Local rice shop is an indispensable feature in Vietnam, which serves simple but nutritious dishes at reasonable prices. Serving mainly office workers, students, students and middle-income people, to open a popular restaurant, it is necessary to consider factors and build a reasonable menu. Let`s with Long Phuong Porcelain immediately learn all the experience of opening a popular restaurant.

Experience in opening a popular rice shop
Experience in opening a popular rice shop

1. What is a local rice restaurant?

Average rice shop is a type of restaurant serving simple but nutritious dishes at affordable prices, suitable for the income of the majority of people. The dishes at the popular rice restaurant are usually local traditional dishes, be it rice, vermicelli, pho, vermicelli, sticky rice, etc. porridge, along with side dishes such as meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, tofu, and more.

Ordinary rice shops often have a simple but cozy space, bringing a sense of closeness and friendliness to customers. With reasonable prices, ordinary rice stalls are often a favorite place for many people, especially workers, students or people with low and middle incomes.

A casual rice bar is a type of restaurant that serves simple dishes
A popular rice restaurant is a type of restaurant that serves simple dishes

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2. What do we need to prepare to open a local rice restaurant?

2.1 The locations to open a local rice restaurant

The location of a famous rice restaurant is the first factor as well as an important factor for the business of a popular restaurant. First you need to define your target audience, then you need to search for a suitable location to serve your target audience. For example, if you want to serve students or students, you should choose a location near universities or high schools. If your goal is to serve civil servants, choose a location near an industrial area or an office.

The location of the rice shop should be suitable for the target customer
The location of the restaurant must be suitable for the target customers

Ease of Access: Choose a location that is easily accessible to customers. The location should be close to main roads and easily accessible by public transport or car.

Rent should be reasonable: You should look for a location with reasonable rent to avoid losing too much money when renting the place. Remember that too high rent will affect the price of your product, which can reduce your profits.

2.2 Sourcing of raw materials

The next factor you need to consider when opening a popular rice shop is finding a supplier of food ingredients. There are many sources you can consult such as famous markets, supermarkets, direct from major suppliers, food intermediaries or search online by joining groups. You need to survey and find a place to buy fresh, clean and reasonable ingredients to ensure food quality.

Reputable sourcing of raw materials
Prestigious source of raw materials

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2.3 Prepare equipment and utensils

In addition to food materials, equipment and utensils in popular restaurants also need to be carefully studied. Some of the items you need to prepare are rice cookers, industrial gas stoves, freezers, refrigerators, cooking utensils such as pans, pots, pots, serving tools such as bowl plates, spoons and tables and chairs.

Particularly for serving utensils such as bowls, plates, bowls, spoons,.. You need to consider the good quality factor for long-term use, because the restaurant will have a lot of bumps, so you need use thick porcelain. In addition, it is necessary to consider reasonable prices, there are many preferential policies for the restaurant.
The types of porcelain needed for popular restaurants include rice bowls, soup bowls, rice bowls, assorted plates including vegetable plates, stir-fried dishes, cooking bowls and utensils. ... The table needs to hold spices such as spice jars, chopsticks, spoons, pepper jars, etc.

Choose a reputable place to provide dishes
Choose a reputable place to provide the food

Choose a place to provide prestigious dishes and rice stalls, choose Long Phuong Porcelain. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and trading porcelain, Long Phuong porcelain has provided hundreds of thousands of businesses, hotel systems from 3 to 5 stars, and restaurants across Vietnam. With reasonable prices and high discounts, Long Phuong Porcelain will be the first choice for popular restaurants and rice shops.

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2.4 Hire a salesperson if needed

Depending on the available human resources will work with you, but usually you should hire 1-2 more people to run the table. To save costs, you only need to hire employees to work overtime if the shop is open within a certain time frame. If you need full-day support, a monthly full-time employee would be a reasonable option.

Hire part-time sales staff
Hire part-time employees

3. The experience of opening a local rice restaurant

3.1 Identidy target audience

Depending on the customer target that the owner is targeting, the casual restaurant will usually serve workers, students, and office workers. These are the potential audiences and customers that will consume the most. Identifying customers will easily find a suitable sales location and build a reasonable price menu.

Identify your target audience
Define your target audience

3.2 Ensure the quality of hygiene and food safety.

Ensuring food quality and safety is the most important factor to maintain and develop a popular restaurant.

Make sure your store is clean, including the cooking area, utensils, and dining room. Regularly clean and use detergents and disinfectants to ensure the health of customers.

Proper food storage practices include that food must be stored at the right temperature and humidity to stay fresh and palatable. Also, regularly check for expired foods and remove them from the store.

