You already know how to choose chicken eggs delicious yet? In the category "In the kitchen”, Long Phuong Porcelain We will guide you on how to choose fresh, unbleached eggs for family meals.

1. Are chicken eggs nutritious?

Before studying how to choose good eggs, let's Long Phuong Porcelain Find out, whether chicken eggs are as nutritious as rumors?

1.1 Nutritional composition of eggs 

Before Chicken eggs are a food containing many nutrients. Although, it had a bad reputation in the past due to its high cholesterol content. Therefore, shunned by many people. Finally, in 2000, the American Heart Association (AHA) released revised guidelines. Allow healthy adults to eat 1 egg per day, with total cholesterol not exceeding 300mg per day.

Chicken eggs have a fairly balanced nutritional composition. It has enough protein, glucide, lipid, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones...

In 1 egg, 100 grams of edible will contain:

  • 14,8 gr protein
  • 166 kcal of energy
  • 11.6 grams of fat
  • 0.5 gr chất glucid
  • Folate (47 mcg), B12 (1,29 mcg), vitamin A (700 mcg), vitamin D (0,88 mcg)…
dinh dưỡng trong trứng gà
Chicken eggs contain a balanced source of nutrients

1.2 Uses of chicken eggs for health

Eggs are a nutritious and extremely familiar food for all of us. 

Eating 1 egg a day will help:

  • Increase cholesterol HDL helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Provide adequate amounts of choline, which is used to build cell membranes, making signaling molecules in the brain.
  • An antioxidant, beneficial for eye health thanks to its high content of vitamin A and lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • Chicken eggs provide a source of high-quality protein and full of essential amino acids to help build strong muscles, support effective weight loss.
  • Chicken eggs help support pregnancy health for pregnant women very well, thanks to their large content of folic acid.
công dụng của trứng gà
Chicken eggs are rich in nutrients, but you should only eat 1 egg a day

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2. How to choose good eggs, maybe you don't know?

2.1 Check the date of packing production

If you buy eggs from the supermarket, choose egg trays with latest production packing date. Avoid choosing egg trays that are far from the date of manufacture and packaging, because their quality may change.

cách chọn trứng gà qua ngày sản xuất
Look carefully at the packing date on the eggs

2.2 Checking the eggshell

Fresh chicken eggs will usually have thin layer of chalk on the shell. The surface of the eggshell has roughness certain, see heavy handed than. 

Accordingly, smooth eggs with pale black spots are usually eggs that have been aged for a long time. Or eggs with stains on the shell like moldy corners should not be selected.

cách chọn trứng gà ngon qua vỏ trứng
New chicken egg shell has roughness, crispy sound, heavy hand

2.3 Choose good eggs by gently shaking

 You Place the egg at ear level, and shake it gently. A fresh egg will have a very tight texture that is difficult to move. Eggs left for a long time will be diluted. Therefore, the stronger the noise caused by the egg moving, the more evidence that the egg is of poor quality. 

cách chọn trứng gà ngon bằng cách lắc nhẹ
Gently shake the egg to check the texture of the egg

2.4 Look for eggs under a flashlight

If the above 3 tips still do not help you how to choose good eggs. Don't worry! There's still a way!

You Examine eggs under the light of flashlights, phone lights or use a rolled up sheet of paper to examine eggs under sunlight.

Old eggs, the air chamber (the space above the egg) will be large. As for new eggs, the air chamber is almost absent or has very little.

There is a very interesting fact, that: newly laid chicken eggs when boiled and peeled will be close, much harder to peel than those old eggs!

cách chọn trứng gà bằng đèn pin
New chicken eggs have small, narrow air sacs

2.5 Salt water test

Một trong những how to choose poultry eggs not to be missed, that is Drop eggs in salt water.

The the new egg will sink into the pot Salty water. While these the old egg will float

This is quite simple but effective. But you should only do it at home. And can give feedback to the egg seller when choosing to buy new eggs that they intentionally give old eggs.

cách chọn trứng gà thông qua thử với nước muối
When dropped into a cup of salted water, fresh eggs will sink, old eggs will float

2.6 Smell to choose eggs

How to choose chicken eggs This is also very effective. You can breathe your breath into the egg, then smell it. If it smells like quicklime, it's a new egg. If there is a slight musty smell, it is an old egg. Or, if it smells sour, the egg is spoiled. 

cách chọn trứng gà qua ngửi mùi
Smelling will detect problem eggs

3. Differentiate between our eggs and bleached industrial eggs

The price difference between domestic chicken eggs and industrial chicken eggs is quite different. Therefore, many crooks have turned industrial chicken eggs into domestic chicken eggs for profit. 

