Ceramics It is a long-standing object, with its most prominent development starting from the Ly Dynasty. To this day, ceramics are not only functional for cooking but also an extremely artistic display. So those ceramic products are fired in different forms ceramic kiln how?

Famous ceramic kilns
Famous ceramic kilns

Journeys history of Vietnamese ceramics through the ages – a distinct tradition

1. Traditional firewood kiln

Wood fired pottery is the oldest type of kiln. Firewood burning is a delicate art made by the thought and enthusiasm of the artisan who makes it, each work has unexpected and unique beauty, that's why so many people love it. wood fired ceramics. Only when born from a wood-fired kiln, ceramics are so basic and soulful. The color of time is the pigment that the wood stove creates for the pottery, the ceramic is quiet, as inherent, as the ceramic should still be.

Famous ceramic kilns
Famous ceramic kilns
Wood-fired ceramics are the oldest form of kiln.
Wood-fired ceramics are the oldest form of kiln.

Ceramic making process from a longtime ceramic artist

2. Ceramic Fired Frog Furnace

Frog kilns are ancient ceramic kilns that are commonly used everywhere. Currently, although it is very rare to see this type of frog kiln, through indirect sources, it is still possible to imagine what the oven looks like.

Frog oven is shaped like a frog about 7 meters long, about 3-4 meters wide at the widest place, about 1.2 meters wide, and 1 meter high. The bottom of the ceramic kiln is flat and horizontal, the kiln arch is about 2 meters to 2.7 meters high. On the side of the kiln, there is a niche 1 meter wide, 1.2 meter high for stacking and unloading products. 

 Frog oven baked ceramics
 Frog oven baked ceramics

3. Ceramic Kiln

The kiln appeared in the mid-19th century. This kiln has a 9-meter-long, 2.5-meter-wide, 2.6-meter high kiln divided into 10 equal flanges, the separation between the flanges is two columns. . The kiln door is 0.9 meters wide and 1 meter high.

The 10th flange is called a tofu flange, which connects to the smoke collection chamber through 3 narrow doors. To retain heat, the furnace flange extends and hugs the smoke collection chamber. The inner wall is made of Bat Trang bricks, the outer wall is made of civil bricks. 

Furnace appeared in the middle of the 19th century
Furnace appeared in the middle of the 19th century

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4. Gourd oven, also known as dragon furnace

The furnace usually has an area of ​​about 1030m2, a length of 15m. After placing the products in the oven, the potter will close the oven door and continue to cook for about 24 hours. Wait for the oven to cool down before removing the product from the oven. The oven has 05 gourds with consecutive arches like seashells facing each other.

Dragon kiln for firing ceramics
Dragon kiln for firing ceramics

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5. Box-shaped ceramic kiln or vertical kiln

The box furnace, also known as the vertical kiln, appeared around 1975, the kiln was built of refractory bricks, about 5 meters high and 0.9 meters wide. The furnace structure is simple, box-shaped, standing. The furnace has two doors at both ends, occupies less space and is low cost, suitable for small production families. The average temperature can reach 12500C, the main fuel for burning the furnace is wood and coal.

The box oven, also known as the vertical oven, has been around for a long time
The box oven, also known as the vertical oven, has been around for a long time

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6.   Gas ceramic kiln

Gas furnace is a step forward in the ceramic industry, born in 2006. This is a new type of kiln with less pollution, no ash and smoke, very little dust. The time to burn products with gas is shortened compared to using manual technology such as burning with coal or firewood, etc., thus, saving time for burning.

Gas-fired ceramic kilns
Gas-fired ceramic kilns

7.   Electric Ceramic Furnace

Currently, most enterprises and ceramic manufacturers use electric kilns because this type of kiln is easy to control the temperature by computer. Convenience, saving time, reducing environmental pollution, not only that, the quality of porcelain when fired by electricity will certainly be superior and more aesthetically pleasing than the ancient types of firing.

Lò nung gốm bằng điện thời hiện đại
Electric ceramic kiln modern

7. Video instructions on how to use a simple furnace

Instructions on how to easily set up a ceramic kiln

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