Gifts for grandparents are meaningful gifts to express affection, gratitude and respect to superiors. So what gift should you give your grandparents which are meaningful and unique? Let's Long Phuong refer to the gift samples for grandparents in the article below!

Gifts for grandparents are a beautiful action to express love
Gifts for grandparents are a beautiful action to express love

1. On what occasions should you buy gifts for grandparents?

1.1. Giving birthday gifts to grandparents

What birthday gifts should you give your grandparents? This is a question asked by many people who want to express their love to their grandparents. Because birthday is the annual special day of grandparents, buying gifts for grandparents shows respect, gratitude, affection and concern for superiors. In the hustle and bustle of life, as we grow older, our grandparents will get older and older. So take care of even the smallest things for grandparents.

1.2. Give gifts to grandparents on their birthday

What gift to buy for grandparents on their birthday? Happy life is an opportunity for children and grandchildren to gather, gather with their families, and wish them good health, long life and long life. Accompanying the wishes are gifts with full of meaning and heart that the "young bamboo shoots" want to give to the "solid old bamboo trees".

Giving gifts for grandparents
Giving gifts for grandparents

1.3. Giving gifts to grandparents on Vu Lan Festival

Vu Lan festival is one of the important Buddhist holidays, to commemorate and repay the gratitude of parents for their upbringing and upbringing. This is an opportunity for children to show gratitude, filial piety, and repay the kindness of birth and upbringing of the two parents, grandparents and ancestors.

1.4. Giving gifts to grandparents on Tet holiday

"The end of the New Year is coming" is the time when children and grandchildren show their filial piety to their parents through meaningful gifts. Giving gifts to grandparents on New Year's Day has long been a traditional custom of Vietnamese people. Grandparents are elderly people and need to be loved and cared for, especially during the holidays.

Quà tặng ông bà vào dịp tết
Giving gifts to grandparents on Tet holiday

2. What gifts should be given to grandparents?

2.1. Painted glass teapot set – Gift for grandparents ý nghĩa

Enjoying tea has become one of the cultural and spiritual beauties full of humanity of Vietnamese people from the past to the present. Especially the elderly have a hobby of enjoying tea. Regarding feng shui, Landscape teapot set designed as a tea pot with 6 small cups, implying a cozy, happy family.

Bộ ấm chén Sơn Thủy là quà tặng  ý nghĩa cho ông bà
Landscape Porcelain Tea Set is a meaningful gift for grandparents

2.2. Ginseng – Gift for grandparents

Ginseng is known as a premium health food with extremely high nutritional value and saponin content. 

Not only helps to strengthen the resistance, increase the immune system but also helps the patient recover quickly, improve anorexia, insomnia, enhance memory, and help the brain to be more lucid.

Premium ginseng to give to grandparents
Premium ginseng to give to grandparents

2.3. Delicious tea – Gifts for grandparents for Tet holiday

Tea is an understanding that each person is understood in a different way. Therefore, tea should not be forced to be strong, the gift does not have to be green tea. Delicious tea not only satisfies the gift recipient but also gives them pride and pride when using it to receive guests.

Trà ngon hảo hạng quà tặng ý nghĩa
Premium delicious tea

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2.4. Fruit gift baskets – Gifts for grandparents on Tet holiday

Health Tet gift baskets or fruit gift baskets are often used by people as gifts to parents &grandparents. Because they have utilities and usefulness such as nourishing and improving health, they are a healthy dish during Tet.

Giỏ quà trái cây quà tặng độc đáo
Fruit gift basket

2.5. Classic patterned teapot set – Gift for grandparents

For the elderly, they love to enjoy tea. Therefore, this gift means that people are always attached and close to each other. Build feelings, always help each other when difficult. Or simply share with each other the joys and sorrows in life. Classic patterned teapot set may perhaps be a very meaningful gift for grandparents.

Bộ ấm trà cổ điển quà tặng cao cấp
Classic tea set

2.6. Wall paintings – Gifts for grandparents on the occasion of their birthday

A painting to celebrate the longevity is a picture prepared with all the heart and heart to give to grandparents and parents on the occasion of Happy Birthday to express the love and filial piety of children and grandchildren to grandparents and parents with the hope I want grandparents and parents to live happily, healthy, and live a long and peaceful life with their children and grandchildren.

