After many years of leaving school, saying goodbye to teachers, friends who reign in the memories of youth. The opportunity to return to visit the school always brings an indescribable feeling of recovery. If you are looking for a dish class reunion anniversary gifts just luxurious - fine - smooth, then read the article below.

class reunion anniversary gifts
Suggestions for 20 excellent class reunion anniversary gifts

1.    Should I buy a class reunion souvenir?

Buying class reunion souvenirs is a great idea to create memorable memories and create a bond between friendships after years of separation.

quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp ấn tượng
Should I buy a class reunion souvenir?

Buy gift It's a way of showing interest in each other. By choosing a meaningful gift, you can show that you still remember and appreciate your relationship with each person in your class.

2.    How to choose class reunion gifts

When choosing class reunion gifts, there are several important factors that you can consider:

  • An aesthetic and meaningful gift that reminds you of memories and friendship
  • The ability to keep memories for a long time. Eg engraved logo, pictures of the school, as well as the class name on the souvenir so that when used, it will help recall fond memories.
  • Estimate the cost of gifts in accordance with the financial capacity of the individual.
cách chọn quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
How to choose class reunion gifts

3.    Suggestions for collective gifts to celebrate graduation

3.1. The teapot

Chọn tặng teapot is a great way to create a friendly atmosphere and memorable memories in class meetings. Choose a quality teapot set that matches the taste of your class to bring joy and satisfaction to everyone.

quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp tinh tế
Giving away a tea set

Things to do Note when printing logo on tea set memorable on class reunion day

Pocelain Mugs is a useful and everyday item. When giving logo printed porcelain cup, that gift helps people remind of memories and friendship. You should choose a brand that provides gifts that have gift boxes that are both formal and eye-catching.

quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp in logo
Give away a class of ceramic mugs with logo printed

3.3. Porcelain vases

Porcelain vases is a beautiful and delicate decoration, creating a highlight for each person's living or working space. You can choose to give a porcelain flower vase with meaningful wishes to bring freshness and bond friendship.

mua lọ hoa làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Giving class Porcelain vases

Porcelain plate is a gift chosen by many groups of classes to celebrate graduation. You can choose to print the gilded graduation anniversary to make the gift both luxurious and precious and can be kept for a long time.

mua đĩa sứ làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Giving away a class of Porcelain Plates with logo printed

3.5. Clockwatcher

The wall clock is a practical gift and will be used every day in measuring time. It creates cohesion and a reminder of the time that has passed and the memories that have been made.

quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp độc đáo
Free wall clock class

3.6. Benches

The stone bench is a special class reunion gift, creating memories of the time of learning and camaraderie in the classroom. Stone benches can be placed in the school yard so that the next generation of students can sit and share fond memories.

mua ghế đá làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Donate the Stone Chair class

3.7. Artistic ceramic paintings

Artistic ceramic paintings are often handmade by artisans who are knowledgeable about ethnic ceramics and they often carry a high artistic value. This is a unique and meaningful gift for you and the team to show gratitude to the school on the occasion of the class reunion.

mua tranh nghệ thuật làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Giving away Art Ceramic Painting class

Uniform shirt is considered a great gift, contributing to tightening solidarity and preserving these memorable memories. School uniforms usually have a simple design, but the printed content and logo on the shirt must convey the full meaning.

in áo đồng phục làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give the class a uniform shirt with logo printed

Decorative teapot set It is a useful and elegant gift. It is not only used to welcome guests, parents and friends, but also a way to enjoy tea after stressful school hours. Special, porcelain It is a safe and healthy material to use.

bộ ấm chén in logo làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give away the class of teapots with logo printed

3.10. Crystal Medal

A commemorative medal with the name of the class and wishes sent to the school, teachers with a bouquet of fresh flowers will be a gift to express gratitude and sincerity to those who have guided and taught us to be good people. .

quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp sang trọng
Give class Crystal Medal

4.    Suggestions for gratitude gifts for teachers on the anniversary of the class reunion

4.1. Hoang Kim dish set

Give one Hoang Kim dish set As a gift of gratitude to teachers during class reunions, it has a valuable meaning and symbolizes respect, gratitude and deep gratitude for the merits and guidance of teachers throughout the learning process.

quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp tặng thầy cô
Gift for teachers Hoang Kim dish set

4.2. Unique tea set

Donate Unique tea set for teachers in class meetings to show respect and respect for the traditional cultural values ​​and aesthetic spirit of tea. At the same time, we express our gratitude and gratitude to the sharing and teaching that teachers have given us during the learning process.

tặng thầy cô món quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give teachers a unique tea set

4.3. Koi Fish Flower Pot

Koi Fish Flower Pot It is often chosen as a gift for teachers because of its artistry and ethereal and relaxed beauty. Koi fish has a profound meaning in the art of feng shui, symbolizing purity, wisdom and longevity over time.

lọ hoa cá koi tặng thầy cô làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Gift for teachers Koi fish flowerpot

4.4. Kim Lai flowerpot

Kim Lai flowerpot It not only brings fresh and splendid beauty but also creates a relaxing and quiet space. It conveys a valuable message: the knowledge that teachers teach during the learning process are golden baggage that follows us for a lifetime.

mua lọ hoa kim lai làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give teachers Kim Lai flowerpot

4.5. Watch

Wristwatches can become a personal everyday item, always reminding teachers of gratitude and precious memories. It also has the ability to emphasize personal style and can bring confidence and assertiveness into life.

mua đồng hồ đeo tay làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give teachers a wristwatch

4.6. Average Thermostats

The thermos bottle is a convenient item to keep the temperature of water and drinks for a long time. It is a spiritual symbol, recalling the values ​​and valuable lessons that teachers have imparted to us.

mua bình giữ nhiệt làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give teachers a thermos bottle

4.7. Calligraphy paintings

The calligraphy picture can contain a quote, a wish or a special message of gratitude for the teacher. It is a great way to send good wishes to teachers and recall valuable lessons taught by teachers.

mua tranh chữ thư pháp làmquà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Gifts for teachers Calligraphy paintings

4.8. Clothes

Giving clothes to show gratitude to teachers during class reunions is not only a mere material gift, but also has a deep spiritual meaning and value of respect and gratitude for teachers' contributions in education. and guide students.

mua quần áo làm quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give teachers clothes

4.9. Leather notebook and pens

Sometimes gifts for teachers do not need to be too complicated, just as simple as a leather notebook or a pen. This gift is very practical, useful at work, helping teachers to take notes effectively every day.

gợi ý món quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
Give teachers a leather notebook and a pen

4.10. Teaching bag

Teaching bags are practical and useful gifts for teachers' daily teaching work. It shows gratitude and respect to teachers, creates a connection and appreciates the efforts and efforts that they have contributed in the process of teaching and taking care of students.

top 20 quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp giá tốt
Give teachers a teaching bag

5.    The address that provides high-quality, good-priced class reunion gifts

Class reunion anniversary gifts It is not only a gift to express affection and bond with friends, but also to share and an item to keep precious memories and memories of youth.

địa chỉ cung cấp quà tặng kỷ niệm họp lớp
The address that provides high-quality, good-priced class meeting commemorative gifts

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