Craft village Dong Trieu ceramics Quang Ninh with fire-heavy ceramic products in traditional pottery village Cau Dat, Vinh Hong has been famous for a long time. Dong Trieu fire-heavy pottery has a rustic, natural beauty and is highly durable due to its high-temperature firing technique. With those enduring beauties, despite going through many ups and downs, the children of craft villages in the area still keep their enthusiastic hearts, day and night "blowing fire" to develop the traditional craft of their homeland.

Làng nghề gốm sứ Đông Triều - Quảng Ninh
Dong Trieu ceramic village - Quang Ninh

Referring to Quang Ninh, people often talk about coal making, but in Dong Trieu district, about 60km from Ha Long city, it is famous for its long-standing ceramic craft. Ceramic villages in Dong Trieu, such as Cau Dat, Vinh Hong, Mao Khe ward, Dong Trieu town, have a history of nearly 200 years. These pottery villages develop high quality ceramic lines, which are popular in the market but all take the name of the production area as the name of a ceramic line. From there, the name Dong Trieu pottery was born.

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1. History of Dong Trieu pottery village

Dong Trieu ceramics Established nearly 200 years ago, compared to other pottery villages, Dong Trieu pottery village is still quite young and new. However, the most prosperous period of Dong Trieu ceramics was in the 60s and 70s, when the country was still at war between the North and South. At that time, dozens of kilns operated in each village, where each year hundreds of thousands of Dong Trieu ceramic products were produced and consumed to serve the resistance war and the northern regions.

Dong Trieu ceramics was formed nearly 200 years ago
Dong Trieu ceramics was formed nearly 200 years ago

Over time, the modern technology of developing pottery has disappeared, the craft villages have shrunk, many families have had to demolish their pottery kilns because products from plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum have appeared. Dong Trieu town has 11 enterprises and cooperatives, 25 households producing ceramics, along with more than 30 households dealing in fine art ceramics. Craft villages are concentrated in communes and wards: Yen Tho, Xuan Son, Binh Duong, Vinh Hong, and Duc Chinh.

Dong Trieu traditional pottery village
Dong Trieu traditional pottery village

Woven in the old town of the land of the Fourth War Zone, you can still see the traditional pottery village still burning, with the passion of so many artisans here. 

2. Story of Dong Trieu ceramics making in Quang Ninh

Dong Trieu ceramics craft in Quang Ninh

3. Characteristics of Dong Trieu ceramics

Dong Trieu pottery is made entirely by hand, through the skillful hands of artisans in Dong Trieu pottery village possessing different characteristics compared to other ceramic lines. First from the main raw material is kaolin, clay is selected and selected. After that, it is fired in high-temperature furnaces, so Dong Trieu ceramics has high temperature resistance, even and clear glaze with good durability. Ceramics have a smooth whiteness and look very beautiful, especially without impurities, so they are very popular with consumers.

The artisans here explain why it is heavy-fire pottery, according to them all stages are equally important. The process of producing heavy-fired Dong Trieu pottery is still mainly a manual process, which must be directly manipulated by skillful hands of craftsmen.

Các nghệ nhân tại làng nghề gốm sứ Đông Triều
Artists at Dong Trieu craft village

4. Process of making Dong Trieu ceramics

The stages of making Dong Trieu ceramics go through the following stages:

  • Select, process and prepare soil. From raw materials, kaolin and clay, Dong Trieu potters have to go through many stages of screening and removing impurities. From raw materials to obtain a soft, smooth, flexible soil. The correct structure creates a perfect product with clean clay. If the clay contains impurities or has not been filtered thoroughly, the product will not be successful.
  • Shaping. After preparing the materials to create shapes such as soft curves, the craftsman uses his skillful and skillful hands to smooth the ceramics on the turntable, or meticulously arrange the molds. Because all products are handmade and without the intervention of machines, creating a complete model of a ceramic product takes a lot of time.
  • Draw patterns. Next comes the step of drawing images for the products. The products may have the same mold, but with different textures and patterns. Each product of the talented craftsman shows different drawings of mountains, landscapes, people... to create works of art from the earth.
Dong Trieu ceramic products
Dong Trieu ceramic products

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  • Glazed and fired. The final step is also the decisive step - firing the product at high temperature, usually for standard ceramic products, the firing temperature is from 1,300 to 1,400 degrees Celsius, from 4 hours to 5 hours depending on the size and shape. product shape. Because ceramics are heavy on fire, the kilns in Dong Trieu are all fueled by wood. Wood-burning furnaces are more complicated than industrial furnaces in that the artisan needs to direct and control the fire so that the flames go to the beginning, end or middle of the furnace at each time. Because each type of firewood produces different colors of glaze, when burned they have different temperatures and layers of flower dust from the firewood are also formed, which is also the highlight on the glaze. 
Artists at Dong Trieu craft village
Artists at Dong Trieu craft village

Each stage is different, each batch of products is really controlled and strictly regulated to ensure a perfect, flawless "common child".

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5. Some samples of Dong Trieu ceramics


Dong Trieu jars are loved by customers because the product has a rustic enamel layer, is very safe, very thick, and durable.

chum vại đông triều
Jars are the core product of Dong Trieu ceramics.

Flower pot

Dong Trieu flower pots with traditional blue enamel patterns create a very unique soul that is completely different from other ceramic pot products on the market.

chậu hoa đông triều
Dong Trieu ceramic flower pots have a very unique beauty.

Water hyacinth jar

Water hyacinth vases are also a favorite product line of Dong Trieu ceramics.

lục bình đông triều
Hyacinth jar products.

6. Use Dong Trieu ceramics or Long Phuong ceramics

Long Phuong Porcelain Co., Ltd. is a company developed for more than 20 years in the ceramic industry, possessing outstanding features of enamel color, quality proven by the trust of millions of consumers across the country. Long Phuong porcelain deserves to be the favorite national product in the kitchen of many housewives.

It is because of these outstanding porcelain factors that more and more people want to own Long Phuong porcelain products for their families. In fact, Dong Trieu Ceramics also had a period of development, but in order to preserve the bold Vietnamese culture, however, Long Phuong porcelain will be the best choice.

Long Phuong Porcelain Company provides porcelain in Bac Ninh
Long Phuong Porcelain Company supplies porcelain in Bac Ninh

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