It can be said that heart porridge is a very popular dish and is very popular with Vietnamese people. With rich flavor, delicious and easy to eat, congee is a popular breakfast dish in street eateries and also a home-cooked family dish. The following article of Long Phuong Porcelain will reveal to you the secret of how to cook delicious porridge - fragrant - Vietnamese standard.

bật mí cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
Revealing to you how to cook delicious heart porridge

1. Introduction to porridge

"Chao Long" is a traditional Vietnamese dish, made from pork or beef intestines, usually cut into small pieces and cooked in broth. The main ingredients of porridge also include rice and spices such as garlic, onions, pepper, fish sauce, chili sauce, herbs. Porridge is often served with raw vegetables such as coriander, coriander, herbs, chili, lemon and quail.

cách nấu cháo lòng ngon chuẩn vị Việt Nam
Porridge is a dish loved by Vietnamese people

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2. Prepare the ingredients to cook delicious porridge

To prepare ingredients for cooking delicious, Western-style porridge, you need the following ingredients:

  • Pig internal organs: young intestines, old intestines, liver, heart, lungs, stomach...
  • 200 grams of bones.
  • 150 grams of plain rice.
  • 1/2 bowl of blood pudding.
  • Spices: fish sauce, MSG, pepper.
  • Spices: onions, laksa leaves, coriander, coriander, basil, herbs, coriander...
  • 1 chili (depending on preference).
  • 3 lemons, 1 ginger.
bí quyết cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
Prepare ingredients to cook delicious porridge

Top 20 spices needed in the kitchen to cook delicious porridge.

3. Instructions on how to cook delicious tripe porridge

3.1 Prepare ingredients to cook porridge

Organ preparation:

  • If you buy pork intestines, if they are too long, you can cut them into short pieces of about 30 - 35cm for convenient preparation. Wash the other parts to remove all the blood.
  • Use 1 lemon, add 1 teaspoon of sea salt, put the pulp in the basin, squeeze and wash gently to remove the liquid inside.
  • Don't peel too carefully, it can easily make the intestines tough.
  • Then rinse with water and drain
sơ chế lòng trong cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
Preliminary preparation of pork intestines before cooking heart porridge

Soak rice:

  • Wash the rice and soak it in water for about 1 - 2 hours.
  • Or you can roast rice until fragrant. When you cook porridge, it will cook faster.
ngâm gạo trong cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
Need to soak rice before cooking porridge

Prepare herbs:

  • Wash herbs such as coriander, coriander, basil, herbs, coriander with clean water.
  • Remove to basket and drain.
cách nấu cháo lòng ngon đạm vị ngoài quán
Preliminary herbs

3.2 Tips for cleaning, deodorizing and boiling crispy egg whites.

Cleans and deodorizes

  • To deodorize the fishy smell, you can soak the intestines in a basin of water with 1 lemon squeezed and 1 crushed ginger root.
  • Soak for about 15 minutes until the intestines are clean and fragrant.
cách nấu cháo lòng ngon thơm tròn vị
Need to clean the heart before cooking

Boil the intestines and internal organs

  • Boil water, add crushed lemongrass and ginger to create aroma and eliminate fishy smell. Then put the cleaned pork intestines in and boil first. Boil for about 2 minutes then take it out.
  • Prepare a bowl of ice cold water, a few slices of fresh lemon. When you take out the intestines, immediately drop them in there to soak for about 1 minute and then take them out.
  • Continue to boil the water and boil the intestines a second time. When boiling, continue to take them out and soak them in a bowl of ice water. This tip helps the boiled intestines become whiter and crispier.
  • When you finish boiling the intestines, add the other viscera and boil until cooked.
  • After the intestines and other viscera are cooked, arrange them on a plate, wait for them to cool, then cut them into bite-sized pieces.
  • You can filter the water to boil the intestines through a sieve and use that water to add when cooking porridge.
bước làm sạch trong cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
Boiled pork intestines will retain their crispiness and sweetness, and the longer they are boiled, the tougher they will be.

3.3 Cook porridge

Put the bones in the pot, add about 1.5 liters of water and simmer over low heat.

When the broth is sweet enough, add the rice and cook until the porridge is tender. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally to keep the porridge from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

If the water runs out, you can use the water you boiled the intestines from earlier to cook together.

After the porridge thickens, add the blood, stir well, lower the heat, and season to taste. Leave the lid slightly ajar and continue to simmer for about 10 more, then turn off the stove.

chia sẻ cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
How to cook fragrant porridge - delicious - bold

3.4 Present the dish and enjoy

  • Arrange the chopped tripe and viscera in the bottom of the bowl. Scoop up the porridge.
  • Sprinkle with pepper and spices such as onions, coriander, coriander, basil, coriander...
  • Enjoy while the porridge is still hot.
cách nấu cháo lòng ngon chuẩn vị
Arrange dishes and enjoy the taste of porridge

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4. Some notes on how to cook delicious tripe porridge

4.1 Use porcelain bowls to store porridge

Using porcelain bowls to store heart porridge has many benefits.

Firstly, porcelain is a safe material for health, does not contain toxic substances and is easy to clean, helping to ensure food hygiene and safety.

cần lưu ý gì trong cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
It is recommended to use porcelain bowls to hold porridge

Secondly, porcelain bowls retain heat well, helping to keep porridge warm and delicious during eating, not oxidizing or degrading when exposed to light and air.

Thirdly, porcelain bowls often have luxurious and beautiful designs, which add more flavor and fun for people to enjoy.

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4.2 Side dishes

Hot, delicious hearty porridge served with laksa leaves, scallions, coriander and a little chili sauce is delicious.

You can add sour foods such as eggplant, cucumber, and chili vinegar if you like.

Some notes on how to cook delicious porridge
Dishes with heart porridge

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4.3 Is eating a lot of porridge good?

Porridge is a popular dish in many countries, especially in Asian countries. Basically, porridge is a quite nutritious dish because it contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals.

However, porridge has a lot of fat and cholesterol, so eating too much porridge can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diseases of blood fat.

lưu ý cách nấu cháo lòng ngon
Delicious – Is it good to eat a lot of heart porridge? – Healthy

Therefore, porridge should be eaten properly and combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to ensure good health.

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5. Video instructions on how to cook delicious tripe porridge

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6. Conclusion

Above, Porcelain Long Phuong has just shared the secret of how to cook delicious intestine porridge. Wishing you success with this delicious rustic dish!

Using ceramic bowls to store hot food is extremely safe, aesthetically pleasing, and helps preserve the flavor of the dish.

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