Event gifts It is an integral part of event planning. Together Long Phuong Porcelain See how to choose the most suitable event gift here. 

top quà tặng sự kiện ý nghĩa
Top popular event gifts

1. What is event giveaway?

Event gifts are gifts given by the event organizers to partners, guests, customers, and event participants. 

Preparing event gifts is an important step in the organization of the event, which has a certain influence on the outcome of the event.

quà tặng sự kiện là gì
Preparing gifts in the event that needs attention

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2. What do event gifts mean in event organization?

Event gifts have great meaning in event organization:

  • Gifts Attractive will attract the attention of guests.
  • Show the concern and respect of the organizers to the guests attending the event.
  • Create a connection between event organizers and customers.
  • It is an opportunity for businesses to organize events to promote their image to event attendees.
  • This is also an effective marketing strategy for businesses.
ý nghĩa tặng quà sự kiện
Event gifts are one of the ways businesses do effective marketing

3. Prepare gifts for any events?

3.1 Opening event

Opening is an opportunity for businesses to introduce their image to customers and partners. Gifts for the occasion help convey the intimate image of the brand to those interested in the event.

sự kiện khai trương
Giving gifts on the occasion of the business's opening event

3.2 Customer appreciation events at the end of the year 

This is an opportunity for businesses to send their thanks to customers and partners during a year of companionship. As well as wanting to show the attachment and desire for long-term and sustainable cooperation between the two sides. 

tri ân khách hàng
The year-end party is an opportunity for businesses to give gratitude gifts to their customers and partners

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3.3 New product launch event

Launching new products is considered a major communication event of the business. This is an opportunity for businesses to introduce their products to the market through customers and partners. 

lễ ra mắt sản phẩm
Giving gifts at the launch of new products is a fast and powerful way to spread the brand

3.4 Customer seminars

This is an opportunity for businesses to exchange and share to better understand their customers. Event gifts This shows the thoughtfulness of the business to its customers. 

hội thảo khách hàng
Prepare gifts in customer seminars

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3.5 Company birthday

These are milestones marking the growth and achievements of the business. Giving gifts at this event to recognize the contributions of customers, partners, and those invited to attend, in the development of the business. It is also a way for businesses to create the most impressive brand impression. 

quà tặng sự kiện sinh nhật công ty
Recognizing the contributions of customers and partners in the development of the business through small gifts

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3.6 Community Events

In community events such as charity activities, physical training and sports... with a large number of participants, this is an opportunity for businesses to promote their image widely to the public. In particular, it is possible to impress through unique and practical gifts. 

quà tặng sự kiện cộng đồng
Businesses should prepare practical small gifts for community events with a large number of participants

4. Suggest the most popular event gifts

4.1 Ceramic gifts

Porcelain teapot set 

The gift of Long Phuong porcelain teapot will be an extremely solemn gift in important business events. 

Long Phuong porcelain teapot is made from high-grade porcelain, luxurious design, diverse models, serving brand logo printing according to the needs of businesses. 

quà tặng sự kiện bộ ấm chén
Long Phuong porcelain teapot set is an extremely luxurious and polite gift!

Porcelain dish set 

This is the dish premium gifts both helpful and polite, very popular at events.

Long Phuong porcelain dishes have bright white glaze, smooth gloss. Products are fired at a high temperature range (1380 degrees Celsius) to completely remove chemicals and heavy metals, ensuring absolute safety for users. 

quà tặng sự kiện bát đĩa sứ
Any event guests will be delighted with the gift set of Long Phuong porcelain dishes!

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Porcelain flower pot

Long Phuong porcelain vases are not only beautiful in appearance but also unique in meaning, definitely delicate event gifts. 

quà tặng sự kiện lọ hoa sứ
Long Phuong porcelain vase is a meaningful and unique gift!

Porcelain mugs 

Porcelain mugs are always preferred gift options in events. 

This useful gift becomes even more luxurious when choosing Long Phuong porcelain mugs. Long Phuong porcelain mugs with durable quality, diverse designs, convenient lids, versatile sizes. Businesses have a lot of options to make suitable gifts.

quà tặng sự kiện ca cốc sứ
Long Phuong Ca porcelain is a polite and extremely useful gift

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4.2 Tech gifts

Backup charger

This is really a practical gift for those who are busy with work and often have to move.

sạc dự phòng
Power banks – practical gifts

USB storage

Businesses can design a polite box for this small gift . It is really necessary for teachers, students, students in copying data.

usb quà tặng
Small but very useful gift for office workers, students

Computer mouse

This is the most used item of office people. Therefore, this gift is really practical. 

chuột máy tính
Computer mouse is a gift close to office people


A private ear, avoid disturbing the sound to those around. Event guests will love this gift. 

quà tặng tai nghe
Meaningful headphone gifts

4.3 Office gifts

Luxury pen

This is a popular gift choice for businesses. Event gifts is a signed pen that not only shows the affection of the organizer, but also expresses the wish for success, and the desire to accompany the recipient. 

