Trà sữa trân châu đường đen là thức uống không còn xa lạ với các bạn trẻ trong những năm gần đây, bất kỳ thương hiệu trà sữa nào đều có đồ uống hấp dẫn này. Hương vị trà sữa ngọt béo, cùng hạt trân châu giòn sần sật, thêm vị của đường đen cuốn hút, đã tạo nên món trà sữa ngon khó cưỡng. Hãy cùng Long Phương khám phá cách nấu trà sữa trân châu đường đen trong bài viết dưới đây.

Black sugar pearl milk tea is hard to resist

Prepare: 30 minutes | Processing: 30 minutes | Intended for: 4 people 

It's not milk cream or white pearls, but black sugar pearl milk tea is the most popular topping right now. Before that, milk tea was often enjoyed with cheese jelly, aloe vera or egg flan. Until the end of 2017, when a milk tea brand in Vietnam suddenly launched black sugar pearl milk tea, this new drink led the trend at that time. 

Black sugar pearl milk tea originated in Taiwan. Taiwanese people call this drink by the name "frog meets milk" - milk tea without fat. The difference, strange combination but impossibly attractive of this drink has made many people unable to forget the taste after trying it. 

Although the ingredients for making black sugar pearl milk tea are quite simple, the difficulty lies in the accuracy while cooking. When cooking, it must be adjusted so that the pearls have a moderate softness, not hard or mushy, and the black sugar water must absorb the characteristic sweetness. In this article, Long Phuong introduces how to cook delicious and simple black sugar pearl milk tea at home. 

1. Ingredient

  • 400g tapioca flour
  • 400g rice flour
  • 1kg Korean black sugar
  • 500g pure cocoa powder 
  • 1 box of Dalat Milk (no sugar) 
  • 400g vegetable fat cream 
  • 1 can of squash tea
  • 1 box of Ong Tho condensed milk

2. How to make black sugar pearl milk tea

Step 1: Mix and knead the dough 

Put in bowl 140g tapioca flour and 20g rice flour, can be measured with a microscopic scale to accurately measure the amount of flour. Continue to add 10g cocoa powder. This cocoa powder will help create a beautiful brown color and aroma for the pearls. Stir with your hands so that the ingredients are evenly mixed. 

Mix tapioca flour and rice flour together

Put 50g of Korean black sugar in the pot, if you don't have Korean black sugar, you can change it to jaggery. Pour 200ml of normal temperature water into the pot. Be careful not to mix the powder with water directly. Turn on the stove and keep the heat on medium. After the water boils, gently stir to dissolve the sugar. Slowly add boiling water to the mixed dough, kneading little by little. 

Knead pearls

Step 2: Make the pearls 

After kneading the dough thoroughly, use your hands to knead the dough until it is soft. Note that the dough must be flexible and not sticky to reach. Divide the dough into 4 small pieces, with the unprocessed pieces of dough, wrap and store in the refrigerator.

Put some tapioca starch on the cutting board and spread it around, this will help the cutting board or table surface not to stick during the kneading process. Divide the dough into long strips and cut into small diced pieces. Coat these granular pieces of dough with tapioca flour.

Squeeze and cook pearls

Step 3: Make black sugar syrup 

Put in the pot 250g of Korean black sugar and 140ml of squash tea. Keep the fire on medium heat, avoid stirring repeatedly so that the sugar does not crystallize. Leave on the stove for about 7 to 10 minutes and turn off the heat. 

Step 4: Cook the pearls 

Put 400ml of water in the pot. When the water boils, drop the prepared pearls into the pot. Use a pair of chopsticks to mix gently so that the pearls do not stick together.

When the pearls have floated to the surface, reduce the heat to low so that the pearls are cooked evenly. Boil the pearls on low heat for about 20 minutes. Then turn off the heat, cover the pot and incubate the pearls for another 30 minutes.

Take out the pearls and put in one bowl Cold water, this step will help the pearls to be washed, not sticking to the powder outside. Then put the pearls in a small bowl or basket to drain. 

Make black sugar syrup

Step 5: Finished product 

After the pearls are drained, pour the pearls into the black sugar syrup to create a black sugar pearl mixture. This is how to cook basic black sugar pearls. 

Put 3 tablespoons of pearls and 15ml of black sugar water in a cup. Add 15ml of cream or condensed milk. Then pour in 200ml of unsweetened fresh milk glass. You can add ice to your liking. 

So you have completed the steps to cook the black sugar pearls! It's simple and easy to do at home. This way of making black sugar pearls will take a little time, but you also need to pay careful attention in each stage to bring out the best taste. 

3. Enjoy: 

Milk tea is a drink loved by many people, from children to adults. The new taste of black sugar pearl milk tea since its appearance has refreshed the taste of milk tea devotees more than the traditional milk tea version.

Khi uống cũng có hai kiểu uống, một là cắm thẳng ống hút xuống đáy ly và thưởng thức. Còn một kiểu nữa là khuấy tròn nhiều vòng theo chiều kim đồng hồ để hòa lẫn vị đường vào sữa tươi cho nhạt bớt rồi mới thưởng thức. Cách thứ hai sẽ chỉ dành cho người nào không uống được ngọt nhiều, để thưởng thức chuẩn vị nhất thì phải nhâm nhi vị đường đen còn nóng hổi ở dưới đáy cốc.

Enjoy milk tea with hot black sugar pearls

Surely you and your family will have moments of relaxation when enjoying black sugar pearl milk tea together. Let's try it today!

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