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3.3 Diverse menu for rice bowl restaurant

3.3.1 Menu from pork

Pork is a common ingredient in popular restaurants. Here are some dishes that can be made with pork to add to their menu:

  • Caramelized pork and eggs
  • Grilled pig
  • Sweet and sour stir-fried meat
  • Boiled pork dipped in fish sauce
  • Types of sausages, ham
  • Minced meat or barbecue Barbecue
  • Fried pork belly
  • Fried bean sprouts with pork
  • Leaf roll
  • Bacon
  • Silk rolls
  • Pig ears
Pork dishes
Pork dishes

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3.3.2 Menu from chicken

Like pork, chicken is also a popular dish in the family's daily menu. Therefore, popular chicken dishes can also be added to the menu as follows:

Chicken dishes
Chicken dishes

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3.3.3 Fish menu

As a seafood dish, fish can't be eaten by everyone. So pay attention to how to prepare and plan the menu to get delicious dishes. In addition, fish is a dish that needs to be eaten hot, so if it is processed in large quantities, it will easily cool down when guests visit.

  • Fried fish
  • Stew fish
  • Ginger steamed fish
  • Grilled fish
  • Snakehead
  • Fried fish balls
  • Sour fish soup
Dishes made from fish meat
Dishes made from fish meat

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3.3.4 Menu from eggs

Eggs are a common and easy to use ingredient in many different dishes. Here are some egg dishes that can be added to a casual diner's menu:

  • Fried eggs
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Braised meat with eggs
  • Whole boiled eggs
Dishes made from meat and eggs
Meat and egg dishes

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3.3.5 Menu with beans

Beans are a nutritious and popular ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine. Beans are cheap, easy to eat and suitable for many people, so they can be processed into many dishes at popular restaurants. However, this ingredient is still left outside, easily changing its taste, becoming sour and easily crumbling when touched with chopsticks many times.
Therefore, you should consider the menu with the following bean dishes:

  • Fried beans
  • Boiled beans
  • Tomato sauce beans
  • Beans stuffed with meat
  • Onion soaked beans
Bean meat dishes
Bean meat dish

3.3.6 Menu with vegetables

In addition to the main dishes, vegetables are indispensable items on the menu. Vegetables suitable for a popular restaurant will be easy to find, available all year round at a reasonable price. Vegetable dishes suitable for popular rice restaurants are as follows:

  • Boiled vegetables: Spinach, cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, kohlrabi, beans,...
  • Pickling vegetables: Pickles, pickled cabbage, pickled tomatoes, salted figs
  • Vegetable soup
  • Stir-fried vegetable
Dishes made from vegetables
Dishes made from vegetables

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3.3.7 Side dishes of soup

Vietnamese people have a habit of eating rice with soup. Therefore, soup is an essential dish on the menu of popular rice restaurants. There's no need to be fancy, sometimes you just need to reuse the broth from boiled meat, add chopped vegetables or add some tomatoes and onions and you can use it. Some easy-to-prepare soup dishes are as follows:

  • Amaranth soup
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Gourd, squash
  • Dried bamboo shoots soup
  • Crab soup
  • Egg and tomato soup
  • Boiled vegetable juice (according to suitable vegetables)

3.3.8 Dessert

Dessert depends on the cost of the meal so you should consider if you can add it to the menu. Dessert is tea, cake, fruit, drink or fruit. However, most will be fruit of all kinds. And the removal of pieces like watermelon, pineapple or cucumber at a reasonable cost and saving effort in processing.

3.4 Reasonable selling price when opening a restaurant

To come up with a reasonable selling price for the menu of a popular restaurant, you need to calculate it based on factors such as the cost of food ingredients, space rent if any, labor if any, and other expenses. other costs such as electricity, water, transportation and equipment maintenance fees. After calculating all the above costs, you can include a reasonable profit and include it in the selling price of the dish. You also need to consider the prices of other popular rice shops in the area to come up with a fair price for your food.

Based on the entry price to get a reasonable selling price
Based on the input price to get a reasonable selling price

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3.5 Design and decoration of rice shop

For a popular restaurant with a moderate cost for a meal, the space of the restaurant is not too important. Because customers choosing a popular restaurant will not require too much beautiful, luxurious space or classy amenities. Therefore, it is important to use simple but effective decorations. Mainly pay attention to basic amenities such as ceiling fans, air conditioners, tables and chairs, wall tiles, and floor tiles that are all clean and tidy. Then comes the decoration on the wall, which can have flowers, pictures or decorative lights as accents. For chain stores or large-scale stores, you can decorate with unique themes to attract more customers.

Design and decoration of rice shop
Design and decorate the restaurant

3.6 Enthusiastic service staff

Service is always an important element of any restaurant, hotel or service segment. For a popular restaurant, this factor does not need to be too important from the time customers enter until after they eat. However, it is necessary to have basic elements such as warmth, greetings and advising customers on the best choice. This would be a big plus if the owners could pay attention.

