like to wish my parents good health so that we have more time and opportunity to thank them for their great birth and upbringing.
  • On this special birthday celebration like today, I would like to wish my parents a new year full of health, joy, happiness as well as a peaceful life next to our children and grandchildren.
  • On this parents' birthday celebration, I would like to wish them "as happy as Dong Hai, as long as Nam Son", good health and a long and happy life with their children and grandchildren.
  • I don't know what else to say, on the occasion of "Vu Lan's Day", I can only wish Mom and Dad to always be healthy and happy. I love Mom and Dad!
  • Another season of Vu Lan has returned, no words can describe the great merits our parents have given us. I just hope that our parents are always happy and healthy so that we have the opportunity to repay.

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