Birthday gift convey many meanings of the giver to the receiver. Long Phuong Porcelain Suggest you meaningful and practical gifts. 

1. Meaning of birthday gifts

Birthday It is a very special day for everyone. And even more meaningful when receiving gift from loved ones.

Birthday gift express the heart, sincere concern of the giver to the receiver. At the same time, send the best wishes to the recipient on the birthday. 

ý nghĩa quà tặng sinh nhật
Giving a gift on a birthday shows the giver's sincere care

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2. Suggestions for birthday gifts by object

2.1 Birthday gifts for girlfriends

Give away porcelain cup 

A pair of porcelain cups is a dear and close gift for those in love. In Chinese, the transliteration of the word "cup" is similar to "life". Therefore, giving a cup is also a message that you want to give your whole life to the other person. 

ly sứ quà tặng sinh nhật
Giving a porcelain cup to express the desire to stay in love for a long time

Couple clothes 

Wearing couple clothes is the hobby of many couples when they are in love. Items that can be given as a couple such as: clothes, shoes, double necklaces, double rings, etc. Giving couple items on the birthday of a lover shows the bond and harmony in the affection between two people.

quà tặng đồ đôi
Birthday gift that couples love

Gift bags 

Handbags are an indispensable fashion accessory in her wardrobe. If you are worried about not matching her taste, then you should choose a bag with a neutral color or design that is easiest to coordinate. 

quà tặng túi xách
Feminine birthday gift for girlfriend

Donate cosmetics 

Cosmetics are gifts that every girl loves. With this gift, listen to the advice carefully, or read many reviews to choose the one that suits your girlfriend best. 

quà tặng mỹ phẩm
Cosmetics are girls' favorite birthday gifts

Donate books

Books are gifts that bring great spiritual value and show respect for knowledge. Books also help you convey the message of love to her. Don't miss this gift!

quà tặng sách
Books are meaningful gifts

2.2 Birthday gifts for boyfriend


This is a delicate and meaningful gift. Clocks are the expression of time. Giving a watch is also a reminder to cherish the time spent together. 

quà tặng đồng hồ
Watches are meaningful birthday gifts for lovers

Technology gifts

Technological items such as phones, smart watches, ipads, etc. are also valuable and practical gifts that the other party definitely loves. 

quà tặng công nghệ
Modern technology gifts

Free shaver 

The shaver is an inseparable item for guys. The gift is small but definitely shows your thoughtful care for him. 

tặng máy cạo râu
Practical birthday gift for him

Handmade gifts

Handmade items are always a profound and unique gift, conveying all sincerity and affection to your boyfriend. If you believe in your dexterity, give him a surprise.

quà tặng thủ công
A dedicated gift, filled with many meanings

Donate sports shoes

Show your interest in him with a gift of a pair of sneakers that suit your taste

tặng giày thể thao
Give him active sports shoes

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2.3 Birthday gifts for wife

Gift set of dishes 

On the occasion of the wife's birthday, husbands can easily take all the joy of their wives with a gift set of dishes. The gift is both practical and shows the thoughtfulness and wholehearted care of the husband's family. 

bộ bát đĩa quà tặng sinh nhật vợ
Long Phuong porcelain dishes are practical and meaningful birthday gifts for his wife


Women often love to decorate the house. Therefore, do not forget the gift of beautiful flower vases. 

Long Phuong porcelain vase is not only for flower arrangement but also has a profound feng shui meaning. Can be used as a very meaningful decoration in the house. 

quà tặng sinh nhật lọ hoa sứ
Long Phuong porcelain vase - a unique and meaningful birthday gift

Give away beauty vouchers

Show your care and sophistication by giving your wife a beauty voucher. This gift is sure to make your wife very happy. 

quà tặng thẻ voucher
Psychological birthday gifts that husbands can send to their wives


If you are still too mysterious to think of a birthday gift for your wife. Think fashion. Dresses, shoes, bags are always favorite items of women. 

