Buffet restaurants have their own characteristics compared to other types of restaurants. The setup method is also somewhat different. So, the dishware sample for buffet restaurant What types are there? That question will do Long Phuong Porcelain Shop summarized in the article below for readers' reference.

Buffet restaurants need a large number of very large dishes.

1. What types of dishes are there for buffet restaurants? 

Dishes for buffet restaurants Need a very large quantity, and the following types of dishes are indispensable: 

  • Large bowl for storing soup and stock soup
  • Medium-sized bowls for soup, noodles, pho...
  • Large plates display food for guests to choose from
  • Small and medium-sized plates of all kinds for guests to store personal food
  • Bowl of rice 
  • Spice bowl 
  • Bowl of tea 
  • Other tableware such as: spice plates, porcelain spoons, pouring bottles...

Before buying dishes for a buffet restaurant, the restaurant owner must make a list and calculate the quantity needed, with a certain amount in reserve. 

nhà hàng buffet cần loại bát đĩa gì
Buffet restaurants need many types of large dishes to store food.

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2. Collection of dishes for beautiful buffet restaurants at good prices

2.1 Dishes for buffet restaurants - bowls 

Any buffet restaurant There are also thin dishes on the menu such as soup, porridge, broth... Large-sized bowls with convenient lids that are both hygienic and luxurious will be very suitable.

bát đĩa cho nhà hàng buffet - âu thố
The bowl is used to store thin foods.

2.2 Dishes for buffet restaurants – types of plates 

  • Dish for meat and fish

Plates for meat and fish should be chosen large in size. You should only choose certain templates to create professionalism.

bát đĩa dùng trong nhà hàng buffet - đĩa đựng thịt cá
There are many models of plates with beautiful designs used to serve meat and fish.
  • Plates containing sushi and sashimi

For dishes that need to show off their beauty and appeal, such as sashimi and sushi, long rectangular plates cannot be ignored.

bát đĩa dùng trong nhà hàng buffet - đĩa đựng sushi
Rectangular or square plates are perfect for presenting Japanese buffet dishes.
  • Fruit plate 

Using plates with unusual designs to display desserts will help make the buffet table more attractive to customers.

bát đĩa dùng trong nhà hàng buffet - đĩa đựng hoa quả
Using stylized plates to display desserts will be very eye-catching.
  • Spice plate 

Convenient multi-compartment spice plate.

đĩa đựng gia vị
The spice dish is indispensable.

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2.3 Dishes for buffet restaurants - bowls, rice bowls 

Buffet restaurants that serve liquid dishes such as vermicelli, pho, sweet soup, soup... will not be able to ignore the bowl or bowl model as shown below. Restaurant owners should choose medium or small sized bowls and bowls to limit the amount of food each customer takes.

các loại tô, bát ăn cơm
Choose bowls - bowls for rice, pho, and vermicelli in small and medium sizes.

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Update Collection of dishes for restaurants and hotels newest in 2023

Mũi tên thông tin báo giá bộ bát đĩa


3. Experience in choosing to buy dishes for buffet restaurants

  • Save budget: restaurant owners should consult and compare prices, quality and designs between suppliers before making the final choice. At the same time, review and verify the supplier's reputation through feedback from previous customers. 
  • Dishes must match restaurant style: that is to bring the best experience to customers, as well as show the restaurant's level of professionalism. Restaurant owners should choose white porcelain dishes, almost suitable for any space, helps highlight food, and is also easy to replace when lost during use. 
  • Dishes and dishes must be highly durable: restaurant owners should choose porcelain products that are strong, impact-resistant, and highly durable to minimize loss during use. 
  • You can choose from many flexible materials, but porcelain dishes are still the most reasonable choice. Because porcelain dishes are highly aesthetic and luxurious, they are trusted by most restaurants. In particular, ceramic material helps ensure safety for users. 
kinh nghiệm mua bát đĩa
Choose to buy highly durable dishes from reputable brands.

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4. How to choose a place to buy dishes for a buffet restaurant? 

Supply market dishes for hotels, the restaurant is extremely large, both domestic and domestic dishes. So, how to choose a reputable, cost-effective address?

  • Do not buy floating products of unknown origin. 
  • Choose factories and direct manufacturing units that are reputable and have brands in the market. 
  • Purchasing at factories and professional production units, restaurant owners have the opportunity to choose from more designs, ensuring peace of mind about the origin. In particular, when purchasing at the source, customers receive the best discounts, as well as the most thoughtful after-sales care. 
lựa chọn địa chỉ mua bát đĩa cho nhà hàng buffet
Choose to buy dishes from reputable factories to ensure quality.

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5. Long Phuong Porcelain - factory producing high-quality household porcelain, specializing in providing dishes for prestigious and quality buffet restaurants. 

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and trading high-quality household ceramic products, Long Phuong Porcelain Understand and meet all the needs of restaurant and hotel owners when coming to them. 

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All products are periodically tested to ensure there are no heavy metal chemical residues and are safe for users' health. 

Diverse and convenient designs.

With more than 500 product models, convenient and suitable for the needs of restaurants and hotels. 


With high-quality white porcelain, fired at 1380 degrees Celsius, the porcelain is durable and resistant to impact. Elegant white porcelain color, suitable for many spaces. At the same time, it is very easy to replace when broken or chipped. 

Long Phuong's household porcelain products not only enhance the aesthetics, but also help keep the full flavor of the dish.

Professional logo printing. 

Possessing a team of professional designers, orders requiring logo printing will be directly designed by the department according to customer requirements. Logo printing technology at Long Phuong Porcelain has a modern line, providing sharp, realistic and extremely durable colors over time. 

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