European restaurant menu What dishes are usually available? Long Phuong Porcelain Suggest you read the top 15 European menus loved by Vietnamese gourmets right in this article! 

thực đơn âu
Recommended menu of favorite European dishes.

1. The appeal of the European menu

Delicate flavor, sophisticated way to enjoy, beautiful decoration helps European dishes increasingly popular. European menu Not only does it appear in restaurants, but it also creeps into every Vietnamese person's daily meals.

If you have the opportunity to enjoy European dishes at a restaurant, you should definitely try the European set menus suggested in this article.

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2. What dishes are included in the European restaurant menu? 

The menu in the European restaurant will serve the following dishes and drinks: 

  • Appetizer: are dishes with gentle flavors to warm up the taste buds for a meal such as soup, salad, bread...
  • Main dishes: are main dishes elaborately and attractively prepared from red meat, chicken, or seafood such as steak, stew, tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab...
  • Dish together: usually dishes that provide starch or vegetables such as potatoes, bread, sauces...
  • Drinks: in the way of enjoying Western cuisine, each dish will come with its own drink. Pair white wine with appetizers, sip rich red wine with a nutritious main course, and often enjoy sparkling wine with dessert to end a perfect party. 
  • Desserts: in European menus, users' favorite desserts are usually cakes, ice cream or fruits. 
thực đơn âu có những món gì
The European restaurant menu is quite sophisticated, from appetizers to accompanying drinks.

3. Suggest some outstanding European restaurant menu sets

European menu 1

  • Appetizer: Potato soup.
  • Main dish: Spaghetti with minced beef sauce. 
  • Dessert: Apple cake. 
menu nhà hàng âu 1
The menu of European dishes is simple but attractive to diners.

European menu 2

  • Appetizer: Garlic butter bread. 
  • Main dishes: Pan-fried salmon Green pepper sauce, drink with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Cream cake.
menu nhà hàng âu 2
Nutritious menu with salmon in green pepper sauce.

European menu 3

  • Appetizer: Tuna salad.
  • Main dishes: Steak Red wine sauce, drink with red wine.
  • Dessert: Crepes.
menu nhà hàng âu 3
Luxurious European menu.

European menu 4

  • Appetizer: Pumpkin soup.
  • Main course: French-style steak, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Creme brulee.
thực đơn 4
Attractive European menu with steak and red wine.

European menu 5

  • Appetizer: Salmon salad. 
  • Main dish: Salmon with garlic butter sauce, sipping with sparkling wine (champagne).
  • Dessert: Jelly with soy milk 
thực đơn 5
The menu is rich in protein combined with the refreshing taste of white wine.

European menu 6

  • Appetizer: Garlic soup. 
  • Main course: Grilled turkey, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: cheese cake.
thực đơn 6
Start your taste buds with a rich garlic soup.

European menu 7

  • Appetizer: Salad tuna.
  • Main dish: French-style beef stew with vegetables, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Cream puff. 
thực đơn 7
The menu is boldly French.

European menu 8

  • Appetizer: Bosch soup.
  • Main dish: Sunday roast, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Crepes. 
thực đơn món âu 8
English menu.

European menu 9

  • Appetizer: Seafood salad 
  • Main course: Seafood spaghetti, grilled salmon with cream cheese sauce, drink - white wine. 
  • Dessert: Blue bean jelly. 
thực đơn món âu 9
The menu combines attractive seafood dishes.

European menu 10

  • Appetizer: Italian Bruschetta.
  • Main course: Stewed meat with vegetables, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Lemon tart.
thực đơn 10
Bruschetta opens a sweet way for an attractive dinner menu.

European menu 11

  • Appetizer: Chicken breast salad. 
  • Main dish: Duck breast with orange sauce, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Flan. 
set menu nhà hàng âu 11
The menu attracts with the rich flavor of duck breast in orange sauce.

European menu 12

  • Appetizer: Shrimp – avocado – mango salad  with vinaigrette sauce. 
  • Main course: Pan-fried Norwegian salmon with lemon cream sauce, served with white wine. 
  • Dessert: Baked apple pie. 
thự đơn âu 12
Luxurious and sophisticated dinner menu.

European menu 13

  • Appetizer: Smoked salmon salad mixed with special caesar sauce. 
  • Main dish: Grilled pork rib cutlet with mustard sauce, served with red wine.
  • Dessert: Apricot cheese tart. 
menu nhà hàng âu 13
Excellent menu with tuna salad and pork cutlet.

European menu 14

  • Appetizer: Avocado egg salad. 
  • Main dish: German-style braised pork leg, served with red wine. 
  • Dessert: Black forest cake. 
menu nhà hàng âu 14
Enjoy German flavors for a warm dinner menu.

European menu 15

  • Appetizer: Greek salad. 
  • Main dish: Seafood pizza. 
  • Dessert: Mango yogurt ice cream. 
set menu nhà hàng âu 15
Favorite menu of young people.

4. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain Just suggested the top 15 European restaurant menu Popular in Vietnam. Hope the article is useful to readers. 

The sophistication of European cuisine comes not only from taste, but also from the art of food decoration. Using Long Phuong white porcelain to display European dishes is the perfect choice for the dining table. High-quality porcelain not only helps preserve the flavor of the dish but also brings cuisine to artistic heights.

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