European dishes always has a special appeal to anyone who loves food because of the delicate, unique flavors in each dish. Together Enter the kitchen with Porcelain Long Phuong Discover the top 20+ famous European dishes in this article! 

tinh tế ẩm thực âu
European cuisine is luxurious, harmonious and sophisticated.

1. Characteristics of European dishes? 

Completely contrasting with Asian dishes, European food There are characteristics that make people enjoy and remember forever. 

  • Use lots of meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products. 
  • Starch sources come from potatoes, wheat flour, and oats. 
  • Use vegetables in salads. 
  • Spices are refined, especially herbal spices are preferred.  
  • Luxurious way to enjoy, in order from appetizer - main course - dessert. 
  • Each dish has its own unique flavor of the country of origin. 
gia vị âu
European dishes are often combined with herbal spices to enhance flavor.

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2. Famous European dishes are popular in Vietnam 

2.1 Pizza – symbol of Italian cuisine.

Pizza is one of the European food warmly received in Vietnam. From children to adults, everyone is attracted by the flavor of this dish. The iconic cake of Italian cuisine, made from flat rolled flour, covered with toppings such as sausage, cheese, beef, seafood, and tomato sauce... 

Pizza is a popular Italian specialty dish.

2.2 Bruschetta – sweet appetizer.

Bruschetta is also a traditional Italian appetizer. Slices of bread are rubbed with garlic on the surface, combined with a layer of chopped tomatoes and onions mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper and then grilled to a crispy golden color. This dish can be served with cheese, beans and bacon. 

Traditional Italian appetizer.

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2.3 Caesar salad - attractive European dish.

Continuing to be one of the European dishes from Italy. Caesar salad is an appetizer made from typical ingredients such as cheese, lettuce, olive oil, bread, sauce and eggs. The dish has a delicious taste and is good for health, so it is loved by many people. 

caesar calad
A famous appetizer loved by Italians.

2.4 Mashed potatoes – a popular European dish.

Mashed potato has a gentle, aromatic flavor combined with a greasy taste, very easy to eat. This is one of the European dishes that appears a lot on major holidays in Western culture such as Christmas, Thanksgiving... In Vietnam, you can prepare this dish into a very attractive breakfast dish. 

khoai tây nghiền
Mashed potatoes are a popular starchy dish in European cuisine.

2.5 Baked potatoes - simple European dish.

The dish attracts users with its crispy golden exterior, soft interior, and the fragrant aroma of garlic butter and rosemary leaves. This is also a perfect side dish for steak. 

khoai tây đút lò
Baked potatoes are a popular side dish in European cuisine.

2.6 Hamburger – convenient European dish.

Western foods There are many dishes that are prepared very quickly and still have enough nutrition. And Hamburger is one such dish. A piece of baguette is placed on top of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, cheese, sauce, chili sauce... then placed upside down is another piece of bagel. A dish full of flavor that everyone from children to adults loves. 

Hamburger is a convenient fast food.

2.7 Wiener Schnitzel – famous fried cutlets.

Wiener Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish, made from meat (beef, pork, sheep) rolled in flour and eggs and then fried until crispy. This dish is served with potatoes and salad very attractively. 

wiener schnitzel
Traditional Austrian fried meat dish.

2.8 Carbonnade Flamande – traditional Belgian dish.

It is one of the famous traditional European dishes of beautiful Belgium. Carbonnade Flamande Made from beef and onions stewed with beer and spices such as thyme and laurel. This dish is served with bread, potatoes and mustard, and it will be extremely attractive when sipping with a little beer. 

carbonnade flamande
Traditional Belgian stew.

2.9 Cozido – a unique Portuguese stew.

Known as the national dish of the Portuguese, Cozido it's stewed meat. People use beef, chicken, or pork, and indispensable smoked sausage, stewed until soft with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beans... The dish retains its aroma. Especially delicious, at the same time very rich in protein, good for health. 

Portuguese soul food.

2.10 Caldo verde – appetizer soup.

Caldo Verde is a traditional Portuguese soup. The dish has rich flavors and a simple style. This dish is made from onions, potatoes, kale and garlic, cooked with olive oil. This dish is served with smoked sausage and cornbread.

caldo verde
Traditional Portuguese soup.

