Chicken is a familiar food in Vietnamese cuisine. However, many people do not know how to choose good chicken. Long Phuong Porcelain I will tell you how to choose good chicken according to the sharing of chicken owners.

1. Nutritional value in chicken

In Vietnamese culinary culture, chicken is very popular. According to the ranking of the 10 most nutritious meats, chicken is at the top of the list. 

Chicken is rich in protein and low in fat. But in the fat of chicken meat contains high levels of Omega-3. In addition, chicken also contains a lot of vitamins of groups A, E, C, B1, B2, PP and minerals, iron, calcium ...

cách chọn gà ngon giàu dinh dưỡng
Chicken is more nutritious than red meat

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2. The effect of chicken in the nutritional menu

  • Thanks to its high protein content, low fat, chicken is a priority on the menu for those who want to develop muscle. At the same time, vitamin B6 in chicken helps to increase metabolism and digest food without retaining fat content, helping to lose weight effectively.
  • Amino Acid Compounds tryptophan in chicken helps reduce symptoms of depression. It also improves mood very well. 
  • Chicken is rich in minerals selenium Boosts metabolism and improves immune system.
  • In Oriental medicine, chicken is not only a food but also a medicine. Chicken meat has a mild temperament, orange flavor, non-toxic, and has many healing effects. Each type of chicken with different feather color has different healing properties. 
cách chọn gà ngon cho bà bầu
Chicken is not only a food but also has a healing effect

3. How to choose to buy delicious chicken for family meals

3.1 How to choose good raw chicken

3.1.1 Instructions on how to choose a good rooster

According to chicken farmers' experience, how to choose good chicken need attention the color of the crest, feathers, skin of the legs

A good rooster is a rooster that has coded. The chicken has a bright red crest, quick sharp eyes, has changed all the fluff, the feathers are shiny and not ruffled. 

The chicken beak does not drool, indicating that the chicken is healthy and not sick. 

Chicken feet are small, slim, yellow skin is shiny, have paved the chicken is mature. At this time, the chicken is just sweet and fragrant but not too tough.

cách chọn gà ngon với gà trống
Delicious rooster with red crest, smooth feathers, quick eyes

3.1.2 Guide to choosing good hens

Similar, how to choose good chicken for hens as well as for roosters. Please choose chickens that have bright red crest, not drooping, shiny hair, narrow breast, yellow skin, small legs

Some people prefer to eat hens over roosters because the quality of the meat is more delicious and nutritious.

There is a proverb that says "The bird is clear - the hen is crab". It means that the quality of meat at this time will be the best.

Crab hens are chickens that have just reached adulthood, but have not yet laid. This chicken has developed full muscle, the weight of the chicken is the heaviest, and the meat is also the most delicious.

But some people like to eat hens that have passed a litter. To choose this chicken, you need to see the fishing float section. Chickens that have laid normally, the float will be larger than usual.

cách chọn gà ngon với gà mái
The hen meat is sweeter than the rooster

3.1.3 Guide to choosing discarded chickens

Discarded chickens refer to chickens that specialize in laying hens after the end of the breeding cycle will be eliminated. Recognizing this type of chicken is quite easy. These chickens are usually shaggy hair, lethargic eyes, pale crest, drooping to one side

Although many people prefer this type of chicken because of its low price, the meat is tough and delicious to eat. After all, this type of chicken has the lowest nutritional content. The quality is not safe, there may be antibiotic residues. 

cách chọn gà ngon thải loại
Waste chicken is very cheap and has poor nutrition

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3.2 How to choose pre-cooked chicken

Due to the lack of time, most people choose to buy ready-made chicken. How to choose delicious pre-cooked chicken is shared as follows: 

3.2.1 Instructions for choosing ready-made chicken

Compared to skin color, chicken skin is already meat pale yellowt than industrial chicken. Fresh chicken meat will have high elasticity, firmness, narrow breast. On the skin no bruise, hematoma

Dark-skinned animals may die before being eaten, so these should not be selected. 

For the sake of business, many people can pump water or solder to help the chickens gain weight and become tougher. Such chickens, when pressed by hand, will see concave deformation, smooth skin. 

cách chọn gà ngon làm sẵn
Our chicken meat is available in light yellow color, thin skin

3.2.2 Guide to choosing ready-made industrial chicken

Commercial chicken with ready-to-eat meat will usually have a large weight, skin color is dark yellow and thick. The breast is big, the meat is also thicker.