They do this by soaking industrial chicken eggs in a solution of acetic acid. According to the acid corrosion mechanism, the eggshell will lose its color and become thinner. 

To know how to choose good eggs, you just need to distinguish through the following criteria:

Comparison table of domestic chicken eggs and Chinese bleached industrial chickens

Distinguishing CriteriaChicken eggsIndustrial chicken eggs are bleached
EggshellHas a natural shine, can be easily wiped off with a ballpoint pen. When lightly tapping the egg, the sound is crisper.Pale pink color, looks like there is a layer of dust covered. The sound when typing is lower.
Kích cỡUnevenBigger and very even
PriceChicken eggs are always more expensive than industrial chicken eggs. The price ranges from 4000 VND - 5000 VND / fruitCheaper price, about 2000 VND - 2500 VND / fruit
Quality Our eggs have a thick white and yolk. The egg taste when cooked is delicious, not fishy.Thin whites and yolks. Eat fishy taste, not as delicious as our chicken eggs.
cách chọn trứng gà ta và trứng gà tẩy trắng
Bleached chicken eggs are only changed in shell color, not toxic

4. Video sharing details on how to choose the right poultry eggs

Share your experience when choosing young chicken eggs

5. Notes when processing eggs and tips to preserve fresh eggs

5.1 Some notes when processing eggs

After knowing how to choose good eggs, to ensure health safety, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • According to medical recommendations, each person should only eat 1 egg per day. People with high blood cholesterol or high blood pressure should only use 1-2 times a week.
  • After eating eggs, you should not drink tea, because the protein in the egg combines with the tannic acid in the tea to easily cause indigestion.
  • Do not fry eggs with garlic.
  • Do not eat eggs with pork brain, rabbit meat, persimmons.
  • Avoid eating boiled eggs overnight.
lưu ý khi sử dụng trứng gà
Some notes when using chicken eggs

5.2 Tips to preserve fresh eggs

To ensure eggs are fresh and safe, when you know how to choose good eggsPlease pay attention to the following tips:

  • Do not soak eggs in water. Use a damp cloth to clean the eggs.
  • Store eggs in a cool, dry place with stable temperature. Eggs should not be left in the refrigerator door, because the temperature in this area changes unevenly, easily affecting egg quality.
  • Apply a layer of vegetable oil to the eggshell to help preserve the egg for a longer time.
  • Under normal temperature conditions, not too hot. You can use dried rice husks to preserve eggs. Put the eggs in the box, cover the husk around, seal the box, keep in a cool place. Doing so can safely store eggs for about 2 months.
  • Do not put eggs with ginger and onions, it will cause eggs to spoil quickly.

6. Suggest some delicious dishes made from chicken eggs

You already know how to choose eggs, Long Phuong Porcelain will suggest some delicious dishes made from chicken eggs for your reference.

6.1 Vegetable egg roll

If you're tired of the usual omelet, try swapping it out with a veggie egg roll. The sweetness from vegetables combined with eggs will make the dish more attractive than usual.

cách chọn trứng gà làm trứng cuộn
Chicken egg roll with vegetables delicious, not greasy

The standard recipe for shredded chicken porridge is easy to make at home

6.2 Egg salad

This dish is very suitable for people who are losing weight. Just a little fresh vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lettuce and 1 hard-boiled egg, some mayonnaise. Thus, you have a healthy salad right away.

Egg salad is suitable for people to lose weight

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6.3 Wormwood eggs

This dish is very popular. In particular, this is also a good pregnancy aid for pregnant women. However, the combination with mugwort may not be good for some cases. Therefore, if you are pregnant, listen to your body when taking this dish.

Wormwood chicken eggs nourish blood

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6.4 Chicken eggs soaked in soy sauce

This is a traditional Korean dish. The greasy egg yolk taste permeates the sweet and sour soy sauce, and the slightly spicy taste of chili will surely make your taste buds excited. 

Chicken eggs soaked in strange sauce

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6.5 Bitter gourd fried egg

This dish is not only delicious but also very healthy. Bitter melon helps to clear heat, detoxify, good for heart health. This dish is best when using our eggs. 

Stir-fried chicken eggs with bitter gourd cool and cool

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7. Final verdicts

So, Long Phuong Porcelain shared with readers how to choose chicken eggs tasty. Hope the article is useful to readers. 

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