quà tặng thời trang
The gift that the sisters-in-law love

Birthday party 

Your wife's birthday is an opportunity for you to rekindle family feelings. A birthday party organized by you, cooking the family's favorite dishes by yourself. Don't forget a bouquet of fresh flowers! Your wife is sure to be touched by this heartfelt gift of love. 

tiệc sinh nhật
A warm birthday party at home

2.4 Birthday gifts for husband

Gift set of teapots 

If your husband loves drinking tea, don't forget to give him a set of teapots. Long Phuong porcelain teapot set is made from high quality white porcelain, fired at 1380 degrees Celsius, which completely eliminates chemicals and heavy metals. This is definitely a very meaningful birthday gift. 

bộ ấm chén quà tặng sinh nhật chồng
Practical and meaningful gift set for husband

Donate a shirt

The image of the husbands when going out shows the thoughtfulness of the wives in them. Therefore, do not forget to give your husband polite shirts. 

quà tặng áo sơ  mi
Give a stack of shirts

Free leather wallet, belt, tie

These are all must-have items in your wardrobe. On the occasion of your husband's birthday, change your model with these practical items.

quà tặng phụ kiện thời trang
Fashion accessory gift set for husband

Donate sports equipment

Show your husband's health with this meaningful gift. Happy husband, happy wife. Don't forget to remind your husband to exercise every day. 

quà tặng thể thao
Gift to help husband actively practice sports

Give a watch 

This gift is also the way he loves it. Depending on your husband's fashion style, you can choose a classic or modern watch. 

quà tặng sinh nhật chồng đồng hồ
Give your husband an elegant wristwatch

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2.5 Birthday gifts for mom

Parents are elderly, pragmatic thinkers. Therefore, when choosing birthday gifts for parents, You should choose practical gifts.

Flower-shaped dish set 

Eating rice cooked by my mother every day is a blessing. Show that happiness by giving your mother a set of Long Phuong porcelain dishes. If you still hesitate to say filial things to your mother, let the gift of flower-shaped dishes speak for you. 

The collection of flower-shaped dishes at Long Phuong is very diverse. Therefore, you are free to choose the model that is suitable for your mother. 

quà tặng sinh nhật bộ bát đĩa hình hoa
Long Phuong porcelain dish set is an extremely suitable gift for mothers

Give mom a cooking pot 

Mom was always the one who worked hard in the kitchen and cooking. Therefore, this birthday gift will be very popular with mom. 

quà tặng nồi nấu ăn
Useful birthday gift for mom

Give mom health care equipment

On weekdays, mom often refuses our attention to show that she is fine. Then birthday is an opportunity for you to express your deep feelings to your mother. Health care equipment is a practical and meaningful gift for mom. 

quà tặng thiết bị chăm sóc sức khỏe
Health care gift for mom

Give mom fashion items

You can also gift your mother fashion items such as bags, shoes, clothes. Make sure you remember the exact size, as well as your mother's preferences, so that she can use the gift. 

quà tặng thời trang cho mẹ
Give mom fashion clothes

Give mom jewelry

Give her a necklace, or earrings, or ring appropriate for her age. This is also a meaningful birthday gift and is very loved by mom. 

quà tặng trang sức
Mom usually loves to be given jewelry

2.6 Birthday gifts for dad

Porcelain tea set

The teapot is a practical item that Dad still uses every day. Don't forget to give Dad a new set of teapots for his birthday. Dad will be very proud to use this gift to receive guests, because it is your warm concern for him. 

quà tặng sinh nhật bộ ấm chén cho bố
Birthday gift that dad will absolutely love

Give dad a leather wallet

Dad usually has no need for fashion. But show dad he cares by giving him a leather wallet. Dad will appreciate this gift very much. 

quà tặng ví da
Give dad an age-appropriate leather wallet

Give dad lazy shoes

Dad often likes things that are simple and convenient. So don't forget to give your dad a pair of lazy shoes. Pay attention to the color as well as the style suitable for the age of the father. 

