From time immemorial household porcelain manufacturer are always the product lines that are loved by consumers because of their high quality, good environmental friendliness and safety for health. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Learn how to call home porcelain? Where is a reliable address to buy all kinds of household ceramic products.

Long Phuong genuine household porcelain with high quality, good price
Long Phuong genuine household porcelain with high quality, good price

1. What is household porcelain?

Household porcelain are popular product lines used in the household from making porcelain, such as: bowls, plates, bowls, kettles, cups, spoons, scoops, mugs, toothpicks... Products made from porcelain are always of good quality. tall, durable and more environmentally friendly.

Sứ gia dụng là gì
Long Phuong luxury dish gift set

2.      Long Phuong household porcelain products

Long Phuong Porcelain with 22 years of construction and development has produced more than 400 models of high quality household porcelain products at good prices. Let's take a look at some of Long Phuong's main product lines below.

2.1. Europe and Pho

  • High quality white porcelain pot

THigh-class White Porcelain pit is a specialized product to make chicken, bird stew with Chinese herbs, stew with wormwood super delicious and nutritious. Long Phuong porcelain pots have many advantages such as: good heat retention and heat transfer, durable in different thermal environments of the kitchen, flexible use in the microwave.

thố tiềm sứ gia dụng cao cấp
High-Class Porcelain White Soup Tureen
  • White porcelain urn set with lid

Porcelain bowl set with lid has high applicability, used to display in restaurant space, kitchen. Or serve on family dining table, hotel... Pure white color without motifs suitable for restaurants, hotels, eateries ordered to print a separate logo. With a minimalist but still luxurious beauty, it brings a round and delicious Vietnamese family rice tray.

Bộ ấu sứ gia dụng cao cấp
Set of white porcelain bowls with lids

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2.2. Porcelain tea set

  • Porcelain tea set with gold

Porcelain tea set with gold Completely handmade by artisans, sharp lines, simple and unique shapes, covered with enamel, smooth, shiny, adorned with golden lines, helping the family's living room More color, looks more vivid.

Bộ ấm trà sứ gia dụng viền vàng
Porcelain tea set with gold
  • Dwarf white porcelain kettle

White porcelain dwarf teapot set is highly appreciated for its aesthetic with traditional and delicate beauty. Not only loved and used by households, but the kettle also appears in many high-class eateries, restaurants, and hotels to bring diners great dishes and experiences.

Bộ ấm lùn sứ gia dụng cao cấp Long Phương
High-class dwarf teapot set

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2.3. Porcelain mugs

  • White Porcelain Cup

White porcelain cup Long Phuong premium product is a product with a new design, elegant and luxurious style, pure white color, produced on a high-tech production line for high durability, hard to break, suitable for storing tea, coffee, drinks, hot or cold.

cốc sứ gia dụng độc đáo
White porcelain cup
  • High-class white low mug with saucer 10.5 cm

High-class white low mug with saucer 10.5 cm Made from refined materials, distilled from clay. Thoroughly baked through 3 times to remove all residual toxic substances in porcelain. With a unique design from the stylized handle simulated the lines of ancient patterns. The lid is harmonious and suitable for porcelain mugs.

Cốc sứ gia dụng có nắp
Porcelain cup with lid

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2.4. Porcelain Bowls and Plates

  • Deep plate of mango

Deep plate of mango Designed with a novel design, the deep plate helps users comfortably store food without fear of spilling out.

Đĩa xoài sâu sứ gia dụng long phương
Deep plate of mango
  • High quality white porcelain cup

High-Class White Porcelain Meniscus soup bowl High-end Long Phuong is designed with a popular round shape and is extremely simple. The product has no texture but still brings elegance and sophistication to your meal. With such a simple design, the rice bowl set is often used in restaurants, eateries, etc.

Tô khum sứ gia dụng trắng cao cấp Long Phương
Long Phuong High-Class White Porcelain Meniscus soup bowl

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2.5. Household porcelain tableware

  • Put chopsticks and spoons

Put chopsticks and spoons is one of the best-selling dining table accessories of Long Phuong Porcelain. With a compact, convenient design with a weight of only 0.06 kg. The chopsticks and spoon rest will help your tray and dining table become luxurious and highly aesthetic. The product is chosen by many restaurants, hotels, and eateries.

Kê đũa thìa sứ gia dụng cao cấp
Put chopsticks and spoons
  • Seasoning Plate 2 Compartments 

Seasoning Plate 2 Compartments Long Phuong premium porcelain is an indispensable product in every family meal, restaurant and hotel. The product has a compact design, two compartments, convenient for use. In particular, it is safe for users' health because of strict and disciplined processes in production.

Đĩa Đựng Gia Vị 2 Ngăn sứ gia dụng
Seasoning Plate 2 Compartments

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2.6. High quality porcelain dish set

  • Lucky Worship dish set

Cat Tuong dish set is a product line with extremely minimalist design, suitable for all architectural spaces, from traditional and idyllic to luxurious and modern. In particular, this product set of Long Phuong is used a lot in restaurants and eateries.

Bộ bát đĩa sứ gia dụng Cát Tường
Lucky Worship dish set
  • Nhu Y (Lucky) worship dishes set

Nhu Y (Lucky) worship dishes set is a combination of many products, creating a convenient, versatile, useable in many cases and suitable for different dishes. In addition, all products in Nhu Y high-class porcelain dishes can be flexibly used in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, giving you flexibility in use and cleaning.

