Friend cook chicken soup many times but still grout, diluted? In the kitchen with Long Phuong Porcelain will guide you how to cook chicken soup from very simple ingredients. Just apply and succeed!

1. Origin of chicken soup

Soup was originally known as a liquid dish like soup, which is a combination of many ingredients, originating from France. Gradually, the soup was Vietnameseized to suit the taste of Vietnamese people

Inside, chicken soup is a widely used, favorite appetizer. This dish contains high nutritional content, delicious taste, and is extremely simple to prepare. 

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2. How to cook delicious chicken soup, easy to make at home

2.1 Prepare ingredients for chicken soup

  • Chicken bones: 350 gr
  • Chicken breast: 250 gr
  • Carrot: of
  • Shiitake mushrooms: 10 ears 
  • Sweet corn: 1 corn
  • Egg ta: 2 fruit
  • Quail eggs: 15 eggs
  • Tapioca flour: 100 gr
  • Spice: cooking oil, salt, seasoning powder, pepper
  • Spices: coriander, green onion, red onion
nguyên liệu  nấu súp gà
All ingredients are familiar in every kitchen

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2.2 Steps to make how to cook chicken soup

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

  • Wash chicken bones and chicken breasts.
  • Boil quail eggs, remove, soak in cold water, peel.
  • Eggs are separated from the whites.
  • Peeled carrots, thinly sliced, diced.
  • The sweet corn is separated from the seeds.
  • Shiitake mushrooms are soaked in warm water to bloom, then washed and finely chopped.
  • Wash the herbs and chop them finely.
Prepare ingredients for chicken soup
Prepare ingredients for chicken soup

Step 2: Cook chicken bones

Put in a pot of 1.5 liters of water, simmer the chicken bones for the broth for about 1 hour. Occasionally open the skimmer to make the broth clearer. Put the chicken breast in the same pot. When the chicken breast is cooked, take it out, let it cool, and shred it. 

Step 3: Stir-fry mushrooms and chicken

Peel 1 red onion, finely chop. Put a little oil in the pan, saute the onion. Then add shredded chicken and mushrooms and stir-fry with spices to taste.

Steps to cook chicken soup
Steps to cook chicken soup

Step 4: Noodle corn, carrots

Use about 1.2 liters of chicken bone broth, add corn and carrots to cook. When the corn and carrots are soft, continue to add the shiitake mushrooms, fried chicken and quail eggs to cook together. Adjust seasoning to taste.

Step 5: Make tapioca flour

Put about 100 gr  of tapioca starch in a bowl, add cold water, stir until the tapioca is dissolved. Wait for the boiling water to cool down, slowly pour the tapioca starch into the soup pot. Pour while stirring gently. When the pot of soup compares to your liking, stop. 

(Do not add the whole bowl of tapioca flour at once, in case the soup is too thick)

Do not add tapioca starch when the soup is still cold, it will not control the consistency of the soup
Do not add tapioca starch when the soup is still cold, it will not control the consistency of the soup

Step 6: Use egg whites, add a little cold water, beat until dissolved. 

Using a sieve, pour the egg whites through the sieve, sifting evenly into the soup pot. At the same time, stir slowly in a clockwise direction to make the soup more eye-catching.

Continue to cook on low heat for about 10 more minutes, then turn off the heat.

Step 7: Done

Ladle the soup into a bowl, sprinkle coriander, scallions, and pepper on top and you're done.

2.3 Finished product and enjoy

chicken soup Smooth, the ingredients are blended together to create an extremely attractive natural sweet aroma. The dish will be even more wonderful when served hot with eggs. 

súp gà ngon
A bowl of hot chicken soup would be great for a cold rainy day

3. Video on how to cook delicious chicken soup in detail

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4. Revealing how to make successful chicken soup

How to cook chicken soup successfully, without dilution, without grout, you must definitely note the following:

  • Choose chicken breast to make soup. Chicken breast is high in protein and low in fat. When cooking soup, the color will also be more beautiful.
  • Only egg whites should be used so that the chicken soup is not cloudy, and will have a better texture. 
  • Beat the eggs thoroughly before using a sieve to pour the eggs into the pot. Remember to stir gently in one direction to make the texture more even and beautiful.
  • Tapioca flour or cornstarch can be used instead of tapioca flour. But pay attention to beat the powder with cold water first. Then, slowly pour into the pot until the desired consistency is reached, then stop. 
  • Once you have added the tapioca flour to the soup, avoid stirring too much. The soup is prone to grout. Where to eat, scoop there. The portion that has not been eaten should not be touched with spoons and chopsticks.
  • Chicken soup needs to be served hot. With hot dishes, you should use porcelain bowls to store, avoid using plastic bowls. Using a ceramic bowl will help keep the full flavor of the dish, and at the same time make the dish more eye-catching, attractive and especially safe for health.

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5. Conclusion

chicken soup It is a dish that is loved by both children and adults. Long Phuong Porcelain just guided you how to cook chicken soup Simple, with easy-to-find ingredients. Hopefully, the article is useful to readers. Good luck reading this dish!

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