Enthusiastic service staff
Enthusiastic service staff

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3.7 Communication and Marketing

Any existing business or service needs communication and marketing. Due to the characteristics of many suppliers and sellers, to be able to let consumers know about their rice shop, there are initial steps needed. The communication and marketing for the popular restaurant is also very simple, focusing on the target customers and having appropriate communication products. For customers to know the address of the shop, the brand of the shop, then by word of mouth to spread widely has been successful.

Communications and marketing for local rice shops
Communications and marketing for local rice shops

4. Suggested menus of 20k, 25k, 30k for 1 week when running a popular restaurant

4.1 Selling rice shops with 20k menu

  • Monday: Ginger chicken rice + fried egg + jute vegetable soup
  • Tuesday: Rice with braised meat and eggs + stir-fried vegetables with garlic + soup
  • Wednesday: Fried chicken with fish sauce + fried vegetables with garlic + sweet radish soup
  • Thursday: Stir-fried beef with onions + fried eggplant leaves + sweet radish soup
  • Friday: Braised fish + stuffed bitter melon + jute vegetable soup
  • Saturday: Salted roasted chicken + fried gizzard + bean curd with tomato sauce
Menu suggestions for 1 week from 20k, 25k to 30k
Menu suggestions for 1 week from 20k, 25k to 30k

4.2 Selling rice shops with 20k menu

  • Monday: Ribs + stock + vegetables + kohlrabi
  • Tuesday: Stir-fried Chicken with Mushrooms + Ham + Sauteed Garlic Cabbage + Jute Vegetable Soup
  • Wednesday: Crispy fried fish with sweet and sour sauce + Squid rolls + fried vegetables with garlic + sweet cabbage soup
  • Thursday: Pork belly + Roast chicken + sweet radish soup
  • Friday: Salt-roasted shrimp + sauteed garlic vegetables + jute vegetable soup + Roasted peanuts
  • Saturday: Braised rice with meat + fried beans + cabbage soup

4.3 Selling a rice shop with a menu of 30k

  • Monday: Eggs + Fried chicken thighs + Lettuce + jute vegetable soup
  • Tuesday: Crispy fried fish with tomato sauce + stir-fried vegetables with garlic + broth
  • Wednesday: Stir-fried beef onion + sauteed garlic kohlrabi + sweet radish soup
  • Thursday: Salted fried shrimp + sauteed garlic vegetables + sweet radish soup
  • Friday: Braised eggs + rolled squid + scrambled eggs + jute vegetable soup
  • Saturday: Stir-fried chicken with chili and lemongrass + stir-fried vegetables with garlic + broth

Please note: Prices and menus are subject to change depending on the market and region.

5. Note when running a popular rice shop

Here are some important notes when running a popular restaurant that owners should know:

  • Food Quality Assurance: Food quality is the most important factor in the popular rice shop business. Ensure the source of raw materials is clean and safe, as well as store food properly to avoid the risk of harm to customers' health.
  • Find a convenient location: The location of the restaurant should be convenient for customers to find easily, with enough parking space, convenient transportation and located in a densely populated area.
Note when running a popular rice shop
Note when running a popular rice shop
  • Reasonable price adjustments: Adjust your prices properly to attract customers to your store without affecting the quality of your products and the profitability of your business.
  • Customer care: Customer care is an important factor to help retain customers, create trust and help customers become ambassadors to promote your brand.

6. Frequently asked questions when opening a popular rice restaurant

6.1 How much capital is needed to open a popular rice restaurant?

The amount of capital to open a popular rice shop depends on the desired size and location. If opening in suburban and rural areas, it can be from 25-30 million VND. If doing business in the city center will need higher from 50-70 million. The above amount is just an estimate if opening a small restaurant, with a simple form, depending on the wishes of the owner, the amount may fluctuate differently.

How much capital is needed to open a popular rice shop?
How much capital is needed to open a popular rice shop?

6.2 Do I need to register a business with a popular rice shop?

Business registration with a casual rice restaurant is legally required to run a business. You need to register your business with your local business registry to get a business license. During the registration process, you need to provide information about your business name, business address, business purpose, business lines, investment capital, number of employees and other relevant documents according to regulations. provisions of the law. Business registration helps your popular rice shop to be recognized, legally guaranteed, create trust for customers and avoid legal risks.

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7. Final verdicts

Opening a popular rice restaurant will be much simpler if you understand the above criteria. Because it depends on the locality to find the right supplier of food or ingredients. But should choose the original supplier to enjoy reasonable prices and high discounts. All porcelain products such as bowls, plates, mugs, cups, kettles, spoons have been supplied by Long Phuong Porcelain in the market for more than 20 years. Therefore, you can contact hotline 0989 595 866 or website store.longphuong.vn for advice and support

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Long Phuong porcelain address provides prestigious dishes

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