quà tặng bút ký
Gifts of polite signature

Leather Notebook

This is a useful and polite gift that businesses can send to customers attending the event. To be more impressive, businesses can print their logo and company image on it. 

quà tặng sổ da
Notebook is a familiar gift

Desk calendar 

This practical gift can become more unique if the business invests in designing and printing unique and bold content with the brand's personality.

quà tặng lịch để bàn
Unique desk calendar gifts

4.4 Household and consumer gifts

Mini plant pots

A stone lotus pot, or a small beautiful feng shui tree on the table will be a gift that many people will love. The greenness of the potted plants is also a wish for prosperity, fortune and luck of the business to the recipient.

chậu cây
Lovely mini plant pot gift


This is a practical gift that is often used by businesses. Giving event guests a helmet shows concern for the recipient's safety on all roads. 

quà tặng mũ bảo hiểm
Helmets are practical gifts

Umbrellas cover the sun, cover the rain

An umbrella to shelter from the sun and rain is a practical gift for anyone. Giving an umbrella is like sending a message about the business's shield in protecting its customers and partners. 

ô che
Umbrellas are a gift chosen by many businesses

Logo printed raincoat

Raincoats with brand logos are chosen by many businesses as event gifts. Our country is located in a tropical climate, it rains a lot, so the gift of a raincoat is very useful to anyone who receives it. 

 áo mưa
Raincoats are also a traditional gift or are used by businesses

Balo inllogo

A multi-purpose backpack that can be taken to school, work, or go out will be a gift that many customers love. The backpacks printed with the brand logo will help bring the image of the business further, and wider. 

quà tặng sự kiện balo
Balo là món quà tặng được ưa chuộng

Thermal mug with logo printed

A convenient thermos cup. Can be used to store food, hot drinks will be very popular with many customers. The thermos cup is a gift that cares about health, and at the same time shows the thoughtfulness of the business in choosing gifts.

 cốc giữ nhiệt
Thermos mugs – practical gifts

Branded T-shirts

T-shirts are meaningful and practical fashion gifts. It helps to spread the brand of the business to more people. 

 áo phông
T-shirts – useful fashion gifts

Food containers

This is a gift that will be very popular with housewives. A gift that is both meaningful and practical. At the same time, it still shows the deep concern of the event organizer to the customers attending. 

hộp đựng thực phẩm
Food containers are favorite gifts for housewives

Glass cup 

This traditional gift is still used by businesses in many events. This is a useful, close gift. Businesses can choose to print their brand logo to promote their image more widely. 

quà tặng cốc thủy tinh
Glass mugs are also popular gifts

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5. 5 notes when preparing event gifts 

The following notes will help with preparation event gifts of your business becomes more favorable:

  • First, it is necessary to understand the scale and nature of the event to choose the right gift. 
  • Second, determine what the event's budget should be, to have the right allocation. 
  • Third, calculate the number of people attending the event to prepare a reasonable number of gifts. Avoid excess that causes waste, or lack of professionalism in preparation. 
  • Fourth, group and classify guests to prepare the most reasonable gifts.
  • Fifth, refer to reputable and quality corporate gift suppliers in the market.

6. Where to buy event gifts?

Long Phuong Porcelain is a supplier event gifts prestige, top quality porcelain in Vietnam. Specializing in providing gifts for big partners such as: Samsung, Vietcombank, BIDV, Shinhan bank, Dabaco, Acecook, Neptune, Vinpearl...

Quality products

All products of Long Phuong Porcelain are certified for quality. Completely free of chemicals, heavy metals, absolutely safe for users. 

Diverse selection

Coming to event gifts at Long Phuong Porcelain, businesses will have countless choices. Various patterns and designs. From traditional to modern, from simple white porcelain to stylish textures, to meet all business requirements.

Professional workflow

  • Please call directly to the hotline 0989.595.866. Or chat directly with Long Phuong Porcelain on the website to receive a quote and direct consultation. 
  • Customers study to close the quantity, with requirements. 
  • Long Phuong porcelain receives and processes orders, responds to requests for customers to approve. 
  • After unification, Long Phuong porcelain conducts production and delivery. 

Long Phuong porcelain is a reliable gift supplier for businesses to choose from!

7.  Frequently asked questions about event gifts

Question 1: How to get the fastest quote from Long Phuong Porcelain?

You can directly call the hotline (+84) 989595866 for the fastest quote. Or send an email to the address info@longphuong.vn to get a detailed quote. 

Question 2: Is it expensive to order event gifts at Long Phuong Porcelain?

Long Phuong Porcelain is a direct manufacturer. Therefore, there are attractive incentives and discounts without intermediaries for corporate customers. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount.

Question 3: We would like to place a custom order. Want to print logo, or have your own requirements for quality, can Long Phuong Porcelain meet?

Yes of course! Long Phuong porcelain has a strong design, consulting and sales team. Meet all the needs of logo printing, as well as all customer requirements.

8. Conclusion

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just made suggestions about event gifts, as well as the information surrounding it, to provide useful information to readers. Wish readers choose the right event gifts for their business!

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