Wall paintings – Gifts for grandparents on the occasion of their birthday
Wall paintings – Gifts for grandparents on the occasion of their birthday

2.7. Tung Hac's paintings - Gifts for grandparents

The painting Tung Hac Dien Nien (Tung Hac Dong Xuan) is a picture containing the meaning of noble temperament, lucid wisdom, representing the symbol of longevity and eternal attachment. In addition to the two images of the Tung tree and the crane, the two Sino-Vietnamese characters "perennial" meaning long-term also carry the meaning of longevity and peace.

Tranh Tùng Hạc diên niên quà tặng ông bà dịp mừng thọ
Paintings of Tung Hac

2.8. Full-body massage chair – Meaningful gifts for grandparents

The elderly, the elderly, many functions in the body decline. Symptoms of insomnia, joint pain, back pain are common conditions. So choosing to buy a massage chair for grandparents in the family is a very meaningful and practical item to show care and filial piety to your loved ones.

Quà tặng ông bà ý nghĩa, độc đáo
Giving massage chairs to grandparents

2.9. High-class oyster plate set - Gifts for grandparents on their wedding anniversary

Seashells are known to symbolize love luck. Give oyster dish set Made from high quality white porcelain with the desire to wish grandparents a hundred years of meaning, lifelong happiness and fulfillment.

Bộ đĩa sò sứ trắng quà tặng ông bà dịp kỷ niệm ngày cưới
Oyster porcelain plate set

2.10. Blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor – Health gifts for grandparents

Grandparents are old, and their health is also declining. So give our grandparents an electronic blood pressure monitor with the hope that our grandparents will always be healthy and love and care for their family.

Máy đo huyết áp, nhịp tim quà tặng ông bà
Blood pressure monitor, heart rate for grandparents

2.11. High-class porcelain dish set – Gift for grandparents

Old age makes grandparents increasingly old and weak, please pay attention to your grandparents by giving convenient and practical gifts for daily life.

One high-class dish set, quality and beautiful from Long Phuong ceramic brand will be the perfect choice for the space of every family dining table.

Bộ bát đĩa sứ trắng cao cấp làm quà tặng ông bà
High-class white porcelain Tableware 8-11 items

2.12. New clothes – Gifts for grandparents on New Year's Day, birthday

Giving new clothes to grandparents is a practical gift in the coming New Year, this gift shows the sophistication and care that children and grandchildren in the family give grandparents. When choosing clothes as a gift, it is important to choose the right color and comfortable material for the elderly. 

mua quần áo mới làm quà tặng ông bà dịp lễ tết
New clothes for grandparents on Tet holiday

2.13. Scarves – Give gifts to grandparents

Giving a scarf has many meanings to send love, express the desire to always be cared for and care about the health of grandparents like a scarf on the side to keep warm, next to grandparents.

mua khăn choàng cổ làm quà tặng ông bà

2.14. High-class bird's nest - Health gifts for grandparents

Bird's nest is a food containing many nutritious vitamins such as amino acids, chromium, zinc, copper ... to help strengthen resistance, reduce myocardial infarction, and stabilize the mind. Therefore, this is definitely a meaningful gift to show the affection and gratitude of children and grandchildren to grandparents.

mua tổ yến cao cấp làm quà tặng ông bà
High-class bird's nest

2.15. Tableware 8 items with flower A01 – An indispensable gift for grandparents

Grandparents are getting older and older, so they can't take care of the family at every meal. Therefore, as children of the younger generation, we should take care of our grandparents instead. Choosing a beautiful, high-class set of dishes will make the family meal more complete, cozy and crowded. Tableware 8 items with flower A01 This is sure to be a gift your grandparents will love.

mua bộ bát đĩa sứ Cửu Long làm quà tặng ông bà
Tableware 8 items with flower A01

2.16. Longevity bonsai pots – Give gifts to grandparents

Until now, people have always believed that the elderly are considered to be people of great blessing. The birthday celebration is also a good opportunity for you to send health wishes to your loved ones. Truong Sinh is a gift for you to send those good wishes. 