quà tặng giày lười
Give dad a pair of comfortable loafers

Give precious wine 

A bottle of wine soaked in herbs for a long time will be a gift that is very popular with dad. Don't forget to remind your father to use enough, it will be very beneficial for his health. 

quà tặng rượu quý
Give him a bottle of precious wine, he will love it

Donate bonsai tree

If dad loves trees, give him a bonsai pot. This mind-boosting gift is very popular with middle-aged fathers.  

quà tặng cây cảnh
A gift to help dad calm down and relax in old age

2.7 Boss birthday gifts

To show interest, as well as Impress your boss, you should not miss these birthday gifts:

Tea set 

Long Phuong porcelain teapot set with many unique patterns, carries many deep meanings. The gift will instead send wishes of success and luck to your boss. Moreover, these are also extremely luxurious gifts to give to your boss.

bộ ấm chén quà tặng sinh nhật sếp
Luxury birthday gift for boss

Statue of feng shui mascot 

This gift is very popular with bosses, displayed in the living room or office. There are many mascots with many different meanings. For this gift, please pay attention to choose the mascot that is suitable for your boss's age and destiny. 

quà tặng tượng linh vật
Lucky birthday gift for boss

Lucky potion 

Wealth and prosperity are what everyone desires. Your boss is no exception. Therefore, the decanter is a lucky birthday gift that the boss loves. 

quà tặng bình hút lộc
Feng shui gift for boss

Personal items 

Personal items such as watches, purses, ties, dresses, perfumes, etc. are also practical and meaningful items. It shows your thoughtful concern for your boss. Will definitely leave a good impression on the boss.

quà tặng đồ cá nhân
Gifts that show thoughtfulness for your boss

2.8 Birthday gifts for best friends 

Although close feelings and understanding each other very well, but do not be too sketchy when preparing birthday gifts for your best friend. 

Give away porcelain cups 

A small gift, but sure to show the affection between the two of you. Long Phuong porcelain cups with many designs and sizes, for you to choose freely. With extremely durable porcelain, it preserves the full flavor of the drink. Let's use Long Phuong porcelain cup as a wish for a strong friendship!

quà tặng sinh nhật bạn thân ly sứ
Giving a porcelain cup shows the strength of friendship


If your best friend is a woman, cosmetics are a gift that will be extremely popular. Don't forget to choose the correct one that your best friend is using. Or the corresponding types are suitable, avoid irritation. 

quà tặng mỹ phẩm
Cosmetics - practical gifts for best friends


Items such as bags, purses, shoes, clothes, hats... are also meaningful and practical birthday gifts for close friends. Note the size and taste so that the recipient feels very happy when receiving gifts from you. 

quà tặng thời trang
A close gift for a close friend

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3. Suggestions for birthday gifts by price 

3.1 Cheap gifts, under 100k

quà tặng dưới 100k
Long Phuong porcelain cup is a beautiful and practical gift for students and students

3.2 Gifts from 100 -200k 

quà tặng dưới 200k
Suggestions for student-priced gifts

3.3 Gifts from 200 - 500k 

quà tặng dưới 500k
Suggest some birthday gifts in the segment under 500k

3.4 Gifts from 500 – 1000k 

quà tặng dưới 1000k
Suggest some luxurious birthday gifts

3.5 Gifts over 1000k

quà tặng sinh nhật cao cấp
Some premium gifts

4. Address to buy prestigious birthday gifts 

Long Phuong Porcelain is a supplier of prestigious and top quality porcelain gifts in Vietnam. 

As a direct manufacturer, here, you will have a lot of gift options both according to your preferences and price. 

Unlike other products on the market, Long Phuong's products are regularly inspected for quality. Absolutely no lead, cadmium, no heavy metal residues. Ensure absolute safety for users. 

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5. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain Just shared with you the dishes birthday gifts meaning for family and friends. Hopefully, through this article, you have more ideas for birthday gifts. 

Don't forget to visit the household porcelain booth on Long Phuong Porcelain's website!

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