Bộ bát đĩa sứ gia dụng Như Ý
Nhu Y (Lucky) worship dishes set

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2.7. Unique gifts

  • Kim Lai flowerpot

Kim Lai flower vase of Long Phuong Porcelain with modern designs and motifs. The product is available in 3 sizes to fit any space. Flowerpots 13cm, 20cm, 30cm have a variety of choices for customers to decorate.

Lọ hoa Kim Lai là dòng sứ gia dụng cao cấp
Kim Lai flowerpot
  • KOI fish flower vase

KOI fish flower vase The square edges of the beautiful porcelain vase Koi fish represent the close relationship between the arrows of Mutual Concord and Concord of the Five Elements. Therefore, according to feng shui five elements, the activation of the "Water" line in the house where we live is one of the most important things. Bringing the Koi Koi into a dragon home brings good luck, neutralizes murderous intent, and calamities.

Lọ hoa sứ đẹp Cá Koi là dòng sư sgia dụng, sứ mỹ nghệ cao cấp
Beautiful porcelain flower pot Koi fish

3.      Outstanding features of Long Phuong household porcelain product line

3.1. Durable

High durability is one of the outstanding advantages of household products made from porcelain. Porcelain is fired at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius. It is baked through 03 times, has a long life, and is durable over time.

sứ gia dụng Long Phương
Highly durable porcelain

3.2. Strong and durable porcelain, smooth shiny enamel

The product lines of Long Phuong Porcelain are made from high quality porcelain with high toughness and durability. The surface of the product is coated with a layer of genuine enamel, high-grade anti-fouling, easy to clean, difficult to scratch.

sứ gia dụng cao cấp Long Phương
Strong and durable porcelain, shiny enameln

3.3. Health safety

With carefully crafted ceramic material, it is filtered clean of impurities, so it does not contain harmful substances such as lead, aluminum, cadmium, etc., which are harmful to users' health. Therefore, ceramic products are used daily, long-term, absolutely safe, favored by many customers. 

sứ gia dụng bền đẹp Long Phương
Porcelain is always safe for health

4.      Purpose of using household porcelain

Household porcelain is a common product line that everyone uses to serve the needs of daily living such as bowls, plates, ladles, cups, teapots, cups, flowerpots, sugar jars ... In addition, the lines Household porcelain is now also chosen by many businesses as year-end gifts, Tet gifts for partners such as teapots, dishes, cups, etc.

Quà tặng doanh nghiệp từ sứ gia dụng Long Phương
A meaningful gift set for relatives, friends, employees…

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5.     How to use and preserve Long Phuong household porcelain

  • Absolutely do not wash ceramic, crockery and porcelain utensils that have decorative patterns that are easy to fade and drift in the dishwasher.
  • It is recommended to wash utensils with warm water and with detergent (with mild detergent properties). To be extra careful, you should put utensils in a plastic pot lined with a rubber sheet on the bottom to prevent it from breaking in case it slips out of your hand. Rinse a second or third time with water of the same temperature and dry with a clean, soft cloth before storing.
  • Modern ceramic and porcelain utensils and decorations are easily scratched if they are washed with Javel absorbent cloth.
  • For more stubborn stains, it should be washed off by pouring 3/4 water, 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia into the pot. First need to moisten the stain with a tap, then take a towel soaked in the mixture in the basin to sweep the surface of the stain. Put the item in a plastic bag tied tightly, after many hours if the stain is still not gone, please redo the operation from the beginning.
cách bảo quản đồ sứ gia dụng
How to preserve products made from porcelain?

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6.      Notes to know when choosing to buy household porcelain

When buying porcelain with your fingers, if you hear a clanking sound like metal, then they are good. If it sounds dull and heavy, it is a poor quality item. With rice bowls, plates and porcelain trays, there are three ways to choose: look, knock and face down.

Observe the outer surface of the object to see if the lightness, dullness of the enamel color, the darkness and lightness of the drawings and black spots, cracks or not.

Use a small stick to tap lightly on the side of the bowl or the edge of the plate or tray. If the sound comes out crisp and clear, it's a good product, if the sound is cloudy or mixed, it shows that it has some cracks that you haven't seen yet.

Những lưu ý cần biết khi mua đồ sứ gia dụng
Notes to know when buying porcelain

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7.      Where to buy high quality, cheap household porcelain?

Currently, on the market, there are many units supplying and producing household porcelain lines with many different designs and richness. However, not all places guarantee prestige.

Come to Porcelain Long Phuong you can rest assured about those issues. Long Phuong Porcelain with more than 22 years of experience in the field of household porcelain, serving thousands of long-term customers, hundreds of small and medium enterprises. As a close partner of Samsung, Neptune, BIDV, Vietcombank… We are confident to bring you high quality products with the best prices in the market.

Long Phuong porcelain is one of the leading brands in the field of household porcelain and fine art porcelain. Not only favored by the quality but also the product design is extremely diverse and rich with more than 400 different models.

đồ sứ gia dụng chất lượng cao, giá tốt Long Phương
Long Phuong Porcelain Company - The leading prestigious unit in the quality of products made from porcelain

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