2.11 French-style beef stew with vegetables - an indispensable European dish

Among the famous European dishes, we cannot mention this dish French-style beef stew with vegetables. This is a traditional French dish. The dish is famous for its delicate combination of soft and smooth beef and the unique flavor of vegetables stewed in the pot. Beef is usually cut into small pieces, then stewed with carrots, celery, onions, and other spices. The dish has a rich, delicious flavor, suitable for enjoying on special occasions or at luxurious family parties.

bò hầm rau củ
French-style beef stew with vegetables.

2.12 Spaghetti – the queen of Italian cuisine.

Spaghetti is a famous dish originating from Italy. Spaghetti noodles are attractive because of their long and small noodles, served with many types of sauces such as tomato sauce, garlic butter sauce, or seafood sauce. In addition to the traditional version as above, Spaghetti is also prepared according to the taste of the countries where it arrives.

mỳ spaghetty
The soul of Italian cuisine.

2.13 Salmon with passion fruit sauce – premium European dish.

Salmon with passion fruit sauce is a charming European dish. The dish is meticulously prepared from marinating to presentation. In return, this dish has a very high nutritional content, along with a special flavor - fragrant and fatty salmon with sweet and sour passion fruit sauce, you will never get tired of eating it. 

cá hồi sốt chanh dây
Premium salmon with passion fruit sauce.

2.14 Famous beefsteak - Typical western dish

It is one of the European dishes that Vietnamese people love. Steak is a world famous dish, originating from France. This dish is made from filleted beef, marinated with spices, then pan-fried. The tender, sweet meat served with garlic butter, french fries and special sauces will make anyone satisfied. 

Steak is extremely popular in many countries around the world.

2.15 Baked pasta with cheese – a favorite European dish

One of the famous European dishes loved by young people is cheese baked macaroni. The dish is prepared quite simply. Boiled pasta mixed with tomato minced beef sauce, added cheese and then baked in the oven. Baked macaroni with cheese is easily addictive because of the fatty, chewy flavor of the cheese, mixed with the rich, attractive minced beef sauce. 

cheese baked macaroni
Cheese baked pasta.

2.16 Roast turkey - traditional European dish for the holidays.

In Western culture, Roast turkey is a traditional dish during major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving... The chicken is cleaned, legs - head - neck removed, marinated to absorb spices, brushed with a layer of honey and then grilled. The chicken meat is fragrant and sweet, the skin is firm and crispy, extremely attractive. 

Roast turkey
Roast turkey is a traditional dish at European parties.

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2.17 Crepe Cake – sweet dessert.

A snack cake originating from France. Bánh Crepe Made from flour, barley, eggs, milk, poured thinly and fried until golden on both sides. For the filling, you can use fresh cream, almonds, or chocolate as a sweet filling. This dish is served with drinks such as tea, coffee, cider... 

bánh crepe
Sweet dessert from France.

2.18 Duck breast with orange sauce – exquisite European dish.

This is a typical traditional dish of French cuisine. The duck is grilled or fried, combined with a rich sweet and sour orange sauce, creating an irresistible delicious flavor. 

ức vịt sốt cam
Premium duck breast with orange sauce.

2.19 Sauerbraten – the soul of German cuisine.

Sauerbraten is one of the European dishes considered the soul of German cuisine. In German, Sauerbraten means "sour roast". The main ingredient of this dish is beef that is meticulously marinated for a few days before being cooked. The aromatic flavor of tender beef soaked in spices, served with potato cakes will conquer every taste bud. 

Sour grill – the soul of German cuisine.

2.20 Tuna salad – refreshing European dish.

European dishes loved by Vietnamese people include: Tuna salad. This dish is attractive because of the freshness of the ingredients and adds many valuable nutrients for health. Made from fresh tuna meat and cool vegetables, tuna salad becomes an attractive appetizer. 

salad cá ngừ
Cool mixed dish.

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3. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just compiled European dishes unique, world-famous and loved by Vietnamese people. 

The unique delicious flavor and sophisticated and luxurious decoration help European cuisine create a special appeal to food lovers around the world.

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