Hotel dishes is one of the important factors that make up the hotel's own highlight. It is not only an essential item but also a representative image of the hotel. The dishes in the hotel are synchronized, clean, shiny, patterned ... all create a distinct beauty for the hotel's brand. Long Phuong Porcelain will suggest how to choose dishes according to each style for the hotel and the notes when choosing the types of dishes used in the hotel.

gợi ý chọn mua bát đĩa khách sạn
Suggestions on how to choose to buy high-end durable dishes for hotels

1.      Characteristics of the discs used a lot in hotels

Choosing to buy synchronized dishes for the hotel is not the same as choosing to buy dishes, plates for the family. Quantity and quality both require careful study. Usually in the hotels will display dishes with a variety of flavors, colors and ingredients, so they often choose the set of dishes made from porcelain and plain white without textures to make the dish stand out while still maintaining a luxurious look.

đặc điểm của bát đĩa khách sạn
Characteristics of the discs used a lot in hotels

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In addition, the dishes used in the hotel are often made from porcelain with a strong thickness, high durability, glossy white enamel color, good heat resistance. Especially when storing hot food, it always retains the original flavor.

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Mũi tên thông tin báo giá bộ bát đĩa


2.     Suggestions on how to choose dishes according to each style for the hotel

2.1.  European-style luxury 5-star hotel

  • Luxury 5-star hotels with shimmering, modern space design, they pay great attention to choosing not only high-quality dishes but also need to match the hotel's interior and especially be safe. absolutely for the health of the user.
bát đĩa khách sạn sang trọng
European-style luxury 5-star hotel
  • Usually they will choose dishes with gentle colors, the simpler the better. That is, not colorful, not too patterned so that when the dish is decorated, it will be more prominent and eye-catching.
  • The price for a set of dishes in 5-star hotels is usually about 800,000 VND or more.

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2.2.  Mid-high-end hotel

  • Same goes for mid-range or high-end hotels. Before buying, they will learn carefully about the brand, design and structure of the product. As for the design, they are usually not too serious like a 5-star hotel, they will focus on the hotel's brand image. It is because the dishes they choose will bring the color and style of the hotel. For example, choosing to print the logo on the bowl to mark the difference of the brand.
Phong cách khách sạn Trung - Cao cấp
Middle-class hotel style
  • The price for a set of dishes in mid-range or high-end hotels is usually about 400,000 VND - 800,000 VND

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2.3.  Traditional hotel

  • With nostalgic-style hotels, who love the traditional folklore bold of Vietnamese culture, they will often choose dishes with blue patterns and classic designs.
  • However, brand selection as well as product quality are always top priority. Still need to meet basic criteria such as Durability - Beauty - Safety.
  • The price for a set of dishes at traditional hotels will depend on the size of the hotel: if it is a large 4-5 star hotel, the dish set will probably cost from about 400,000 VND onwards.
Classic hotel style
Classic hotel style

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3.     Benefits of printing logos on hotel dishes

To create an impressive and unique point every time customers visit the hotel, you can print your brand logo on the dishes. This is considered an effective marketing solution because:

  • Create the unique identity of the hotel
  • Increase customer retention of the brand
  • How to promote the brand to many customers nationwide
  • Create a highlight, the creativity of the brand
in logo lên bát đĩa khách sạn
Benefits of optimizing marketing effectiveness when printing logos on dishes

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4.      Some notes when choosing to buy synchronized dishes for the hotel

4.1.  Reputable production unit

Currently on the market there are many units that produce as well as provide household porcelain lines with many different prices. However, when choosing to buy to serve the hotel, you should carefully learn about the supplier that has warranty services, whether the product quality is up to the standard or not.

4.2.  Product quality

Good household porcelain manufacturer is usually fired 3 times at a high temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, has good heat resistance, and has high durability. In particular, it is necessary to ensure the safety of users.

lưu ý khi mua bát đĩa khách sạn
A few things to keep in mind when buying synchronized dishes for the hotel

4.3.  Product price

When choosing to buy dishes for the hotel, product price is also one of the important factors. You need to carefully consider whether the price is appropriate or not, with a large number of orders, there will be preferential prices.

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5.      Why should you choose to buy hotel dishes from Long Phuong Porcelain?

Long Phuong Porcelain is a household porcelain brand with nearly 22 years of development, won the Gold Cup of Vietnamese Trademarks in WTO integration in 2008 and National Brand in 2022. With a dealer network covering 63 provinces and cities, it is a unit with hundreds of customers. Large companies and enterprises choose such as Samsung, Neptune, Vietcombank, BIDV...

5.1.  The variety of product models

So far, Long Phuong Porcelain has launched more than 400 different product designs, meeting the shopping needs of Vietnamese people, restaurants, hotels to large enterprises.

bát đĩa khách sạn chính hãng
The variety of product models

5.2.  High durability, safe for users

All Long Phuong porcelain products are fired 3 times at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, so all harmful substances in the porcelain such as lead, cadmium, etc. are removed. The outside is coated with a shiny white enamel with high heat resistance and resistance. scratched.

bát đĩa khách sạn cao cấp chính hãng long phương
High durability, safe for users

5.3.  Competitive price

Not only a variety of models, but also extremely affordable and reasonable prices. For bulk orders, there will be discounts, high incentives up to 25%.

Competitive prices with many attractive offers and discounts
Competitive prices with many attractive offers and discounts

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