Soup – a popular traditional dish around the globe, not only brings delicious taste but also contributes to health with many great benefits. If you are planning to open a soup shop, then immediately read the article sharing about the experience of opening a soup shop below.

the experience of opening a soup shop
Learn from the experts in opening a soup shop

1. What is soup?

Soup is a dish prepared with a variety of ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, seafood or spices, usually cooked in a pot of water or broth. Soup is often served as an appetizer at parties. Soups have many different types such as mixed soups, meat soups, seafood soups, vegetarian soups, vegetable soups, etc. Soups are often considered a snack, nutritious and easy to digest.

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp và cách nấu súp
What is soup?

Instructions on how to cook delicious, easy-to-make chicken soup at home

2. Experience in opening a delicious - nutritious - nutritious soup shop from an expert

2.1 How much capital does it take to open a soup shop?

The amount of capital required to open a soup shop depends on many factors, including the location, the size of the restaurant, the business model, the size and level of equipment, and other factors.

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần bao nhiêu vốn
How much capital does it take to open a soup shop?

Here are some basic expenses that you may need when opening a soup shop:

  • Rental cost: 5-20 million (depending on location, different location)
  • Purchase equipment such as stoves, cookers, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, pans, knives and other cooking utensils: ranging from a few dozen to more than 100 millions
  • Interior design: depending on the size of the restaurant, there will be different costs
  • Materials and goods: depending on how much you need to sell a day to import materials
  • Other costs: In addition to the above factors, you need to consider other costs such as rent, staff salaries (if any), electricity, water, internet fees, etc.
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần bao nhiêu tiền
The table illustrates some of the costs needed to open a soup shop

2.2  Research the potential of opening a soup shop

Opening a soup shop can bring a lot of business potential. Here are some potential factors that you may want to research:

  • Local characteristics: such as food culture, local tastes, food trends
  • Business model: You can choose from options like self-service, delivery service, quick lunch, or on-site eatery.
  • Identify your target audience as tourists, students, office workers, or other special groups
  • Research and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competing soup shops from which to develop their own business direction.
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần bao nhiêu vốn
Research the potential of opening a soup shop

2.3  Interior design for soup shop

To design an interior for a soup shop, you can consider the following factors:

  • Space layout: convenient and efficient, comfortable and with enough seating for customers.
  • Color: Choose the right color to create a cozy and inviting space.
  • Decoration: determine the style of the shop then on the decoration materials.
  • Design more open space: If you have outdoor space, you can consider designing an outdoor sitting area. This will allow customers to enjoy the soup outdoors when the weather is fine.
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần thiết kế nội thất
Interior design for soup shop

3. What does it take to open a soup shop??

3.2  Looking for space to rent a soup shop

To find space to rent soup shop business, you can perform the following steps:

  • Locate: where you want to open the soup shop. This helps to narrow down the search and focus on the right area.
  • Search real estate websites devoted to finding business premises to find advertisements for rental properties.
  • Explore the famous commercial areas in the area you want to open a soup shop such as the city center, commercial center, market area all have the potential to attract many customers.
  • References from acquaintances and local businesses
  • Review the lease terms for rent, lease term, cancellation conditions, and other relevant terms to make sure it's right for your needs.
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần tìm mặt bằng
Looking for space to rent a soup shop

3.3  Find a clue to import fresh and clean ingredients

To find fresh and clean ingredients to make soup, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the local farmers market
  • Stop by your local grocery store or supermarket
  • Use online delivery service
  • Find a local farm
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần mua những nguyên liệu gì
Find a clue to import fresh and clean ingredients

3.4   Recipes for cooking delicious soups - Nutritious - Nourishing

  • Using fresh ingredients, choose fresh and undamaged vegetables, meat, and seafood to ensure the best taste.
  • Using homemade broth cooked from bones, meat, seafood and vegetables, creating a rich flavor and rich in nutrients.
  • Use seasoning properly to enhance the flavor and color of the soup
  • The right combination of ingredients: Choose ingredients that work well together to create a balanced and rich flavor. For example, a combination of chicken and vegetables, seafood and greens, or cabbage and onions will bring a variety of flavors to the soup.
  • Suitable cooking time: Depending on the type of soup, the cooking time may vary. Make sure ingredients are properly cooked, not overcooked or raw.
  • Add greens and seasonings at the end: To retain the fresh color and fresh flavor of the greens, add them to the soup near the end of the cooking process.
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần học những gì
Recipes for cooking delicious soups - Nutritious - Nourishing

Total 10 how to cook delicious soup – nutrition that you should know

3.5  Strategy for promoting famous soup brands

To promote your soup shop, you can apply the following methods and strategies:

  • Build a Brand Identity: Create a unique logo and image for your soup shop.
  • Create a website or page on social networks like Facebook, Instagram to introduce the soup shop and share information about the menu, address, opening hours and highlights of the restaurant.
  • Customer care: Create a great experience for customers when coming to the soup shop.
  • Create promotions and special events
  • Leverage online and offline advertising: social media ads or stickers, flyers, billboards…
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần quảng bá thế nào
Brand promotion strategy

4. Some things to keep in mind when opening a soup shop

4.1 Using porcelain soup bowls

Using porcelain bowls to keep soup is a good choice to retain heat and keep soup hotter for a long time. Porcelain bowls are of good quality and safe for health, and at the same time can help add aesthetic value to dishes, making soup more beautiful and attractive.

