gà hầm sâm

Instructions on how to cook delicious and nutritious ginseng chicken stew

Chicken stew with ginseng is a nutritious dish, rich in protein and minerals from chicken, ginseng, ginger and garlic. This dish strengthens the immune system, provides energy and aids digestion. Today we invite readers to join Long Phuong Porcelain in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes with 3 very simple ways to make them at home!

bộ tách trà sứ long phương

Collection of the latest high-end and exquisite Long Phuong Porcelain tea cup sets

Porcelain tea sets from Long Phuong are always a favorite choice of customers, especially thanks to their unique, compact design and smooth white enamel layer. Not only are the products beautiful to look at, they are also easy to clean and stain-resistant, making them a great choice for gifts, expressing sophistication and luxury.

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