Business model of buffet restaurant have a word? Together Long Phuong Porcelain Shop Refer to the unbeaten business strategy for this type of business!

1. What is a buffet restaurant business model?

Business model of buffet restaurant is a culinary business model in which customers can enjoy a variety of dishes for a fixed price, with no limit on the quantity of food. 

This model attracts a large number of diners because of its convenience as well as the variety in food choices. 

thế nào là mô hình kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet
The buffet restaurant business is the most popular culinary business model!

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2. Summary of effective buffet restaurant business models in Vietnam

Không phải mô hình kinh doanh nào cũng phù hợp. Do vậy, trước khi bắt đầu vào kinh doanh, bạn nên tìm hiểu thật kỹ các mô hình kinh doanh nhằm tìm ra mô hình phù hợp với mình. 

Self-service buffet restaurant model 

This is a familiar model in the market, keeping true to the nature of the buffet as self-service. Customers are provided with all the necessary tools to carry out their own take-out from the counter. 

In this model, the dishes are arranged in long rows, not divided into separate areas. Therefore, customers are free and comfortable to choose dishes. 

mô hình nhà hàng buffet tự phục vụ
This is a popular model in Vietnam.

Traditional buffet restaurant model 

Like the self-service buffet restaurant model, customers can serve their own food according to their liking. But, the menu of this buffet model is divided into dishes: starter - main course - dessert. And arranged in separate areas. 

nhà hàng buffet truyền thống
A classic, elegant style.

Modern buffet restaurant model 

Restaurants operating under this model will arrange service staff to bring food to the table according to the customer's order. Currently, this model is quite popular in Vietnam. 

nhà hàng buffet hiện đại
One of the successful business models in Vietnam.

Model buffet according to the menu 

This buffet model often appears in hot pot restaurants. Accordingly, the main menu is made from meat and seafood, such as: grilled meat, grilled seafood, hot pot buffet. 

nhà hàng buffet theo thực đơn
This model often appears in hot pot restaurants.

Franchise buffet restaurant model 

Mô hình nhượng quyền dành cho những ai chưa có kinh nghiệm, chưa có lộ trình xây dựng và hoạt động nhà hàng buffet riêng. Với mô hình này, bạn được thương hiệu nhượng quyền tư vấn về marketing, hỗ trợ nguồn thực phẩm cũng như công thức chế biến.  

mô hình kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet nhượng quyền
The business model is quite secure.

3. Is the buffet business profitable? Business tactics of buffet restaurant model profit "unbelievable"

Kinh doanh buffet tưởng không lời mà lời không tưởng. Khách hàng luôn có tâm lý cố gắng ăn nhiều hơn so với mức chi phí phải trả. Đáp ứng tâm lý đó mà vẫn đảm bảo lợi  nhuận, nhà hàng phải tính toán làm sao để tạo ra cảm giác dư thừa, khiến thực khách ăn bao nhiêu cũng không hết. 

In order for the buffet business to become a super-profitable business model, you need to know the following tactics:

Control the cost of input materials

One of the tactics to quickly fill up customers' stomachs is to control the source of cheap ingredients. Restaurants should use more vegetables and cheap cuts of meat. Or you can buy in bulk to get the highest discount possible. 

In addition, restaurants need to utilize seasonal ingredients. Just buy cheap and ensure the quality of fresh food. 

Besides, the restaurant also has to calculate flexibly. There is an alternative plan when food prices in the market fluctuate. 

chiến thuật kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet
Taking advantage of seasonal ingredients helps increase profits for restaurants.

Cut personnel costs 

The characteristic of the buffet industry is that customers serve themselves. Therefore, the number of service staff is always less than usual. 

In addition, food in buffet restaurants is often prepared in large quantities in advance. Therefore, the chef can actively prepare in large quantities. Buffet restaurants can almost eliminate waiting for customers to order before cooking. So it can save a lot of time and labor. 

cắt giảm nhân sự trong mô hình kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet
Optimizing personnel to reduce costs and increase profits for the restaurant.

Increase the price of the included service 

A large part of the restaurant's profit lies in the accompanying service. It includes VAT, drinks and products not included in the set. When customers are ready to spend a few hundred thousand for a buffet, spending a few more cans of water will not affect their wallet. And it is these amounts that become direct profits for the restaurant. 

sử dụng nhiều nước ngọt trong mô  hình kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet
Carbonated drinks make diners quickly feel full.

Promotions, go in large groups

That is the "average" economic problem. There are always diners who consume food many times more than ordinary people. But there will be a group of people who eat little or children to compensate. Therefore, to ensure that the average cost of food consumed is lower than the fare, restaurants need to have promotions for large groups.

Limit the amount of food in each plate

This is one of the ways to change customer behavior in favor of the restaurant. 