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần dùng tô sứ
Use porcelain soup bowls

Revealing the experience of choosing oup bowls durable and cheap bowls and plates

4.2  Use fresh and clean ingredients

To ensure the best quality and taste for soup, soup ingredients need to be fresh and clean at all times. Here are some points to pay attention to to ensure the ingredients are always fresh:

  • Buy ingredients from a trusted source: Find and buy ingredients from trusted sources such as organic farms, local growers, or reputable suppliers.
  • Choose fresh ingredients: choose products with bright colors that show no signs of wilting, spoiling, or being affected by pests.
  • Buy on demand and use in time: avoid storing for too long and losing freshness.
  • Store properly and observe temperature and hygiene rules when storing ingredients.
Use fresh and clean ingredients

4.3  Ensure food safety and hygiene

Ensuring food safety and hygiene is very important during cooking and soup processing. Here are some guidelines to ensure food safety and hygiene:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling food
  • Sanitize and clean tables, knives, and cooking tools before cooking
  • Store food properly: it should be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
  • Prepare food properly: Read and follow cooking instructions, making sure the cooking temperature is sufficient to kill bacteria in the food.
  • Inspect materials: Inspect ingredients before use to ensure they show no signs of deterioration or contamination.
kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần đảm bảo an toàn thực phẩm
Ensure food safety and hygiene

4.4  Make sure the soup is always hot when it reaches the customer

The experience of opening a soup shop you need to know is that the food is always warm and delicious. Because soup is a dish that must be eaten when hot, if it is cooled, it will reduce the inherent delicious flavor of the soup by 50%.

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần đảm bảo độ nóng của súp
Make sure the soup is always hot when it reaches the customer

In the case of online sales, when shipping goods to customers, you need to pack them discreetly to avoid heat loss. Use food containers with tight-fitting lids or canned foods that retain heat well. If necessary, use insulating tape for extra protection.

5. Frequently asked questions when opening a soup shop

5.1 Why should you use Long Phuong porcelain bowl for soup?

Using porcelain bowls to build soup brings many benefits and value to your culinary experience.

– Porcelain bowls often have beautiful, delicate and luxurious designs.
– Porcelain bowls often have diverse designs, high quality, and are scratch resistant
- Porcelain is a good insulation material, helping to keep the soup temperature longer. This ensures that the soup stays hot and delicious as you enjoy it.
– Long Phuong porcelain bowl ensures absolute safety for users
- You can easily clean porcelain bowls after use, do not cause odors and easily remove stubborn stains.

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp nên dùng tô sứ

5.2 Is it profitable to open a soup shop??

Whether selling soup is profitable or not depends on many factors, including cost, revenue, and operating expenses. Here are some important factors to consider to ensure profitability in the soup sales business:

– Product cost: Determine the cost of the soup including all ingredients such as ingredients, cost of water, electricity, labor, kitchen costs, and other costs. The cost must be carefully calculated to ensure it is sufficient to cover the cost and still be profitable.
– Revenue: To be profitable, sales of soup must exceed the cost of the product.
– Cost management: Controlling and minimizing operating costs is an important factor to increase profitability.
– Look for good supplies and reasonable prices

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp có lãi không

5.3 Suggestions on how to open a soup shop và học nấu súp

Here are some reputable places to learn to cook soup in Vietnam:

– Eurasian Culinary Academy – ALMA: No. 33 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
– Cordon Bleu Vietnam Culinary Academy: No. 189 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC.
– Culinary Art Vietnam International School: No. 59 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1, HCMC.
– Le Cordon Bleu International Cooking School in Vietnam: No. 13-15-17 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
– Top Chef Culinary Academy: No. 20 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

kinh nghiệm mở quán súp cần học công thức nấu súp

6. Conclusion

The above article is all the secrets and the experience of opening a soup shop for those of you who are planning to start a food business. In addition, you should pay attention to using porcelain bowls to store soup, this not only helps to keep warm for longer, but also preserves the excellent color and flavor, and is also convenient in cleaning and non-toxic. harmful to health.

If you are interested in buying porcelain bowls to store soup when opening a soup shop, then Long Phuong Porcelain It is an address not to be missed. With more than 20 years of experience in the field household porcelain, we are proud to be a reputable and quality address, bringing you a variety of models for easy selection.

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