khát vọng vươn lên

Thousands of years ago, the first ancient cities in the world were formed and developed brilliantly that we still know today.Looking back at the sunrise". From ancient cities like Babylon, Athens, to cities that sparkle with lights on the earth's surface at night such as London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Lagos... All show the longing of the species. people – the desire to constantly rise, promoting the power of cities on the landscape horizon.

lọ hoa kim lai khát vọng không ngừng vươn lên
The design conveys the desire for mighty rise

Stemming from that meaning, and at the same time inspired by the massive architecture and splendid high-rise buildings in the timeless classic film - "Metropolis" by director Fritz Lang, Su Long Phuong launched the product"Kim Lai flowerpot"as a message about the desire to constantly rise.

mạnh mẽ quyến rũ

The sprawling cities, with their arrogant skyscrapers, gorgeous houses, trendy squares, luxury shops... are always symbols of the economy's constant upward movement. 

It is also an aspiration and motivation for a bright future that we humans always want to aim for.

In design, Kim Lai porcelain vase simulate the landscape of magnificent high-rise buildings. If you are a connoisseur of architecture, you must have recognized the breath of Art deco architecture present in it.

lọ hoa kim lai nét đẹp mạnh mẽ mà quyến rũ
Cubic textures – a characteristic of Art deco architecture

The bold, cubic lines, though simple, are extremely powerful. It just shows the trend of streamlining in design but still has a luxurious beauty.

Besides the strong beauty emanating from the angular lines of high-rise buildings, Kim Lai porcelain vase still retains its elegant, soft look. It is because of the curved arch motifs, which help create a soft and seductive effect for the design.

nét đẹp tân cổ điển

Kim Lai porcelain vase High-end has extremely strong contrasting colors, but overall it is very harmonious and elegant. On the mysterious and powerful black block, the combination of golden colors helps the vase become brighter. It is also this contrasting color that makes the display of the design clearer. At the same time expressing the beauty that is both modern, luxurious, classic and attractive. 

lọ hoa kim lai bản hoà tấu giữa cổ điển và hiện đại
The mixture of 3 white - black - gold colors makes the design shine!
nét đẹp đẳng cấp

Kim Lai porcelain vase products is the dedicated and exclusive design of Long Phuong Porcelain. 

Total golden texture border All flowers on the vase are painted with real 24K gold, extremely gorgeous. It is a special highlight that creates class value for anyone who owns this product, as well as every space in which it is present.

lọ hoa kim lai dấu ấn đẳng cấp trong từng không gian
Meticulous gold border textures create a classy look for the product
tận tâm tỉ mỉ

Take product quality as the focus” – that is the principle that the owner of Long Phuong brand – Nguyen Tien Long always repeats to his staff.

When you hold the Kim Lai flower vase in your hand, you will feel the spirit of that principle. 

Kim Lai flowerpot made by Long Phuong Porcelain completely handmade, from selecting raw materials to shaping, glazing and firing. With this line of handmade products, Long Phuong's artisans seem to pour all their hearts into the product. Therefore, the product when it reaches the customer is the most perfect!

Promoting product quality is the guideline for all production activities in Long Phuong
hài hoà với cuộc sống

Kim Lai porcelain vase standing alone, it is as regal and regal as a work of art. But when combined with other pieces, it becomes modestly harmonious.

lọ hoa kim lai nghệ thuật gần gũi với cuộc sống
The art is delicate but still close and practical

With an elegant and sophisticated cylindrical design, Kim Lai porcelain vase Very suitable for arranging flowers with tall and long stems. It helps to respect the beauty of long-stemmed flowers such as gladiolus, lilies, lilies, snow apricots... making the space bright and luxurious!

Kim Lai flowerpot is the enthusiasm that Long Phuong Porcelain wants to convey to customers. Sending the desire for the mighty and strong that anyone or any business wants to achieve. 

And yet, it also expresses the desire of Long Phuong Porcelain – the desire to constantly grow up in the Vietnamese ceramic industry. 

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