Mua chậu cảnh Trường Sinh làm quà tặng ông bà
Longevity bonsai pot

2.17. Tam Da Phuc - Loc - Tho feng shui stone set - A gift for grandparents

Phuc Loc Tho statue (or Tam Da statue) is one of the most common feng shui objects in every Vietnamese family. These are also the biggest wishes of families for a happy and prosperous life, abundant money and long life.

mua bộ đá phong thủy Tam Đa làm quà tặng ông bà
Tam Da feng shui stone set

2.18. Statue of a couple of cranes – A symbolic gift for longevity

The crane is a small bird but has many meanings, namely it symbolizes longevity. Because the crane has a long lifespan, so the image of the crane is always associated with and appears next to the blessings of longevity, endurance and vitality at solemn birthday celebrations or birthdays. for the elderly.

mua tượng đôi chim hạc làm quà tặng ông bà
Couple of cranes

2.19. High-class worship dish set – Gifts for grandparents

For the elderly, they pay great attention to taking care of the ancestral altar. Especially on the anniversaries of the ancestors, holidays ... grandparents often need the worshiping dishes with bold classical, spiritual and nostalgic features. So please choose the worship dish set really high-quality, high-class gift for grandparents to offer to the ancestral altar.

mua bộ bát đĩa cao cấp làm quà tặng ông bà
High-class worship dish set

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2.20. High-class porcelain cup set – Gift for grandparents

The cups and glasses are made of thick white porcelain, with high durability, good heat resistance. Surely this will be a convenient, cost-effective and extremely useful gift. Donate porcelain cup set for grandparents to use as tea cups, tonics, nutritious ginseng drinks ....

mua bộ cốc sứ coa cấp làm quà tặng ông bà
Porcelain Cup Se5cm

3. Some notes when buying gifts for grandparents that cannot be ignored

3.1. What gifts should be given to grandparents that are meaningful and delicate?

A meaningful and practical gift will be worth many times more than if you choose a luxurious and classy gift but your loved ones cannot use it.

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3.2. Learn more about your grandparents' health

The first thing you need to do is observe and learn about grandparents who have hobbies and daily habits

Elderly people often get old, their health will be much weaker, so choosing a gift that is suitable and safe for health is considered very carefully.

3.3. Choose gifts according to your preferences

For the elderly, you do not need to be picky about the appearance of luxury or class, but only need the quality and heart of your children and grandchildren for grandparents.

một số lưu ý khi mua quà tặng ông bà
Some notes when giving gifts to grandparents

4. Suggest some of the best and most meaningful wishes to grandparents

4.1. The best New Year wishes for grandparents

  • Spring comes to hope - Warmly everyone. Wishing grandparents - Long live a hundred years.
  • Wishing grandparents - Long live a hundred years. When spring comes, I (grandchildren) would like to wish you and your family a very lucky new year, will live a long and happy life with your children and grandchildren.
  • I would like to wish you a very happy new year, although I can't be with them, I will never forget the care and education that they have given me.

4.2. Quotes to congratulate grandparents

  • On this important day of grandparents, I would like to wish them good health, happiness and a very happy, long and comfortable life with their children and grandchildren.
  • Grandparents are our roots, our roots. Today is the anniversary of grandparents turning one year older, we hope that time can stop at this moment, the moment of bright smiles, of reunion, of warmth because the whole family is together. side by side.
  • We wish you more years to have a healthy sky. We promise to be obedient and obedient to make you happy.
  • The new year has come and grandparents are one year older. I wish you good health to love your children and grandchildren!
  • I wish you a healthy and happy life with your children and grandchildren. Grandparents, please live a long time so that your children and grandchildren can take care of the merits of being born in this sea.
lời chúc ý nghĩa đi kèm quà tặng ông bà
Good wishes or gifts to grandparents

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Long Phuong Porcelain – The unit specializes in manufacturing and supplying a variety of products of teapots, dishes, condiment products… and many unique and meaningful gift products at affordable prices.

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Long Phuong Porcelain - Prestigious manufacturer of high-class household porcelain
Long Phuong Porcelain - Prestigious manufacturer of high-class household porcelain

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