If you buy pre-packaged broiler chicken in the supermarket, be sure to check the packing date to choose the freshest pieces.

cách chọn gà ngon công nghiệp
Industrial chicken with thick, dark yellow skin

4. Distinguishing industrially raised chickens and wild free-range chickens

Free-range chickens bring good quality meat. The nutritional value is also higher than that of industrially raised chickens. How to choose delicious chickens raised naturally according to the share of longtime chicken farmers are:

  • The chicken we raise naturally is always smaller in legs and body than industrial chickens. Chickens raised in the wild have to survive more naturally and have to dig through the ground to find food. As a result, their beaks will be blunter and their toenails darker. Natural raised chickens are also very flexible, with quick eyes.
  • Industrial chickens do not have to dig through the ground to find food, the cages are lined with clean rice husks. That's why it has a sharp beak, clean feet, and slow, lethargic gestures. 
cách chọn gà ngon nuôi thả tự nhiên
Chickens raised naturally have sweeter meat than industrial chickens

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5. Notes on using chicken and tips on preserving chicken 

After I got it how to choose good chicken, you also need to pay attention to how to use chicken. In the process of metabolism and absorption, ingredients in food always have complex interactions. So is the chicken. According to the advice of Oriental Medicine doctors, you should pay attention to:

  • Avoid combining chicken with hot foods such as marjoram, raw onions and garlic, vegetables, dog meat, shrimp...
  • Chicken should not be eaten with carp, which can cause pimples.
  • People with cirrhosis or arthritis, high blood pressure should limit eating chicken.
  • People who have just had surgery or have open wounds should not eat chicken.
  • Chicken is quite hot, so it will not be suitable for people with constipation or chickenpox.
cách chọn gà ngon không nên ăn kèm kinh giới
Note when eating chicken

To keep the nutritional content of chicken, when cooked, you should store it in a ceramic dish. Preserve chicken with porcelain plate while preserving the flavor and making the food more appealing to the eye. 

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6. Video on how to buy delicious, high-nutrient chicken

How to choose good chicken from an experienced person

7. Suggest some delicious chicken dishes you should know

What to cook after knowing how to choose good chicken? Long Phuong Porcelain will tell you some delicious dishes that are easy to make from chicken.

7.1 Grilled Chicken 

Grilled chicken with golden crispy skin, soft and sweet meat, rich in flavor. This dish is very attractive to both adults and children in the house. Instead of traditional boiled chicken, change the dish to grilled chicken.

cách chọn gà ngon làm gà nướng
Delicious grilled chicken that thousands of people love

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7.2 Chicken rice

Spice up your family meal with chicken rice. The soft, shiny, golden rice grains served with sweet and tender chicken will be extremely attractive.

cách chọn gà ngon làm cơm gà
Change the taste with chicken rice

7.3 Chicken with traditional medicine

This dish is very suitable for pregnant women or for those who have just woken up. You can choose evil chicken combined with traditional herbs. It is possible to reduce the variety such as jujubes, goji berries, dong quai, lotus seeds, ginseng, Hoang Quy, etc. To keep the full flavor of this dish, a stewed bowl is indispensable. 

With thick, tough white porcelain material, good heat transfer ability as well as heat retention, Long Phuong Porcelain's high-class white porcelain pot definitely makes the dish much more flavorful and delicious.

cách chọn gà ngon nấu gà tiềm thuốc bắc
Use Long Phuong Porcelain Pot for stews

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7.4 Fried chicken with fish sauce

This is one of the delicious dishes, served with white rice.

cách chọn gà ngon nấu món gà chiên nước mắm
Deep fried chicken with fish sauce

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7.5 Stir-fried chicken with lemongrass and chili

This dish is very easy to make and tastes great with white rice. And it can also be made into a drink for men.

cách chọn gà ngon nấu món gà xào sả ớt
Fried chicken with lemongrass and chili is very easy to make

8. Conclusion

Above is how to choose good chicken According to the chicken farmer's share Long Phuong Porcelain can be synthesized. At the same time, Long Phuong Porcelain also shared some more knowledge when using chicken meat. Hope the article was useful!

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