With the development of society, along with that, the needs for mental health and health are increasing. Therefore, many restaurants and hotels were opened to meet that demand. When opening a restaurant, the hotel owner needs to consider many factors. Restaurant tableware, the hotel is one of the factors that need to be paid attention to, choose dishes for restaurants the hotel should choose Dishes Long Phuong by the following factors

Restaurant tableware

High strength, good heat resistance

When choosing restaurant tableware should consider the factor of durability, good heat resistance first. To ensure these factors, the product hotel, the restaurant must be produced according to modern technology, fired at a high temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius to remove all harmful substances in the soil such as lead, cadmium. At the same time, when heated at high temperature, the dishes are fire-resistant, high-temperature resistant, can be used to heat food in the microwave.

This also helps restaurant dishes not be easily scratched, chipped or broken, etc. This is an important factor in reducing depreciation costs for the hotel restaurant.

In addition, due to the frequency of frequent use such as the environment of restaurants - hotels, dishes must always be of high quality, durability and long life.

Safe for health, easy to clean

The second factor should be considered when buying restaurant tableware is safe for health and easy to clean. Restaurant dishes are tested to be safe for users, lead-free and do not contain harmful substances. Not only that, the product is also easy to clean, clean, slow heat conduction to help food retain heat longer.

Diverse designs and patterns

The restaurant dishes have many different designs, colors and patterns. The aesthetic needs of customers are increasing, leading to the restaurant dishes also need to have a variety of shapes and patterns.

Along with that is a modern, sophisticated design that is suitable for today's trends.

Building a brand for the hotel restaurant

The restaurant dish set shows the face, class and brand of the restaurant in the most detailed and practical way. Therefore, most restaurants often choose to use high-class hotel and restaurant product lines with the aim of bringing the brand to a new level. In particular, hotel restaurants can also print their logos on products, to affirm the brand as well as create a highlight for customers.

The most popular models of tableware for restaurants and hotels

Tableware with flower A01 is simple and luxurious

Product information: 

  • 8'' High white soup bowl: 1 piece
  • 1 cup 8”
  • 1 virtual disk 7"
  • 1 disc equals 7"
  • 1 plate of mussels
  • White sauce bowl: 1 pc

Lucky Worship dish set is suitable for a simple tray of Vietnamese family rice. With only 14 basic details, including rice bowls, soup bowls, food plates, and seasoning plates, the product set has been chosen by many families in their daily meals. At the same time, this set of dishes is also suitable for restaurant and hotel spaces. This is the most popular cheap restaurant dish set on the market. 

Bộ đồ ăn nhà hàng Cát Tường

Tableware 8 items with flower A01 brings unique culture 

Product information:

  • 6 4.4-inch rice bowls
  • 1 disc is equal to 8 inches
  • 1 bowl of 8 inches

Tableware 8 items with flower A01 suitable for Vietnamese traditional restaurants and eateries, because of the elegance in each pattern. This will be a special choice to highlight the dining table space, creating an unforgettable highlight in the hearts of diners.

Bộ đồ ăn nhà hàng Cửu Long

Unique and new set of Doan Vien dinnerware set

Product information:

  • 9”5 Peach blossom-shaped plate: 1 piece
  • 9'5 Slight Twisted plate: 1 piece
  • 7" Scallop-shaped plate: 1 piece
  • 9”5 Twisted plate: 1 piece
  • 1 bowl 8
  • White sauce bowl: 1 pc
  • 6 Rice Bowls 4.4
  • 6 plates millet rice bowl 4.4 white

If you are too familiar with the dish sets with products such as meniscus plates, flat plates, why not try it? Doan Vien dinnerware set from Long Phuong Porcelain with unique and youthful discs? The scallop plate and the twisted plate will definitely make the dining table more eye-catching than usual, making the dish look more beautiful, increasing the taste of the diners.

Bộ đồ ăn nhà hàng Đoàn Viên

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