In recent years, the business of restaurants, hotels and eateries has become popular and developed throughout the country. So what do you need to open a restaurant? Store Long Phuong will share the experience of opening an effective restaurant from a-z for new business people, please read for reference.

1.      Want to open a restaurant, what does the restaurant need to prepare?

1.1.  Prepare documents for restaurant business

First of all, if you want to open a restaurant, you need to prepare all kinds of documents, legal procedures, certification of food safety and hygiene. After preparing all the documents, the restaurant owner needs to register for a business license and understand the legal, business and food safety issues.

chia sẻ kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn
Certificate of food safety and hygiene

1.2.  Prepare capital to open a restaurant, restaurant

This is an important issue in business, capital will determine the size of the restaurant.

To be able to open a restaurant or eatery, you must first know how much capital you have and how much it will cost. You should develop a complete plan for expenses, to avoid the situation that a new restaurant that has been operating for 2-3 months has to stop due to insufficient capital.

Some basic types of expenses you need to prepare are as follows:

  • Space costs
  • Cost of raw material
  • Repair and decoration costs
  • Personnel costs (if any)
  • Monthly electricity and water costs
chia sẻ kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn từ a-z
Prepare capital to open a restaurant

1.3.  Understanding culinary knowledge

As the owner of a restaurant, understanding the culinary knowledge is a prerequisite to have. You should invest time to hone and study food recipes. Ensure that each dish of the restaurant, the restaurant ensures nutrition, food safety and hygiene and creates its own taste.

kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn dành cho người mới
Need to know about food

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1.4.  Market survey

Before starting a business, you need to survey the food market situation: research on how to prepare popular dishes/taste in each region, survey and evaluate the focus group of customers, understanding about the food industry. competitors. From there, offer a suitable business solution for restaurants and bars.

kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn, nhà hàng
Research and survey the market of restaurants and eateries

1.5.  Define business direction

After surveying the market, you need to draft a complete business plan.

  • Draw a customer portrait

You need to understand who the main customer that the restaurant will serve is? Office staff, workers, public servants/civil servants, tourists…

  • Age and income range of primary customer groups

Will the age and income of customers be the answer to determine which main dishes the restaurant needs to sell and at what price?

  • The selection of customer segments for the restaurant

After identifying the customer profile, you will understand what the customer segments of the restaurant will be?

chia sẻ kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn bài bản
Developing a business plan

1.6.  Finding a suitable location for business

The business premises is also one of the important factors. According to the experience of many experts in opening restaurants, the premises are a significant determinant of the number of customers the restaurant will attract.

So when choosing to rent a premises, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The location of the premises is important for attracting customers, as it should be easily accessible and visible.
  • The rental cost should be affordable and reasonable, and should fit within your budget.
  • The facilities and amenities provided with the premises should be adequate for your business needs, such as electricity, water, ventilation, and parking. The legal and regulatory requirements for renting the premises should be met, such as zoning and building codes, permits, and contracts.
kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn cần chuẩn bị những gì
Finding a suitable business location

1.7.  Eye-catching restaurant decoration

  • Creating a unique style for your space

To attract customers, you should choose an impressive style for your restaurant's space, interior, and layout, and make it appealing for customers to check in. Additionally, you should arrange the landscape to be airy, beautiful, with spacious paths to avoid affecting customers.

  • Choosing porcelain dishes and utensils for the dining table

dishes, dining tableware such as spoons, forks, bowls, glasses, and cups should be selected from the porcelain product line. This is because hot food with high temperatures, if placed on plastic or fake porcelain plates, will alter the taste of the dish.

In addition to preserving the full flavor of the dish porcelain tableware always adds a clean and elegant touch.

kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn tối ưu
Eye-catching interior design for restaurants

1.8.  Come up with effective marketing ideas

  • Turning outdated dishes into new ones with creative twists.

You can use culinary knowledge to transform outdated dishes into new ones with a unique flavor that will create the characteristic taste of your restaurant. This will make your restaurant stand out, making customers want to come only to your restaurant to taste it.

  • Promotion and Advertising.

In addition to focusing on the quality of the food, you should also pay attention to the aspect of communication. In today's technology-driven society, it is a huge advantage for business. You can easily promote your brand image widely by: taking attractive photos and posting them on social media, running ads, posting in food group pages, making food vlogs, and posting on food delivery apps like Shopee Food, Grab, Baemin.

the experience of opening an effective restaurant
Developing effective marketing strategies

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2.      Frequently asked questions when running a restaurant or eatery

2.1. What documents are needed to open a restaurant?

Based on experience in opening a restaurant, you need to prepare some of the following documents:

  • Business registration certificate.
  • Certificate of eligibility for food safety
  • License for fire prevention
kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn cần những giấy tờ gì
Required documents for business registration

2.2. How much capital does it take to open a restaurant or restaurant?

Normally to be able to put the restaurant into operation you need from about 400-500 million, the average cost to maintain the restaurant is about 30 million / month for a small-scale restaurant.

With a cost of 400-500 million you will need to spend some basic things like sua:

  • Cost of premises: if in a normal location, not in the center, about 10-20 million/month (about 60m2). Normally, when renting, you have to pay a deposit and rent quarterly or every 6 months. So the cost of the first payment is about 60 million - 120 million.
  • The cost of repairing, decorating, making signs: this item costs quite a lot depending on the size and area of ​​​​the shop, there will be different expenses. Normally, if the decoration is simple, it will cost about 200 million VND
  • There are also some other costs such as furniture, utensils such as dishes, pots and pans, bowls, jars, spices, refrigerators, storage cabinets, etc.
kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn cần bao nhiêu vốn
Need to prepare a sufficient amount of capital to maintain operations for 2-3 months

3.      Things to keep in mind when opening a restaurant or restaurant

3.1.  Ensure compliance with food safety and hygiene

Hygiene and environment issues are always concerned, restaurant and restaurant business solutions must meet the requirements of "green - clean - beautiful". In addition, you need to comply with the provisions of the Law in business registration as well as the Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety.

kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn cần tuân thủ những gì
Food safety and hygenic

3.2. Customer care

In addition to focusing on the quality of each dish, you should also pay attention to the service. This is an important condition that determines the return of customers. If you can create a unique cultural beauty in the way of service, customers will definitely come back to enjoy the restaurant's dishes.

kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn có nên chú trọng vào dịch vụ
Customer care

3.3.  Infrastructure

In addition to the impressive decoration, you should also use tools to ensure the health and taste of the food. You should choose to use dishes, spoons, bowls, bowls, cups, high quality porcelain cup. Avoid using plastic items that are not suitable for storing hot items that are not safe for the health of the user.

kinh nghiệm mở quán ăn có nên đầu tư vào cơ sở vật chất
Beautiful interior decoration with high-class utensils

4.      Supplier of quality and cheap porcelain dishes and tableware

If you are wondering in choosing a supplier of household porcelain to use for the shop, please come to Long Phuong Porcelain.

Long Phuong porcelain is a long-standing household porcelain brand with 22 years of experience, a partner of dozens of large enterprises such as Samsung, Neptune, Vietcombank... as well as supplying dishes to hundreds of restaurants and 5-star hotels across the world. all the country. We are confident that we can bring you quality products, affordable prices and the most worthy experience.

Long Phuong high-class dish supplier
Long Phuong high-class dish supplier

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