Usually, restaurants will not or very rarely use large bowls, in order to limit the amount of food for guests. According to user behavior research, diners are less likely to take food from small plates. Or when eating in groups, many people are afraid of being judged, so they tend to eat less.

Giant drink 

A clever tactic that buffet restaurants frequently use is to use large cups of water. Customers cannot eat without drinks. The drinks that customers often use are carbonated soft drinks, which are easy to fill up like Pepsi, Coca... The consumption of water not only makes customers pay more. It creates a feeling of satiety quickly, no guests no longer feel like eating again.

Dominate the menu with greasy, starchy and vegetable dishes

The buffet dishes are always a lot of fat, vegetables and starchy foods. Those are the foods that make you feel full the fastest. While expensive dishes are often divided into small portions. 

Arrange staff on duty

Some restaurants use the tactic of placing staff on duty in several positions. 

In some locations where the items are expensive, having a waiter will cause the area to have to wait in line. Many people feel hesitant to queue. They will move quickly and fill themselves with cheaper food. 

And often people are uncomfortable when they have to interact with employees many times, or are afraid to ask for more food. 

Smart sort 

Food placement is also a useful tactic to maximize restaurant profits. Usually, expensive items will be arranged in a remote location, difficult to get. While cheap dishes will be placed in the first places, the easiest to get. 

4. Experience in the blood of a successful buffet restaurant model

Prepare abundant capital

To ensure a stable and uninterrupted business operation before making a profit, you need a good capital budget. 

The interest rate in the buffet business depends on the number of guests, whether large and regular or not. Therefore, large business premises are required. Renting a large space will also cost more than usual. 

In addition, there are costs for the kitchen system, decorating the shop, buying utensils, tables and chairs, air conditioning ... 

Successful buffet restaurant business experience
Strong capital potential helps the business run more smoothly.

Choose the right location

Before choosing a location, you need to define your restaurant's target customer profile. From there, choose the location that matches the customer file. 

At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the location is convenient for traffic and parking. 

Attractive menu design

The menu is the soul of the restaurant. An attractive menu includes more than just delicious food. It is also about arranging and dividing them into small sets, in order to optimize profits for the restaurant. 

menu trong mô hình kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet
The attractive menu is the soul of the buffet restaurant.

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Find a reliable raw material supplier

The number of ingredients used for the leaf buffet restaurant is quite large. Therefore, it is necessary to have a partner that provides fresh, clear and safe ingredients. 

Professional staff training

In order for the business to run smoothly, the restaurant needs to invest in training professional staff. Chefs need to be skilled. And service staff need to be quick, resourceful in their work, but still welcoming to customers. 

Prepare all business documents 

To legalize business activities. Right from the first stage, the restaurant needs to prepare all kinds of papers: business license, certificate of food hygiene and safety...

5. Notes when operating a buffet restaurant model

Regularly improve menu, improve service quality

Change menu to suit customer's taste. Or change the menu according to the season to avoid boredom from customers. At the same time, research and launch practical menu sets to attract customers. 

Besides, constantly improving the service quality of employees. From the chef to the manager and the wait staff.

Pay attention to food safety issues 

Health and safety should be a top priority. It is not only the legal regulation but also the business ethics of this industry.

Ensure the quality of furniture and dishes used for buffet restaurant

It is very important to ensure the quality of furniture and tools used in the restaurant. It helps to reduce maintenance, replacement and repair costs. Therefore, you should look for reputable suppliers. .

Using dishes of Long Phuong ceramics, your restaurant will be less worried about product quality. The products of Long Phuong ceramics are regularly tested. Absolutely no chemical residues, heavy metals, safe for users.

lưu ý trong kinh doanh nhà hàng buffet
Long Phuong porcelain dishes are durable, do not contain heavy metal chemicals, safe for diners!

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6. Long Phuong Porcelain – a reputable supplier of household porcelain for buffet restaurants

Long Phuong Porcelain is a unit specializing in providing the household porcelain products high quality, prestige for restaurants and hotels across the country. 

Long Phuong porcelain products are periodically checked to ensure no residual heavy metal chemicals, safe for users' health. 

Product variety and utility. With more than 500 product models, convenient and suitable for the needs of restaurants. 

Long Phuong porcelain serves design, logo printing according to demand. The use of synchronized dishes helps the restaurant style become more professional, more luxurious and more impressive to customers. 

Long Phuong has a direct factory. Therefore, when buying in bulk, the restaurant will receive an extremely favorable discount. 

sứ long phương- chuyên cung cấp sứ gia dụng cho nhà hàng buffet
Long Phuong Porcelain - specializes in providing high-class household porcelain for hotels and restaurants.

7. Final verdicts 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just provided readers with information about buffet restaurant business model. Hopefully, these knowledge are useful to readers! 

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